How to Get a Girl to Like You Right Now!

If you're like me, you have probably wondered how to get a girl to like you. It does not matter if you are trying to get a girl to like you in middle school, high school, at a job, or just a girl you meet through friends. It is all the same; and that is the good news!

Since getting a girl to like you is the same no matter where you are located or how old you are, you just need to learn how to actually do it! That was my motivation when I went out meeting girls at bars, nightclubs, in coffee shops, at the mall, and on the street for years. I was ready to try anything and everything and my persistence paid off. After years of doing this, I discovered what works (and what definitely does not work!).

And what I discovered is more good news: there are only 4 "behavior types" women look for in a man. You do not have to become a "badboy" or a rockstar or even a sleazy pickup artist to learn these behaviors. I found that I could attract women with my unique personality, so long as I did these 4 things.

You, too, can get the same results as me. Imagine how confident you would feel if you knew attracting the woman of your dreams was as easy as 4 simple behaviors? Sound good? Dying to know what these 4 behaviors actually are? Well you are in the right place, because I am going to name them and explain a little about each!

Behavior 1 = DRIVE. A secret most guys do not realize is women want a guy who is shameless about being a "guy." Most of us were raised by our parents or teachers who told us that telling girls they are "hot" or "gorgeous" is rude and inappropriate. Plus, to make matters worse, whenever a guy acts shamelessly on t.v. or in a movie, he is always the "creepy" character who everyone laughs at.

Well let me be the first to tell you that is a myth! Women do not necessarily want to be "hit on" in a disrespectful way, however they DO want a guy who is proud of his natural masculine desires. To really grasp "DRIVE" you have to adjust the way you feel about yourself, not just learn a couple quick lines. For instance, what would you say if you were talking to a pretty girl and she said, "What are you doing? Trying to get with me?"

Chances are you would probably deny it, or say something that hides your true intent. You might say, "No, no! I just like talking to you..." Unfortunately, once you say that, the girl will lose all respect for you as a lover and think of you as "just a friend." Ouch! Instead, you would do way better if her comment did not make you feel uncomfortable at all; in fact, it made you laugh! Then you might say, "Of course I am trying to get with you-it would be rude not to!"

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Now, a girl might pretend to get shocked or offended by this, but in reality it excites her. That is the first step toward getting a girl to like you. Although, if you simply act shameless then you will never get a girl to like you, ever. Therefore, it is important you balance DRIVE with the second behavior, which is...

Behavior 2 = INSPIRATION. Now many guys are always running out of things to say to girls or freeze up in the middle of a conversation. Obviously girls like guys who know how to talk, and especially how to be funny. What most guys do not realize, however, is learning how to talk, joke, and flirt with girls is as simple as learning some mental tricks to unleash your inspiration.

For example, pretend that same pretty girl is in front of you, and she is waiting for you to say something. You want to make her laugh, or at least talk to you, but your mind goes totally blank-what do you do? Well, I have been there and here is how I solved that problem. I found I could talk for hours if I just focused on ONE thing. So, for me, I might focus on the jewlery the girl is wearing, maybe a ring. I would smile at her, look down at her ring, and say, "Oh wow, you are all blinged out! Where did you get this? A rap video?"

Not only will my comment make her giggle, it also forces her to answer. Every girl LOVES talking about how she is dressed and why she wore what she is wearing. Immediately I have broken the ice and made her feel comfortable. Now that she feels comfortable around me, I can move into the third behavior which is...

Behavior 3 = CONNECTION. We all know women want a guy they can trust and who they feel "understands" them. Although most guys go about this all wrong! Guys think by asking women a bunch of questions that they can force a connection with women. This is so wrong and I will tell you why...

Women do not feel trust and connection from guys who know lots of facts about them (e.g., where they grew up, their middle name); instead, they get those feelings from guys who share EMOTIONS with them. Maybe you know what I am talking about if you told a friend a secret that was hard for you to tell. After telling it, and releasing emotions, you probably felt more trust and connection with your friend.

The same is true for getting a girl to like you! You should be talking to her about topics that she feels emotional about. Some of my favorites are her first crush, her first kiss, the first time she thought she was in love, and some non-romantic questions like her best vacation, or even her favorite animal (bonus points if you ask her why she chose that animal!).

By asking these sorts of questions, a girl has to think of those memories and that makes her feel emotions. Once she is feeling emotional, she will feel trust and connection with you almost like magic! However, remember to tell her YOUR stories too. In order to create a connection you BOTH must share!

Now that you have demonstrated your shameless affection (DRIVE), spoken well and flirted (INSPIRATION), and connected with her emotionally (CONNECTION), there's only one thing left to do...

Behavior 4 = MECHANICS. Even if you do the other 3 behaviors perfectly, if you forget the mechanics of "making a move" then you are toast! Do not forget that to get a girl to like you that you should get her phone number, get her out for a date, and go for a kiss. You must have a gameplan the entire time and the courage to execute it.

In all my years of dating girls and going on literally hundreds of date, I have never ONCE been asked out by a girl! If you wait to ask for her phone number or ask for a date, you might never get it. In order to get a girl to like you, it is crucial you hone your mechanics. I cannot detail all the snazzy ways to ask out a woman in this short article, but I can tell you to add some creativity to your "moves."

Do not just say, "Can I have your number please?" Instead, ask for her number in a way she never heard before. For example, I sometimes say to girls, "Are you good at texting? Okay good, give me your number and we'll have some Shakespearean dialogue over text!" Okay, maybe it is a little dorky, but girls always laugh (and usually give me their number!). At the very least, it is a line she has NEVER heard before!

Do not just be another lame guy trying to get with her. Be proud of trying to get with her and make it fun for both of you!

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