How to Get a Girl to Chase You - 5 Field Tested Secrets

Every guy, whether good with women or not, knows how good it feels to be chased by a woman. But few guys understand that being successful with women requires a chase dynamic during every phases of the relationship- From opening all the way to being boyfriend and girlfriend. There are many ways we can set up the dynamic of a chase. And most guys still subscribe to the ridiculous notion that it's the man's job to chase the women. Well, that may work in movies, but it absolutely does not work in real life (not without some chase coming back the other way that is). So let's talk about some great ways to get a girl chasing you like cat nip.

Let's start with the simple concept of WIIFM. This stands for "What's In It For Me?" Everyone likes to talk about themselves. Most people are so into talking about themselves that they're just waiting for you to shut up so that they can talk about themselves again. When we apply this concept to women it's extraordinarily powerful for building attraction. So here are five field tested techniques that will help you attract and keep the women you're gaming by throwing out the WIIFM lewer.

Technique 1 - Tell the girl that you like 3 things about her. Naturally, she'll ask you what they are. Tell her two, but on the third say: "I want to tell you third because it's really good. And trust me; it's not what you think. But I know if I tell you, you'll stop doing it. So I'm afraid I can't tell you."

Technique 2 - When she's really wants to tell you something, don't let her. You can even look at the top of her head with a confused look on your face, like she has a poop nugget in her hair. She'll naturally pause the story to ask you what's wrong. Say: "Nothing. Continue," And let her start the story again while you continue to look in her hair. She'll ask you again, but just keep playing it off: "It's nothing, drop it down a gear there turbo. Continue the story, I'm interested." Then, when she finally begins her story, politely excuse yourself to go to the bathroom. When you return, tell a story of your own about how something funny happened to you once.

You can even make up a story about how something funny happened while you were in the bathroom. For example, you can tell her a dudes toupee' flew off when he hit the hand dryer cuz it was facing up and he didn't know it (I don't know, make something up). Keep preventing her from telling you her story right up to the point where she's about to get mad. Then right before she completely loses her shooter marble, let her tell the story and listen intently. This will make her feel like she had to chase you down just to tell you something. Making girls work like this is essential for building attraction.

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Technique 3 - When she calls you, let the call go into voicemail and immediately text back: "What's up?" She'll likely respond with: "I just wanted to say hi." Then, you can say: "I can't talk right now cuz I'm talking to my friend about you and it's getting juicy... "

Technique 4 - Tell her you saw a movie and the female lead character was kind of a sea donkey, but she did do this one thing that was really cute; so cute in fact that it made up for all the other negative attributes of her personality. Then say: "Come to think of it, it was something that you always do." When she tries to get it out of you, what do you do? That's right! Tell her she doesn't want to know, and make her chase you all the way into the bathroom, I mean the bedroom.

Technique 5 - When you're getting physical with a girl and it's starting to get really heavy, suddenly cut it off and say: "You know what, I think we're going a little bit too fast." Then move your body slightly off hers and say something like: "You know what's cute about you?" (This will prevent her from getting hurt about you stopping the physical escalation). Then when she says: "What?" say: "Ah, nevermind, you don't want to know." Once you get her to chase a little bit, say it's a secret and you have to whisper it in her ear.

Then when you do, give her a champion compliment like: "I love the way you bite your lip after we kiss," then back off her again. This push/pull type dynamic of you resisting her physically after she's all fired up, then giving her a compliment before moving away from her again will definitely get her in chase mode. I guarantee you it will be the first time she's ever had a guy stop her in the middle of being physical. Needless to say, this creates a perfect chase, and it builds up some heavy attraction to boot.

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