How To Get The Girl: 10 Simple Rules To Getting The Girl

How to get a girl to like you is one of the oldest questions a guy faces. You can be 14 or 40 and when you are confronted with a girl you like you suddenly don't know what to do. The thing is, what seems like an impossible task is in fact the simplest thing in the world when you really think about it.

There are three options when you like a girl, you go for it and you either succeed or you don't. Then there is the third and worst option available which is to do nothing, because then you live your life thinking 'what if.' So you have got to go for it. Now you have accepted that, here are 10 simple rules to help you get your dream girl.

1. Be Confident:

Confidence is not necessarily about how you feel, it is about how you are perceived. Your stomach may be tied in knots but if you seem like you are confident it won't matter, that appearance of confidence will make women like you. Three quick tips when talking to a girl are to maintain eye contact as much as possible, repeat her name in conversation and smile, your smile will relax both of you and make her feel more comfortable around you.

2. Act Now:

What can you gain from waiting? Absolutely nothing. The longer you wait the less your chances of getting the girl of your dreams. If you already know her and you wait, you might find yourself in the dreaded 'friend-zone.' If you do not know her then she does not know you and more importantly does not know you like her, so when another guy asks her out she won't know you are the alternative... So she will probably say yes to the new guy.

3. Make her laugh:

A good sense of humor can be way more important to a girl than immediate physical attraction. Make her laugh and she will associate you with the feelings of happiness that laughter creates which will make you more desirable.

4. Make her notice you:

If you are at a party then make eye contact and hold it for a couple of seconds before looking away. If she returns your look then do it again a few moments later and go over and talk to her. You don't need to be loud and brash to make a girl notice you, just pay them slightly more attention then the other people in the room and if she reciprocates, you are in with a shot.

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5. Look for the signs:

Stroking her hair, touching your arm, eye contact across the room, laughing too much at your jokes are all signs that she is into you. The best way to respond is to reciprocate her gestures, this is the basis of flirting and the best way to get a girl to know you like her.

6. Do it in person:

Poking someone on Facebook or sending an email will make you seem nervous and lacking in confidence, you will feel better about yourself and become so much more attractive to them if you ask a girl out in person.

7. Be sure it's what you want:

Do you want this girl for a relationship or just for some quick fun? If you are just looking to get laid then be careful, a reputation can quickly stick and that will make life a lot more difficult when you try to find someone to have a long term relationship with.

8. Never be afraid to learn:

You can never be too good with women and you can never stop learning. If you have a friend who does particularly well with women don't be afraid to learn from them or ask them advice.

9. Find out your common interests:

If you both have a shared love for musical theater then strike up a conversation over that. This is also the best way to lead into asking a girl out. Once the conversation has worked through the topic mention there is a new show on and you would love to take her to see it. You have already found common ground and know the date will be fun so she is more likely to say yes. This technique can work with anything from music to bowling to sky diving, find a common interest and then suggest doing trying it together on a date.

10. Flirt don't stalk:

There is a big difference between flirting and being creepy. Read the signs and listen t her friends and your friends. If she shows no interest in you then she is probably not interested. That is fine and there are plenty more fish in the sea, accept it and move on, you will be stronger for it and in a weird way more confident with the next girl, there is nothing as scary as the potential for a first rejection but if it happens once then the second time will never be as bad.

You have been proactive enough to read this and get some information to help you get the girl you want. That means you are taking action and that is the best thing you can do.

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