How To Get The Girl With These 5 Steps

You walk into a club, see a hot girl, and want to go talk to her. The problem is, she is surrounded by a group of friends. The sheer numbers scare you away, and you retreat from the situation. You turn around and lose out on the moment.

Sound familiar?

Most men view the girl's friends as enemies in this scenario. They are there to protect each other, and keep all guys from coming up and talking to them. Some call that "running interference" or "blocking."

But I'm here to tell you something very different. Rather than look at her friends as enemies, you should look at them as your friends and allies. Why? Because if you can get in good with the friends, then your chances at hooking up with the girl you are attracted to just got so much better.

Women trust each other's opinion and can be swayed one way or the other by a simple comment from a friend. And if they are out in a pack, the trust issue becomes even greater. So, if you can get on the friends' good sides, then it is likely that they will say something favorable to the girl you are targeting. And because she trusts her friends' input, she will also look at you in a favorable light, as a result.

Is this making SENSE?

Now let's revisit the same scenario, but this time take a different perspective. You see a girl you are attracted to, and she is surrounded by a pack of friends. Rather than shy away from this situation, you make eye contact with the targeted girl and flash a quick smile.

Wow, how GOOD did that feel? The feeling of making eye contact with a woman...and not turning away, is the GREATEST rush there is. Besides winning the lottery, there is no better rush of adrenaline known to man!

Remember, eye contact is quick but meaningful. If you make eye contact then suddenly turn away, you have ruined your chances. The girl will think that you are scared or not confident, and move on to the next guy.

After making eye contact, make your way over to the group. You are aiming to get the attention of the whole group, not just the one girl. You don't want to isolate her right now, because it will only single her out and make her friends envious. Have something interesting to break the ice with.

Wait, approach a group of girls...ALONE?!? You must be crazy!!! No, just CONFIDENT. There is a huge difference and you will soon be there. You might feel a bit out of your comfort zone, but that's the only way you're gonna get the girls you want. Now keep reading.

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get a girl to like you

Break the ice with something catchy, but not cheesy. Maybe a phrase like, "My friends and I were having a debate on what women are most attracted to about a guy. I was hoping that you ladies could help us out and tell me what you think."

It is very important to address the whole group when you ask this to get the attention of all the women. Engaging the group will endear you to them, and make it easy to strike up a conversation with any one of them.

Crack some jokes and keep the laughter going. Throughout this, ensure that you make eye contact girl while addressing the entire group. You can turn to face one of her friends when speaking, but very subtly, make it apparent that your jokes and energy are focused on her.

At this point, you have shown interest by making eye contact, single-handedly approached an entire group of women, broken the ice with an open-ended line, and have engaged the whole group in the conversation.

By doing so, you have maintained the tight-knit feeling of the group, and have not created any imbalance that may negatively impact your mission. And because of this, when your target consults her friends about what they think about you, what do you think they'll say? Yup, if you worked it right, they should have a favorable opinion about you that they would be happy to share with your target.

Your friends should sense that you have broken the ice, and should move in to help you out. They can join the conversation and talk to the other members of the group, like good wingmen do. Now you can then begin to focus on the target girl. Because the rest of the group is engaged, you can feel safe to isolate the girl you really want to talk to without fearing jealousy or interference from her friends. You have cemented the fact that you are interested in her, which was the sole purpose of the exercise. Now work your magic, Tiger!

Let's review the key points:

1. Once you have spotted your target girl, make eye contact with a smile

2. Approach the group of friends, and use an opening line that addresses the entire group

3. Keep the laughter going with the whole group, but continue to make eye contact with target girl

4. Have your friends join you to keep the group engaged

5. Isolate the target girl and work your magic


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