Learning How to Get a Girl in Bed - 3 Tips

Most of the questions about dating routines involve using these things to get a girl in bed. Today, I will share some of my thoughts on dating routines and what they actually contribute to the seduction process.

First, let's define what a routine is. Routines are scripts or a series of actions that you can develop and practice on your own. Some examples include:

- Openers that get you inside a group of women, such as "what's up with you guys?" or something similar.
- Performing a magic trick using improvised material such as tissue paper and asking a girl to be your assistant.

When you've mastered these dating, you can use them over and over to make women fall in love with you.

3 Tips to Using Dating Routines to Get a Girl in Bed

1. Choose a Routine for a Specific Scenario

A routine can be used as many times as you want, as long as it works. A specific reaction should be the outcome of a routine. Routines that get reactions from women are the best ones. If a girl does not get it or won't react to your routine, you can write off that routine as something that you cannot use all the time. It doesn't mean that the routine is completely unusable, it's just that you either used it inappropriately or it can only work in a particular scenario.

For example, telling a joke when you can barely hear anything because of the loud music may not be appropriate. Magic tricks during a club concert may not get you any attention because everyone's focusing on the stage.

Routines have been developed, sometimes accidentally. Some routines include props, while others involve a specific scenario, like being in a group. Be mindful of our definition regarding the practicality of using a routine. Something that you can use as many times as possible is a keeper. So many naturals have their own set of routines, such as telling a certain story so that the girl can relate to them.

2. Liven Up a Stale Conversation Using Routines

By no means am I saying that you should only use routines during a conversation with a girl. Socializing is not a contrived process, and you can't just use routines. It does help if you have an arsenal of routines you can use whenever you want to liven up the conversation, but you should incorporate routines in normal conversation as much as possible. Although you can start with mostly routines, you will need to strengthen your conversational skills later on.

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What routines are good for has something to do with how they make the girls react. When girls react, you're sure that you got her attention, especially that kind of attention that leads to the bedroom. At the very least, you will have more things to talk about if you use routines. Some of the best routines last only for 30, 60 or 90 seconds, particularly those that are geared toward making a woman laugh or giggle.

3. Make Her Touch You or Vice Versa

Some routines are for getting a specific reaction, like making a girl touch you. A statement that gets her emotional and makes her want to hug you is good for this purpose. A good routine for this is telling a sad story, like when your puppy died. If you tell this story to different girls and you're able to elicit the same reaction, you can use this routine no matter where you are.

The reaction could be that she asks you a question, you provoke her into giving you a kiss or she touches you in some way. Some routines work better than others, in that a girl hugs you instead of just smiling or laughing.

Routines are very important for setting up openers. Like a setter can toss up a ball for you to spike, routines can provide way points for you to say something important. You can always move forward without using routines, but if you want something that can be done with minimal guesswork, choose a tried and tested routine to open the door for you in that direction. In certain situations, a routine can lead directly in the direction of your bedroom.

There are routines that can get to you all the way points in the 4 step seduction process, and these are the routines that you should use.

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