Detailed Program Agenda

Tuesday, 28 September 2004

9:00 – 9:30 Registration

9:30 – 11:00 Opening Session

Opening Addresses
Dr Youssef Ziedan (Director of Manuscript Center/Museum)
Our Unknown Scientific Heritage

Dr Aladine Lolah (Director of the Institute for the History of Arabic Science
Arab & International Efforts for the Compilation and Editing of Arabic Scientific Heritage (Reality & Prospects)

Dr Mohamed Nizar Uqail (Dean of Aleppo University)
Guest Address

11:00-12:45 Session 1

• Chairman: Ahmed El-Gendy(Egypt)

• Dr Abdel-Hamid Sabra (Egypt/USA):
With Ibn al-Haytham in Optics: the Manuscripts of his Magnum Opus & its Problems
Dr Bouthayna Jalkhi (Syria):
Ibn al-Haytham's Perception of the Images of Objects via Reflection
Dr Moussa Zemouli (Algeria):
Mathematics and the Classification of Sciences: A Reading into two Maghrebi Manuscripts

12:45-1:00 Coffee Break

1:00-2:30 Session 2

• Chairman: Dr Aladine Lolah (Syria)
Dr Mohamed Hassan El-Tayyan (Syria):
Ibn-al-Durayhim's Poem on Hal Rumuz al-Mukatabat wa fahm Aqlam al-Mutaqaddimin
Dr Adbel-Wahid Zunun (Iraq):
al-Bayrūnī's Maqālīd ‘Ilm al-Hay’a
Dr Khaled Azab (Egypt):
Unknown Manuscripts on Arab-Islamic Architecture
Dr Yahya Miralam (Kuwait):
Šawq al-Mustaham fi Ma'rifat Rumuz al-Aqlam

2:30-3:30 Lunchk

3:30-5:00 Session 3

• Chairman: Dr Mohamed Nizar Uqail (Syria)
Dr Mohamed Qijja (Syria)
Development of Scientific Methodology in Arabic Historiography
Dr Mohamed Abdel-Wahab Galal (Egypt):
Introduction to the Causes of the Degeneration of Arabic Science
Dr Mohamed Saleh El-Nawawi (Egypt):
Revolution of Celestial Bodies According to Ibn- al-Šātir and Nasīr-al-Dīn al-Tūsī

5:00-6:30 Session 4

• Chairman: Moustafa Shehata (Egypt)
Dr Constantin Canavas (Greece):
Technological Imagery in Arabic Cosmographies
Dr Mohammed El-Gomati (UK):
Application of Engineering Graphics & Computer Simulation in the Study of Extinct Machines: The Cases of Banu Musa, Al-Jazari and Taqi al-Din
Dr Youssef Guergour (Algeria):
Plane Euclidean Geometry in al-Mu'taman bin Hud al-Sarqasti's Kitab al-Istikmal
Dr Sami Chalhoub (Syria)
Unknown Geometrical Aspects in the Manuscript of al-Hāwī

6:30 Library Tour
 7:00 Manuscript & Rare Book Showroom Tour
Dinner (at the Hotel)

Wednesday, 29 September 2004

10:00-12:30 Session 5

• Chairman: Dr Maher Abdel-Qadir (Egypt)
Dr Ahmed Arhim Hebou (Syria):
Medicine & Pharmacology in the Ancient Civilizations of the East (Mesopotamia and Syria)
Dr Ifaqa EL-JANABI (Iraq)
Thābit bin-Qurra's Influence on the Development of the Magic Square and Amicable Numbers
Dr Ossama Nasir El-Naqshabadi (Iraq):
Scientific Efforts of King al-Ašraf al-Ghasānī & his Contributions to the Development of the Astrolabe
Dr Zafir al-Wafa’i (Syria)
Arab Oculists' Genuine Contributions in Ophthalmology

12:30-1:00 Coffee Break

1:30-2:30    Session 6

• Chairman: Dr Mohamed Qijja (Syria)
Dr Gotthard Strohmaier (Germany):
Galen's Commentary on Hippocrates' Airs, Waters and Places
Dr Moustafa Mawalidi (Syria):
Irrational Roots Applications: A Reading into a Rare Manuscript
Dr Mohamed Taha El-Jasser (Syria)
Unknown Aspects of Arabic Medical Contributions to the West
Dr Fouad Uwila (Syria):
Arabic Contributions to Euclid's Elements

2:30-3:30 Lunch

3:30-5:00 Session 7

• Chairman: Dr Mohamed Saleh (Egypt)
Dr Mohamed El-Shayeb (Syria):
Study & Edition of al-Kāfī fīl-Tib by Ibn al-‘Ayn Zarbī
Dr Ifaqa El-Janabi (Iraq):
Thābit bin-Qurra's Influence on the Development of the Magic Square and Amicable Numbers
Dr Abdel-Nasir Ka‘dan (Syria):
al-Qarbilyanī's Tumour Causality Theory from a Modern Oncological Perspective
Dr Nabila Abdel-Moneim Dawoud (Iraq):
A Reading into Kinz al-Tujjār fī Ma‘rifat al-Ahjār

5:00-6:30 Session 8

• Chairman: Dr Faisal El-Hafyan (Syria):
Dr Nashaat Hamarna (Syria):
The Impact of the Alexandrian Manuscript Collections on pre-Islamic Christian/Syrian Writers & Arab-Muslim Physicians
Dr Jinan Abdel-Jalil El-Hamawandi (Iraq):
Eye Diseases (Sixth Treatise by Galen)
Dr Ahmed El-Sheikh Qaddur (Syria)
Unknown Aspects of Arabic Pharmacology
Dr Ahmed Haloubi (Syria)
Arab Agronomists' Contributions to Plant Breeding

7:00 Planetarium Show
Dinner (at the Hotel)

Thursday, 30 September 2004

10:00-11:00 Closing Session

• Dr Youssef Ziedan
• Dr Aladine Lolah

11:00 City Tour