How To Get Any Girl You Want - To Like You

Gorgeous women fall for average guys all the time. And the truth is that getting the girl you want is not as hard as you might think it is.

You don't need to be the best looking guy in the world, or the wealthiest, to be chased by the most attractive girls. But you need to know what women want and how to give it to them.

Think about this...

Every man I know wants to date a Victoria's Secret model. But the truth is those same guys spend most of the time dreaming about real women. They don't dream about Adriana Lima, at least not most of the time, they fantasize about Jane the cute neighbor.

This idea applies to women as well...

Girls are just the same. They don't want the most amazing man in the world. They want the most amazing male in their world. If you follow two simple steps you will become that man...

First, the approach...

Most men suffer from approach anxiety. They don't know how to make the initial contact and because of that they are unable to attract women. This is the stage where most men quit; they resign and stop trying. I have a solution to this very stressing issue.

The best approach to deal with approach anxiety...

Let women come to you. I know what you are thinking: "If I could do that I wouldn't have a problem in the first place!"

Body Language is a powerful tool and once you learn to use it effectively you won't need to approach another girl in your life they will me coming up to you. I won't give you an entire course on the art of speaking without words but I can give you some ideas to get you started:

#1. - Make a conscious effort to move slowly. When all is said and done the number one quality women look for in a man is confidence. If you make very slow controlled movements you will display the confidence that is so attractive to women. When you consciously slow down your movement you are saying to the world you are "comfortable" and it makes you much more approach-friendly.

#2. - Use as more space as possible. When you take as much space as possible, women subconsciously understand you are the Alpha Male in the room.

#3. - Watch your posture It is very important to be aware of your posture at all times. Good posture shows you are confident with yourself.

#4. - Learn the basics of style. Most men don't understand the power that clothing have in the attraction arena. You can increase your social value, get everyone to trust you and your decisions more, just by creating a personal image that is comfortable, cool, and eye-catching.

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get a girlfriend as an introvert

Second, the interaction...

Seriously Body Language works. Try it and you will be amazed how many girls will be approaching you on the street, or on the club. Most men won't give credit on how, when they change small things like posture or style, they suddenly become chick-magnets.

Our next point is the interaction with the girl who approached you. You know she is already attracted to you. Your job now is to increase the attraction instead of killing it.

Women will be constantly testing you to see if you are boyfriend material and if you fail the test the attraction will be over forever.

The thing you need to remember is that she will test your ability to stay in control. She will constantly try to take that power from you, and if you allow it to happen you will instantly lose desirability

For example if she asks you for a drink don't just buy her one. Ask her for something in return. Say something like: "OK, but only if you dance for me". Don't fulfill her every desire on automatic. Make her work and give you something in return. That way even if you give her what she wants it will be in your terms. Believe me it's what she wants.

This may sound like very basic stuff, but if you try it you will be amazed with the results. I know what I am talking about. My much more attractive friends are constantly shocked when they see the most gorgeous girl in the club approach me, after every guy around has tried and failed.

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