Importance of Smiling When Attracting Women

"Life is like a mirror, we get the best results when we smile at it".

Of all the things you do when you approach a person, your smile is the most important. Happiness is often the motivating cause of a smile and if you approach a group while smiling, you will come across as relaxed, confident and fun. Also, most smiles are started by another smile as whatever you project to a person emotionally; they will generally project it back to you.

Thus, if you can succeed in getting the group to smile and laugh in the first few seconds with you then you have successfully started the interaction and have made everybody in the group feel good.

The secret to how to attract women is to have a "giving" rather than a "taking" attitude. A smile costs nothing but gives much. It adds value to the group. It enriches those who receive and you use far less muscles than you do to frown. It takes a moment but is often the deciding factor on whether the group accept you or no…

The Number 1 Trait That Attracts Women

Here's a personality trait that many guys try hard to embody, but can't quite figure it out. And even cause them to come on too strong.

The trait here is none other than the dominant personality.

This is the #1 trait that attracts women.

Yes, while other personality traits can also make you attractive in the eyes of a woman, the dominant personality really makes you stand out. Because when you exhibit this trait around a woman, it communicates to her you're a better choice than the other guys she meets.

Now, this is not about intimidating people or bossing people around. Or starting a fight to show off to women... it's different.

Read on to find out how to demonstrate this trait and become attractive to women.

How to demonstrate your dominance

1. Take charge and lead

One of the manly qualities a woman looks for in a potential lover is a man who takes the initiative to take charge and make the decisions.

To demonstrate your dominance and stand out from other guys…

How To Use Goal Setting To Attract Women Instantly

Do you know the feeling you get after a date, where you know you could've done more? The feeling that it was a failure?

If so, you probably need to pay attention to goal setting.

Goal setting is a very important factor that determines your road to success. Success is determined and measured by the goals you have accomplished.

Let's say you go out to party and your daily goal is to get some girl's phone number.

Let's see what we get here:

1. If you accomplished your mission-to get the phone number, you will be satisfied, you will increase your self worth and your confidence in this area.

2. You're relieved because you got what you want and when you approach another woman you won't be nervous and you will do better.

Another problem is not setting any goal. Your main goal is to get girls, but if you don't say that, you won't know what to look for and where to focus your efforts.

Did you see the difference?

Long term goals are necessary in order to kn…

To Guys Who Want To Attract Women Online - But Can't Get Started

So you're new to online dating and don't know where to begin? Or you already tried to put an ad without much success?

Then the following practical tips are for you.

Before moving on with writing or responding to online personals, the very first thing you have to do or rather to be is to be clear with your goal. Are you looking for a "serious" relationship or are you looking to have some fun?

Let's begin with responding to online personals. Then I'll share my formula for success for writing your own personals. I believe you'll be able to write great ads once you become familiar with the "responding" aspect of the game.

Responding to online personals

A good way to start is to wonder what is the average guy doing. Well typically the average dude is qualifying himself. He tries to address every single trait that's mentioned in the ad. In other words, he's trying to please women, which is the cardinal sin in the area of dating.

What wome…

Becoming Dedicated to Attracting Women

For all that us guys believe we know, really learning how to be successful at romance and relationships requires a total reconstruction of the information we have and what we believe is true. Learning how to go from a shy or overbearing guy to one who is confident and is dedicated to attracting women requires a significant amount of effort. Desire is just not enough in this case.

When we receive the information for the first time, have our eyes opened and realize that we are operating on moot principles and old timer ethics, we go through a process that allows us to shed our old beliefs and recreate new more effective ones. Yet that is not where the reconstruction ends. We have to go deep, delve into the heart of who we are, and really work at adopting our new principles as a way of life while also remaining open to changing principles that don't work any longer as we go along.

Being ready to attract women means that we are ready to accept the work involved, accept that our ol…

Attract Women Using the Power of Self Suggestion

Self suggestion is a naturally occurring process that we go through every day. On a daily basis, we tell ourselves everything we believe and interpret as fact. Rarely do we attempt to input data into our brains that go against the grain of what we believe. Self suggestion has the power to be positive as well as the power to be negative. In fact, studies have proven that self suggestion is one of the most damaging tools we have in our repertoire of negative self talk.

We attract people, whether romantically or platonically, that we believe we deserve. If we are attracting women who cheat on us, who slap us in anger and manipulate us, we have inputed the data into our brains that tell us this is the best we can achieve. Likewise, when we attract healthier, beautiful women it is because we have decided that is what we deserve.

Over and over again, the mind reinforces what we believe through our own skewed self education. When someone hurts us or treats us poorly we can then revert st…

How To Approach and Attract Women

You have probably heard a thousand pick-up lines. In fact, you have probably even tried a few. And let me guess, most did not work did they?

That's to be expected. The female sex is an interesting bunch and men have been trying to find the best way to approach and attract women for thousands of years. Guys will use all sorts of tactics to try to grab their attention. Some will buy them a drink, some will try to show off their muscles while others will try a variety of corny pick-up lines.

In reality, all these tactics can be counterproductive. Girls, especially attractive ones, get offered drinks and hear standard pick-up lines every night they go out. They are used to this attention and see guys flaunting themselves in front of them all the time. It's standard issue for them, and if you use the same methods you then become just another desperate guy trying to get in their pants. DO NOT fall into this trap.

The key to approaching women is to make it appear that you are en…

The "Big Four" Factors That Attract Women To A Certain Man

I refer to what I call the "Big Four" quite a bit. Yet, it has occurred to me that I've never devoted an article to making sure you've got the exact concept I'm talking about down with pinpoint accuracy.

"It's about freakin' time", someone said. And I have no arguments for you there.

Better late than never though. So let's fix the situation.

The "Big Four", in principle, are the most basic, fundamental factors that decide whether a woman is attracted to you or not.

Get them right, and women WILL respond powerfully to you. Ignore them (or ignorant OF them) and you could spend the rest of your life wondering what the problem is.

So obviously, this is one of the more important newsletters I've written to you.

That's fine for now, because my goal in writing to you today is not to cover minute details but rather to give you a "big picture" view that provides a valid framework to work with as you disc…

How to Attract Girls at a High School Party

Teens attend parties to have FUN. They want to get away from the tough school hours during the week, kick back and ENJOY life a little. Parties, for that reason, are always filled with high energy, blasting music, drunken teens, laughing, fighting etc. The point is parties are FILLED WITH EMOTION. There are generally two types of people at these "high energy" parties:

1) The "Wallflower". (Those who grab their drinks -> sit/ stand out of the spotlight -> quietly enjoy their night).

2) The "Entertainers". (Those who are the center of attention/life of the party -> usually create the excitement/ laughs/ entertainment of others).

Teenage girls view the "entertainers" as usually the charismatic, confident, funny, outgoing personality type, whereas the "wallflower" is seen as an insecure, bored, closed personality. Fact is teenage girls (and all girls for that matter) GRAVITATE towards the "entertainers" of the party. Te…

Attract Women by Mastering the Art of Body Language Attraction

When you see a woman sitting next to you in a bar, you may find it difficult to easily start a conversation while indirectly letting her know that you find her attractive. Some people have enough courage to approach and simply blurt the words out, and get it done with. Still, there are some guys who choose to get the message across from a distance. If you are lucky, she'll probably just walk away. If you're unlucky and she finds it too obscene, it's a potential lawsuit or a slap in the face. So, It's a good time to perfect the art of body language attraction.

Remember that words are not the only means of communication, and because you are still limited by the distance between you and her, look for ways to deliver your message. Experts will say that 90 percent of human conversations are void of words. Animals who lack the faculty of speech are experts of the trade. They get through the mating season by either flapping their wings or making some silly gestures. The co…

The Top 5 Things Jerks Do to Attract Women

Nice guys will invariably ask themselves this one question at one time or another:

"I'm a good guy, so why is it all the jerks get the women and I'm stuck being alone?"

Sometimes, it's easy to believe that Jerks have some type of magical power that allows them to sucker women into liking them, and somehow have them hang around while they treat them like dirt.

This happens SO MUCH, that some guys believe that they actually have to BECOME Jerks to get women attracted to them.

But make no mistake about it - nobody likes a jerk. Not even the women who date them! So if that's the case, why is it obvious that they get so many girls to go for them?

Well, remember that Jerk's tend to go through lots of women quickly. Most girls will only put up with Jerk behavior for so long before they get sick of it. And those who stick around have such low self esteem as it is, that they've formed some type of strange attachment to the emotional abuse Jerks doll out…

You Are Not Too Short Or Ugly to Attract Women

If you want to get a girl to have sex with you, but are scared about your height or being to ugly, then you can use some Alpha male guidance here. You may be an average looking guy with a high-pitched voice, or have looks that only your mother or family would adore, but that does not stop you from getting hot girls.

The physical factors are not the only concern with women and so there is no need for you to panic. You can look attractive by simply changing a few personality traits along with body language to get surrounded by girls. Alpha male would ensure that you are able to stop being worried and upset about your physical flaws. Not being confident about you is one of the biggest flaws, which is more destructive than looks.

So, no matter how much you hate your height or the way you look, Alpha male is going to provide a solution and make you look more attractive to women. Now you can get any woman and also get plenty of wows from everyone. If you become an alpha male then you c…

5 Critical Fashion Tips For Dating and Attracting Women

It's not about knowing everything about fashion or following the latest trends. That's what most people think of when they think of fashion. Sure, knowing the latest trends shows that you keep up with current events and following the latest trends shows that you have access to some financial resources (it's expensive following the latest trends). But that's a lot of effort for relatively little return. This short dating manual excerpt will help you dress well to date women you want.

It's about what looks good on you, and more importantly what makes you look good. Most importantly, it's about what it communicates about you. The way you dress should communicate something about your lifestyle. The following are some general guidelines that work for a large majority of men. For some men there may be certain social stereotypes they may be targeting (eg: for wannabe Japanese girls, dressing like a japanese pop star would score you major points) but making a list o…

Learn How to Attract Women by Becoming a Female Sexual Magnet

Since the dawn of Man, men have racked their brains to figure out how to make themselves more appealing and desired by women. After all, what of life's many treasures is more fantastic and rewarding than the love of a wonderful woman? Really, there is none. Men should stop racking their brains over this dilemma. Truly, the simplest way to attract women is to just listen to Mother Nature...

That's right, Mother Nature Knows Best.

Here's a simple question: Why do women unconsciously wear shorter skirts when they are ovulating...?

The simple answer: Because they are fertile and want to attract a mate.

Another simple question: Why do men find the 36-24-36 ratio to be the most sexy and attractive...?

The answer is: Because it relays to the man that she will have greater success for reproducing children.

And the list goes on and on... The sad fact is that such simple and natural instinctions are seldom taught in sexology classes. Yet, such simple concepts are the basis o…

How To Attract Women Through Online Dating

If you know how to use them properly, online dating is one of the best ways of attracting women. The advantage that it has over the more traditional methods is the security of being able to get to know people before you actually meet them. However, there are ways to use online dating services to your best advantage, and a failure to do so could result in disappointment.

An online dating system is little more than a database holding the particulars of a number of people looking for a partner. Once you have registered with a service you can generally carry out a search using the criteria you feel important in the person you are hoping to meet. There is also normally the possibility of scrolling through the whole database, though that can take time and it is better to receive results based on your own personal preferences in a woman.

Registration with the online service of your choice can be either free or with a paid subscription, and the questionnaire you are asked to complete cont…

How to Attract Women - Dressing For Your Size

Women want a guy who dresses well, we can take this as a fact. First of all, remove any preconceived notions you may have that you need to be head to toe in designer wear to be considered a "good dresser" because that just isn't true. Its also true to say that what looks good on one guy may not look as good... or good at all, on the next guy. So why is this?

Simply put, we come in all different shapes, sizes and colors. Not only that, but its kinda cringe worthy when you see old guys still wearing Abercombie and Fitch just about as much as it is when you see a chubby guy who's been working out a few weeks and squeezes on a tight shirt to show off his "pythons" and manboobs, sorry "pecs" in.

Lets say you are a big guy, by big I mean fat. Your first priority is to get in shape. Being lean says quite a bit about your character; It gives women the impression you are a man of self - esteem and value your appearance which means you are a man of self w…