10 Things That Attract Women

The number one thing every guy wants to know is HOW to attract women. After teaching men how to be better with women for over three years, I sat down and put together the ten EASIEST things you can do to attract women today. These things can't replace getting out there and doing it. But these are pretty quick ways to step your game up to the next level and get the women you deserve. Check them out:

1. Get a Good Haircut - If you're still dealing out chump change at Super Cuts or having your sister cut your hair, things need to change. It may seem superficial, but studies have found that grooming is THE biggest indicator of physical attractiveness for men - and hair is where it all starts. Do a little research and find a nice local salon. You don't have to get highlights and the whole nine yards. But have a serious professional cutting your hair. Not just that, but ask them for their opinion on the best kind of hairstyle for your bone structure and face. If you're bal…

Stop Dropping the Ball When it Comes to Attracting Women

OK, if you're reading this your well on your way to stop being some bumbling fool when it comes to attracting women you desire.

I'm going to be very blunt so if your easily offended I couldn't care less. The most common hurdle for most guys is fear of rejection, its like this crippling emotion that sets in just at the mere thought of approaching the beautiful brunette you see.

Why? I'll tell you.

You have not found your critical factor that makes you uniquely you. Il explain what I mean by this.

Yeah there are loads of fancy techniques to attract women get there numbers then get them into bed however, without the critical factor it means nothing, your just another nerd trying to get a women way out of your league.

Now I know your a really sweet guy who just wants a women to like him and you'll give her the whole world before she even sleeps with you. Wake up mate, what world are you living in. Your just giving away your power and leaving yourself open to get d…

Three Masculine Behaviors That Attract Women

One of the biggest problems that I used to have with women was that I was to "nice" and to polite. I would always wait until I knew that she really wanted me to kiss her, or that she really wanted me to touch her. I would also make sure to get her opinion about everything. I'd ask her questions like "Do you want to go to the movies?" "What time do you want to go?" "Do you want me to pick you up or meet me there?"

I finally realized how much of a turn off my nice guy behavior was and I finally realized how much women HATE it. Yes, they hate nice guys! They want a man that takes charge and plans the date. They want a man that is going to take their hand and say "follow me."

Disclaimer: you should always act like a gentlemen. Being a gentlemen and being a "nice" guy are completely different. Be a gentlemen by treating her with respect, but also have a backbone, don't just be a wet noodle.

Now when I set up a date I w…

One of The Best Ways to Attract Women and Have Them Pursue You

If she thinks you want her too much, you're going to lose your leverage

Movies and friends have led us to believe that if you're interested in a girl, you have to DESPERATELY pursue her, take her out to expensive dinners, buy her things, and spend tons of money on her to impress her and get her interested in you.

Sure, that might work on a gold digger who just wants your money.

But that's not how to go about attracting the 'perfect' girl to you.


Because, not only do you come across as needy and desperate, but when a woman knows she's got your interest already it raises her value and power.

Okay, so you know you SHOULDN'T spend a lot of money on a girl or desperately pursue her to win her affection...

So how do you attract a girl to you and have her chase you?

Be a challenge

One of the best ways to make women or girls chase you is to be a challenge.

What this mean is that, instead of calling a girl all the time and being too available... acting apol…

Why Attractive Women Are So Cold To Men, or Are They?

You're walking down the street somewhere, or shopping at a mall, or sitting at a restaurant or bar, and then you see her. That beautiful woman you've had your eye on since who knows when. You feel your heart racing, your pulse pick up, your eyes beginning to widen. You approach her and attempt to say something witty, but you become tongue-tied.

Eventually, you find the words to say and gush over her appearance, telling her how beautiful she is, how you would like to get to know her, etc. She gives you a half-interested look, says thank you, and politely brushes you off. You may wonder to yourself, why did she just blow me off so rudely like that?

For most attractive women, this scenario is a common occurrence. Men continually come on them every day, even when they are not consciously doing so. Most people in our society have been conditioned since birth that attractive people are special and deserve to be treated differently from your average person.

Therefore, men usually at…

The Top Ten Secrets For Great Sex!

Clearly there are no rules, only what lovers have known since Antony and Cleopatra: "Pay attention, be kind, and be loving". But the following Top Ten List might be a useful reminder! Enjoy!

1. Guys: Great sex starts in the kitchen! Wash the dishes, take out the trash, give her a break, let her know she's appreciated. Romance and exhaustion do not mix -- think about it! (Besides, standing there, side by side, washing and drying those dishes, hands could get to roamin' and motors could get to tickin' ...the most amazing things do happen!)

2. Gals: Tell that old fool just exactly what you've been waiting for! Most males are notoriously poor mind readers, they just don't "get it". So tell him! "A little softer" or "let me show you" goes much further than, "How come you never know what I want?"

3. Guys: Take time! Sex is about fun, relaxation, laughter and love -- this is not a competition or a 50-yard dash to the …

What Turns Them On?

People make 90% of their opinion about us in the first 4 minutes.

Physical desirability is determined in the first 10 seconds.

You do not have to look like the latest Hollywood hunk or runway supermodel to be attractive to the opposite sex. By understanding why and how people are attracted to you and employing these strategies you can easily have them looking your way.

Gender signals operate on a subconscious level. Which has been passed on by are ancestors. Do men perceive beauty over personality and intelligence? Flowers have beautiful colors to be attractive in a deep forest. They let you know about their condition this way. It is the same for human attraction. A man is attracted to a woman when she shows the possibility of him passing on his genes. An attractive man for a woman is usually one who can provide food and safety. Looks are not always a number one priority for woman but rather a sense of security. They are usually attracted to older men because of this.

What turns …

How to Ask for a Gratifying Sex Life

So your relationship has changed over the years since you said "I do" and sex isn't what it use to be. First you should know that this is normal and common place in the majority of marriages. Knowing that you are not alone does not make you feel any better nor does it get you the satisfying sex life that you once had. You simply can't go through the trials of life without changing.

Some men and women feel that if their spouse is not interested in sex, this gives them license to have an affair. Being in a committed marital relationship puts the responsibility on you to improve your marital sex. Though bringing the passion back into your marriage is not a one-way street. At the end of the day, you can only change yourself.

Take a look at your lifestyle first; this will help you determine what needs to change. If your are both so tired from dealing with children, work, money and household chores then no wonder your time between the sheets is a wee bit dull. So you f…

How to Attract Women in Chat Rooms

The Internet gives access to chatting rooms where one can find people of one's own age and make new friends. This is a very interesting concept and has most of the youth of this generation hooked on to it. This is a real new and innovative way of making friends, with no strings attached, and it's a lot of fun too.

How to attract women in chat rooms? First of all, if you are looking for a standard set of rules that will work with all women, forget it. If anyone claims to have such a magic formula, he must either be extremely ignorant or fraudulent. Each woman is different and what attracts one woman might even annoy another.

Is there no way, then, by which you can equip yourself, and improve your chances of attracting women online? There certainly is, but the point is that one can only give general guidelines about how a majority of people react. You still have to use your common sense and your faculties to fine-tune your approach as you go along.

Now let's look at wha…

Relationship Dating Techniques - 10 Powerful Tips to Attract Women

In this article you will learn ten powerful relationship dating techniques to attract women. These are proven attraction techniques any man can use; you do not have to be as rich as Bill Gates or as handsome as Brad Pitt. Many men find it difficult to attract women. Let us face it, if attracting women was something every man could do, there would be no single men! The following techniques will practically ensure that you are one of the men capable of attracting almost any woman he desires.

1. Listen

You must truly listen to the woman. Hang on her every word. Listen to what she has to say and ensure that you respond to everything in an appropriate manner.

2. Body Language

Master your body language so as to flirt with the woman. She will subconsciously pick up on your subtle signals and this will act as an aphrodisiac. If sitting side-by-side point your knees in her direction. When chatting ensure that you hold eye contact; do not look away. Stroke your hair almost unconsciously. Let a…

4 Steps to Attract Women with Core Confidence

Before you can date top quality women or persuade them that you're worth of their time, you have to really believe that you're the prize in the interaction. This means you need to have 110% belief in yourself around the opposite sex and let it show naturally.

You're probably saying to yourself, "How can I just believe I'm high status when I don't "feel" high status? First off, You need to know that the things turn attractive women on the most are learned characteristics that can be developed by anyone.

Any guy has the resources to start developing a more curiosity intellectually, more persistence in personality, more courage in mindset, more focus on being resourceful, stronger leadership skills, a more humorous perspective, more ambition for success, more positivity in outlook, more fitness physically, a healthier lifestyle, better grooming habits, and more awareness of fashion.

And here's the Master Key To Success; the above traits are t…

Effective Secrets to Attracting Women - Improve Your Game!

If there wasn't so much competition in the world when it comes to attracting women then most guys would just be able to rely on their natural instincts. Unfortunately there is a lot of competition, and it's important that any guy that wants to be successful when attracting women then they need to develop some real skills to do so. By following some not so often used tactics which can actually be considered as secrets, it can increase your chances of being a real attention grabber when it comes to the women in your life

Step #1: Become a researcher of women

What you're going to do here is once you see a particular woman that is appealing to you, then before even making any type of approach you should learn all about her. First find out some key points of what is important to her, so you are armed with conversation material early in your first contact with her

Step #2: Pay attention to her sense of sight

Appeal to her senses by starting with her sight. Once you have gone t…

7 Easy Ways To Attract Women Properly

There is no man whether single or married that doesn't wish to attract beautiful ladies. Assuming that you were in a club with some of your friends, relaxing after the day's work and you set your eyes on a sexy lady that is winking at you from across the club. You ignore it as nothing and you keep chatting with your friends, later you realize that she is actually giving you a smile. You motivate yourself and you proceed to have a chat with your new female admirer.

In the begin, the chit chat started off well as she was interested and excited about you. Then you go on the usual route and begin asking her twenty one questions like "where she is from" and "how she spends her free time". The minute you feel that everything is okay; she all of a sudden starts scanning the room and immediately stops adding to the conversation. You notice this and you try to save the situation by talking about a new topic believing that this would make her excited again, but th…

Attract Women with Magic Tricks

Performing magic involves tons of audience interaction. What if you could use that to your advantage and effortless impress and attract women by simply performing magic? The bottom line is this: women love magic. Ask 100 women if they want to see a magic trick and I guarantee at least 95 say yes. The other 5 are probably boring and you wouldn't want to get to know them anyway.

Consider this: if you approach a woman and blurt out a corny pick up line, it’s obvious that you are hitting on her and she will immediately shut herself off to you. However, when you approach her with absolute confidence and ask to show her something amazing, her sense of curiosity is aroused and she is immediately intrigued.

This guide provides some advice and tips that may seem unconventional. However, if you are willing try it, you’ll have a simple and powerful tool for picking up woman. The number one mistake men make when trying to attract women is this: they simply don’t take action. If you really…

How to Attract Women Tips - The Best Ways to Handle Physical Contact

In need of tips to attract women? Want to attract a woman to call your own? Want to attract a woman because you are looking for a wife? Making a physical contact is extremely an essential aspect of seduction. You won't succeed in getting women with no foundation of a fundamental stage of tactual sensation. In order to reach the stage of kissing or sleeping with her, you need to maintain a steady, adequate quantity of touch which functions in both directions; she places her hand on your knee in a flirty manner, while you enclose her waistline using your arm and draw her a bit nearer.

This is the one of the best tips you can use to attract women and get hold of the physical touch. Whatsoever method of touch contact it takes, you need to perform it in order to attain your finish target of the real seduction. This is the point where most men slack. What are the best and easy ways a guy can make things work out when it approaches physical tactility nearness? Assuming the lady is not…

How to Attract Women Instantly - 3 Simple Steps

How to attract women has been a quandary for many men over the years. Indeed, figuring out how to make the female sex notice, pay attention and get interested in what the male is striving to do to make an impression has probably been one of the ultimate questions since Adam wondered if wearing a different type of leaf would make Eve more attentive! Yet over the years, some insights have been gotten by the wisest of men, and some even tried to draw up a blue print.

Men in the world are divided into two large groups. Those who don't know how to attract women (which probably make a good 50% of the male population) and those who think they know. Men who thought they had the answers are divided again into three main groups:

1) Those who acted upon these revelations by going up to that one special woman in their lives and made the love story of a life time.

2) Those who acted by going up to many women and made many love (or at least lust) stories, and

3) Those who didn't act o…