How To Get A Girl To Want You - 2 Things You Must Do

Do you know how to get a girl to want you? If you think you can't get hot girls simply because of your looks or because you don't have much money, think again. The truth is, you can get all the gorgeous women you desire regardless of what you look like or the size of your bank account, so long as you remember these two simple tricks. Get these two things right and you will be able to pick up beautiful girls whenever you want.

The first thing you need to do is get her laughing. When you first approach her, be prepared with a funny opener. The sooner you get her laughing the better. Try to be unique and humorous, if possible, with your opener. Something to break the ice and put a smile on her face. If you don't know any funny openers, look up some humorous pick up lines before you go out so that you are prepared.

Whenever you talk to a girl, your main objective should always be to have fun. Never think about trying to get her to go out with you. Always approach her with the attitude that you really don't care if she goes out with you or not. Try to think of her as just one of your good friends, this will put you more at ease. Be relaxed and be sure to make it your main objective to have fun, then it is a lot easier to joke around with her and make her laugh.

I cannot overstate the importance of getting her to laugh. This is a huge aphrodisiac for women and it will get you a long way with her.

The second thing you need to do is create sexual desire. This really isn't as difficult as it may seem. Once you get them laughing, you are already three quarters of the way there. When she is laughing and comfortable with you, you can start to direct the conversation in a sexual direction, but don't be crude about it. You should, if possible, do it with the first conversation you have with her. If you wait too long, you may fall into "the friend trap". This is a place you don't want to be because it is hard to get out of, so create sexual desire as soon as possible.

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To transition between getting her to laugh and creating sexual desire, you can use humor and body language. Don't be afraid to joke around in a sexual manor. Again, don't be crude about it, but be funny. Use facial expressions like raising your eyebrow and looking at her suggestively. Use sexual innuendo in your humor and facial expressions to draw her in.

From there, if she is still receptive and having a good time, you can start to talk about her desires. When the opportunity presents itself, ask her questions like what her "ideal" man would be and what her desires and romantic fantasies are. Ask her about the best date she ever had. This will start to arouse her just by getting her to think about the things that turn her on. Then you can use this information to "hook" her on you.

Expound upon what she told you by telling her what you would do. Go ahead and brag a little, but be sure you can deliver what you promise. Paint a picture and be vivid in your description of what you would do on a date, not necessarily with her, but just on any date. Incorporate those things she told you into your story about what you would do.

Remember at all times that your main objective is to have fun, NOT to get a date with her. In fact, you will get much further by acting as though you are not that interested in her, especially after the conversation turns to a sexual nature. Don't laser-focus on her. Talk to other people at the table if there are any. Pay attention to something else, not just her. This will help to draw her into you.

How to get a girl to want you is really quite easy when you remember those two things, get her laughing and create sexual desire. This can be accomplished with conversation and body language. Master it and you will never be without beautiful women again.

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