How To Get A Girls Number: Four "Wall Breaking" Tips

The competition for women's affections is tough, as there are so many men vying for their attention... so how can you stand out among the crowd in the hopes to get a girls number? Many men take the common approach (and in this case, the wrong one) to get a girls number: They outright ask for it within five minutes of a conversation. Smooth move, you lose!

Women don't want to feel like they're being picked up! And if that's how she's feeling, she's going to walk away before you even have time to say anything more to her. She'll find someone who is going to respect her like a woman; not someone who's just interested in getting down to business.

So, if going right for the kill isn't what men need to do, what do you have to do? What do you need to learn about how to get a girls number?

How To Get A Girls Number: Four Tips That'll Get You Her Number By Night's End

Tip 1 - Look Out For Her Signals

When you first approach a woman (or group of women), they are going to be a bit apprehensive about your intentions. After all, they don't know who you are; whether you're stalker, killer, etc. They don't know anything about you and it's up to you to make her feel calm. For your first "how to get a girls number" tip, remember to watch out for her body signals to show you that she's calm and relaxed.

As the conversation continues and she looks relaxed, ask her nonchalantly if she would mind if you called her sometime. When you ask her in this kind of tone, she won't think you're just hitting on her. She'll think that you're genuinely interested and will feel better about giving you her phone number.

Tip 2 - Build Up The Attraction Between You

While you're talking to her, and before you ask her for her phone number, you should be taking the time to build the attraction up between you. This is an important "how to get a girls number" tip to keep in mind. The real reason for the attraction is that you want her attracted and interested in you enough to get her to bring down her defenses so that she'll give you her phone number. Remember, women are on high alert when it comes to creepy, stalking men. Thus, when you approach her, she's going to take a step back and automatically have a wall that you need to bring down.

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How can you build the attraction up? Simple! Start talking to her about things about yourself and ask questions about her. Learn about what she's like. Find out if she's going to school or did she graduate from college? What degree did she earn? What kinds of things do you guys have in common? Things of this nature! Let her ask questions about you and be truthful. Sometimes men want to elaborate or embellish on the truth and, if a woman finds this out, forget any meaningful relationship. Don't get too personal into details unless she divulges it. That's real turn off for women!

Tip 3 - Be A Beyond The Box Thinker

So what else do you need to know when you're learning how to get a girls number? When you're talking to a girl, you want to show her that you have a mind of your own. You don't want to show her that you're "sheep" (which is what followers are). Show her that you'll be the type of person who can think for himself and can make decisions based on what he thinks his best... even if that means going against what everyone else is thinking or doing. She may act a bit annoyed with it but it's also a turn-on for her. In her mind, she'll have to try and get you to think like she does. A competition of wills... if you think about it. Her attraction to this is building her attraction toward you.

Tip 4 - Don't Ask/Let Her Give It

Okay, for the last "how to get a girls number" tip, why not let her give it to you? If you've done your job correctly and got her talking and comfortable with you, she's more likely to want to have another encounter with you. If you don't ask, and she sees that you won't, she's more apt to take the initiative and give you her phone number. Again, be nonchalant in this matter. Act as if you don't care (even if you're bursting with joy on the inside).

There it is! That is how to get a girls number! There's nothing else you need to know about how to get a girls number. It's just four simple tips that help you learn how to break through a woman's facade to get her to open up and talk. Four "how to get a girls number" tips that will ensure you have a second chance to talk to her. What more do you need?

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