How to Get a Girl's Phone Number - Stop Getting Rejected!

So there you are at a local bar, watching the girls drink and dance. You have your eyes set on a girl that you want to approach but you don't know what to do. You know that if you don't act quick, she will disappear or will end up with another dude (that is more bold than you). So, what are you supposed to do in order to approach her, talk to her, and eventually get the girl's phone number. There are a couple simple, yet crucial steps that you must follow:

1) Stay Sober!

Slow down on the drinking. Being approached by a drunk man is not at all appealing to a girl. It doesn't matter how attractive you are. If you approach a girl and you smell like alcohol you can almost be sure that she will reject you (unless she is trashy and likes that sort of thing).

2) Take a Quick Peek of Yourself

Before approaching her you want to make sure you are looking good so that you can go in with full confidence. Pop into a nearby restroom and have a quick peek at yourself. Check your hair, check your teeth, pop a mint to freshen your breath, check your clothes, etc. Maybe even give yourself a slap in the face to wake up and tell yourself you can do this. Square off your shoulder, suck in your gut, grow a pair, and head out there.

3) The Approach

Walk up confidently to her but don't get right in her face. Stay a good 5 to 7 feet away from her and start with a good opinion opener question. You also want to act like you're a social person right off the bat and that you have friends with you at the club or bar. With that being said, a very good opinion opener is this: "Hey, I got a question for ya...My friend and I were just talking and I think we need a female perspective...Did you know that the average woman in America is 5'4" and weighs 150 pounds and wears a size 14?

What do you think about that?" Right away you are telling her that you have a friend with you there at the club and you are offering her a great opinion opener (that is one of my favorites). There are dozens of really good opinion openers out there but I wouldn't get in the habit of using them over and over. Try and create new ones on the spot (depending on your surroundings and whats going on at the bar or club). If you can't think of anything just approach her and do it the old fashioned way..."Hi, I'm [name]...what's your name? (then shake her hand gently but firmly with two gentle shakes) You from around here [then her name]? etc.." although this is a very standard way to approach women it is definitely a whole lot better than the stupid pickup lines out there that never work.

It's such a good game plan to use her name often in the conversation...Don't use it too often or you will sound weird. The fact is she is comfortable with her name and has heard it her whole life...This will not only make her comfortable while talking to you but will also show her that you are listening to her and are interested in her as a person. If you ever watched the TV show, the pickup artist, you will know that they use a lot of good opinion openers on there (that they came up with on their own).

It is also a good idea to throw in funny little sayings in your conversation that are completely unexpected. For example, "I love pickle juice." This will totally throw off the girl and will make her laugh 80% of the time...but don't let it ruin your flow. The point of sayings like that is to prove to her that you are different from every other guy that approaches here.

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4) Getting the Number

If the music is loud and you can't hear each other at all then just wait for it to become more quiet. Lean in slightly (but not too close) and tell her something along these lines: "Hey, you seem cool and you're easy to talk to, would you be interested in grabbing a cup of coffee or something with me sometime?" If she says yes, then ask her for her phone number. DON'T, I repeat, Don't pull out your cell phone (like every other guy) and just punch in her number right there in front of her. I am going to share with you a little trick that will not only get you some automatic bonus points with her but will also get you a little body contact.

I would carry a pen with you in your pocket to pull this trick off (but ask her first if she has a pen before you whip yours out of your pocket). If she doesn't have a pen then you can say: "Oh you know what? I got one right here actually." She probably will catch on that this was sorta planned but whatever. Then have her write her number on your hand or arm.

Not only will you get body contact by doing this but you will prove to her that you aren't one of those guys that try to get 10 numbers in one try and keep that arm clean for 1 or 2 special ladies (1 for each arm!). Heck if you want to get more numbers have 2 write in the palm of your hands and 2 write on your forearms. That is 4 numbers right there and 4 body contacts already initiated!

Follow these simple tips on how to get a girl's phone number and I guarantee you will have success! It is time to stop getting rejected and get out there and start approaching women the right way!

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