How to Get a Girl's Number

So you bumped into the girl of your dreams? You can not stop thinking about that cute chick at work or college? Many of us face this situation and many of us find it difficult to deal with it. Especially when the girl is playing her own games. So, you have always had decent success in dating girls, but this time, you feel like a tongue-tied teenager. You talk to her, you make excuses to meet her but things do not go further. Most of all, you do not know how to get a girls number.

Your worry about how to get a girls number is reasonable in the sense that the fairer sex can surprise you with their smartness. Women are smart enough to judge you on the basis of who you are and not what you have. If the chick that you like is a 'real catch' you must understand that you can not woo her superficially. You will have to be sincere in your attempts. A girl will readily give you her phone number if she likes you, so you will have to struggle to make the right impression.

The first thing is to think whether it is really worth it. If you find a girl attractive and pursue her only to find that you do not like her, you will lose interest. Unfortunately, you will also gain a bad reputation for yourself as a womanizer. So, make the efforts to please the girl only if you really like her.

The first thing you need to realize is that you should not change yourself for her. Be yourself, and let her like the real you. If a girl does not like you, then it is not worth it anyway. Even if she gives you her number, it will only add to the clutter of your already lengthy contact list. When you meet her, make it a point to smell fresh and clean.

Many a times, men forget that cleanliness is next to godliness and women will definitely notice that. So go ahead and pay attention to personal grooming, brush your teeth and style your hair, dress decently. You will have already been put on top of her priority list. A clean man is a likeable man and she definitely would want to be more in touch with you!

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So, you need more help with how to get a girls number? Just read on, we have some more tips for you. Women are sharp at noticing small details and knowing this, you should pay close attention to the fragrance you wear. We do not ask you to bathe in perfume, but wear a good one that will never go unnoticed. Most importantly, avoid references to the brand of perfume that you wear when you talk. She will start thinking that you are related to the skunk family in some way.

One of the most important tips in how to get a girls number is to make proper eye contact. Look into her eyes adoringly. Yes, you need to train yourself to keep your sight above her neck and stop looking at her breasts. This is bound to make a woman think that you are disrespectful towards her and hence, not worth liking. If you do not take care of where you look, the chances of getting her number would be down to a zero!

Remember, that at this stage, you do not need to be jealous. So, if she gets attention, react by giving a polite smile in her direction and saying something like 'you definitely are beautiful'. Of course, that does not mean you do not compliment her, but keep them guarded. Do not go overboard and rave about her beauty. At this point, she is just not ready to listen to all of that from you.

Try getting to know her friends, but do not be too pushy about it. Lastly, if you feel she is getting bullied by someone in your presence, stand up to help her. Let her feel that you are indeed worth liking. She will offer you her number even without your asking!

Now you know how to get a girls number! So go ahead and enjoy the company of the girl of your dreams!

Finally, if you want to be the kind of guy that actually has so many girls interested in you then you're going to need a complete overhall in your thinking, behavior, and perspective.

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