How To Get A Girls Number - The Three Methods

The debate on how to get a girls number is quite interesting. It goes from playing flirty but elusive, to being very direct...quick approach - quick exit. So I'm going to list for you all the different ways that I have found, then I am going to give you my pick (or opinion).

First I feel you need to understand that not all women are alike (if you haven't noticed). We are as varied as men are on how we feel about the whole dating scene. You will find shy girls, confident girls, conceited, stuck-up, friendly, you name it and I'm sure there is a girl type out there that will match it. So not all women are going to react the same when you approach them for their number. But to be successful with the majority of women you need to fit the general mold that most women find attractive.

It's almost guaranteed that most women will be open to sharing their number with a confident, attractive man. Now if you don't feel that you are confident or attractive enough to get a girls number, then you might want to do a little research on what a woman finds attractive or confident. Then do what you can to attain that. And just a small note here...attractive is usually a self-assured and confident demeanor, not always looks.

The second thing you might need to work on is your fear of approaching a woman or fear of rejection, they go hand-in-hand. There is a lot of information out there to help you with this. My suggestion is to stop thinking that there are only a few women out there and that if one should turn you down your life is over. The dating scene is loaded with single, lonely women, looking for someone just like you are. So make a game of it. Stop trying to get a number or a date seriously and just play at getting it.

Don't take it seriously and don't let it depress you if you don't make a connection, remember, this is only a game right now. Try some of the steps below and see what one works for you. Make it a game to see how many numbers or emails you can get. Then when your confidence grows take the one that works best for you and do it for real. So let's check out the many methods of how to get a girls number.

Get Her Interested First-The Slow Approach

Some people think that the first thing you must do is to get her interested in you first. This is the slow approach. The best way to do this is to flirt first, you know that occasional look across the room with a smile, eye contact, the slow approach after eye contact has been made. A compliment on something that you noticed about her (don't make it cheesy, be sincere) should make it easier to ask her for a dance, or to try to open up a conversation with her. Don't play desperate, try to show a little self confidence. And don't hang around, make an exit and come back later and do it again. By then you should know if she is willing to spend some time with you.

At that point you can ask for her number or email address. Don't ask her for a date, just imply that you would like to contact her at some later date to just chat. If she is hesitant at all then don't pursue it, you know where she goes, you can try again next time. Move on to someone else and improve you skill at this and your confidence in approaching women.

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Hit And Run - The Fast Approach

Some men think that this is the best way to get a girls number or email, and it goes something like this. You immediately approach a woman that you are interested in (or for practice, any girl or woman). Always approach with a smile, tell her that you noticed her ("I couldn't help noticing how beautiful you are, and I would love to talk to you...etc...), but act as if you are in a hurry to do something or go somewhere, let her know that you would like to chat but that you have a business meeting, (appointment, need to meet someone, need to take someone somewhere, etc...) and then ask if she would mind giving you her number or email address so that you could get back to her sometime and to have a pen and paper handy and hand it to her. They say that most women will just give it to you without hesitation. (?!!)

I have personally never experienced this one, but the theory goes that if you don't give a woman a chance to react that more times then not they will hand over their number. Wow! You have nothing to lose, so give it a try. It's also suggested to have your cell phone ready to punch her number in right there. Good luck with this one. I personally think that you really need to be radiating self-confidence and be basically handsome for this one to work. But give it a try.

Forget The Number, Just Get The Email

Then there is the theory that if you just ask for their email address your chances for success are very good. That for some odd reason most women have not hesitancy giving out their email address, where as giving out the phone number is more intimate, personal. And that could be with the on line social thing going on that everybody is doing. Maybe ask for her twitter or Face Book address. People do like fans and friends. Yes, I can see how this one would work, we are a social world.

What Works For Me

Personally, being a woman, I like the slow approach. I like to know that the person I give my number to is someone I would like to see again. When I was dating, if a guy I didn't care for asked for my number, I would turn it around and tell him no... but that I would love to have his number. Now I can't say that that was the right thing to do, but it worked for me at the time. It got them off my back without hurting their feelings.

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