Powerful Dating Tips On How to Get a Girl to Like You

I believe that all of us guys will have at least a special girl in throughout our life that we are extremely fond of. At a certain time frame, it will most probably be a single girl that was able to capture all your attention, your mind and even your soul. "The ONE" girl is so special in your life that you are dying to make her your girl.

However, most of the time, she will date with some other guys, whom you think they did not deserve it, they did not treat her as good as you, they did not treat her as special as you do...they did not even go after her, at all... Yet she is willing to date these guys happily rather than going out with you! Am I saying something you have experienced before or you are going through right now? Do you want to know the method on how to get a girl to like you?

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If your answer is YES, then pay your 100% attention here: Do not pay so much attention on a particular girl!! Let me rephrase and emphasize again, STOP TREATING ANY GIRL AS THE SPECIAL ONE! You hear me right, there are so many awesome girl out there,. Stop thinking of a single girl in every moment of your life. Stop paying attention at her single move. Stop letting any girl to know that you are desperately looking forward to own her!

You may be thinking, what the hell is this guy talking about? Is he a moron?

No my friend, I am saying something important and it is proven to be truth. If you really want to know how to get a girl to like you, please kindly change your stereotype mindset that your mum has taught you since you born. Previously, you may be educated that you must focus all your attention to the girl you like and eventually she will sense your sincerity and will become your girl. I am sorry my friend, it is hardly possible.

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Rather, what you should do is to pay most of your focus on yourself. Be a better you and let that girl to be attracted by you. Yes, let her chase you instead, NOT you chase her! If you are able to change yourself from trying to pay all your attention and love to a particular girl, you should rather pay the attention to groom yourself and love yourself more. Girl do not like guy who always craving for her, she wants guy who can be The Man she is craving for. Get rid of neediness that actually scared most girl off.

This is what we called, Higher Value Guy. In order to achieve this, you are not required to be famous, wealthy or smart... Of course, if you have all these, they will add in some extra value.

Here are some tips that help you to understand how to get a girl to like you:

1) Groom yourself - You must take care of yourself and be presentable at any occasion, you do not need branded attire, simply some neat and nice clothing will be fine. Tidy up yourself, keep up your hygiene and get rid of any bad habit. Girls tend to like guy who knows how to take care of themselves, if you are unable to do so, how she expects to be taken care by you?

2) Expand Social Network - Hey, I am not talking about Facebook here! Of course, it is one of the great tool that you can use to make more friends online, but rather what I strongly suggest you to do is to make friends in real life, offline! Kick your own butt from the monitor and join some meet up, gathering or parties, make new friends, regardless male or female friends (of course girls are better) at the early stage. Eventually this will help you to build up the ability to communicate with others, especially the ability to communicate with girls and understand their mindset. Moreover, by making more friends, you will have higher social value which will definitely make you more popular in girls mind.

3) Meet More Girls - Related to above point, you should try to make friends with more girls, either pure friend or potential future partner. You see, there are huge advantages for you to know more girls in the progress. First, you can train yourself to be better in talking to girls and know what they need. Second, you can have more choices of potential girlfriend in the long run. Do not be naive and restrict yourself to the "special girl", there are so many great girls out there, do not lock yourself in a small box. Third, if you are able to be popular among many pretty and awesome girls, your "special girl" may tend to be attracted by you because you are demonstrating her your higher MAN value around girls. Believe me, girls tend to be a bit "competing with each other" and they will try to get something that other girls are having! This characteristic is in their blood...

4) Have Your Own Activities - Occupy yourself with activities (preferred outdoor activities) and boost your all rounded talent with all these activities. It will be great if you can involve in some sports game such as beach volley, swimming, work out in gym or else. You can both build up your physical outlook and at the same time have more chance to have fun around with girls (such as beach volley).

So, here are some great and effective advice on how to get a girl to like you. Believe me, they works. Moreover, by implementing all these tips, you are not only get to know how to get a girl to like you, it is a superb mental mind shift take can change your whole life. It is aim to significantly improve the quality of your life. By doing this right, you can definitely attract many girls who think they should have you in their life! Bear these advices of how to get a girl to like you in your mind, place a high value on yourself, you will turn the table and let her earn your attention.

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