How to Get a Girl to Text You Back

How many times have you or any other guy you know not have been in this scenario: You are at a friend's party, at a bar or at a club and meet this gorgeous girl. You talk and dance and enjoy yourselves the entire night until the early morning. Before you go your separate ways you exchange phone numbers.

The day after when you wake up, you remember this girl and you want to text her and ask her out on a date. There is only one major problem: As soon as you begin texting her, you can not think about what to write to her or how to write.

Your mind is completely blank and you don't know what to do, so you start looking on the Internet for texting advice.

Everything you read is not what you really are looking for, it's either too explicit or too vague and you don't want to send her any of those suggestions, so what will you do?

Luckily for you, there is a helping hand to grab and hold onto. You find one website that stands out from the rest. You send her one of those texts and after some texting, you agree to go out on a date the following day.

Mission accomplished! Not really because you actually need to text her again the same day that you are going on that date and text her some funny things to make her laugh. She does not respond. What can you do about it?

How to Get a Girl to Text You Back

The whole idea when you send her a text should be to get some kind of response. Girls are different from guys because they are using texting as their main source of communication with their friends and family.

They are texting all the time, so it comes naturally for them to text with you too. You are probably just a friend, at least that is where you are right now but you need to move from text buddy to boyfriend. It is not easy unless you read my text flirting tips below.

There are 3 basic rules to get a girl to text you back:

1. Ask questions. Do not be afraid of asking her questions. Before you begin asking her questions though, you should introduce yourself first. If you want to start your texting slow a nice How are you? will work just fine.

2. Entertain her. Girls get tired a lot earlier than guys, so if you want to ask her out on a date, one of the key elements that will grant you success is that you will stand out from the rest of the competition, which in this case means other guys because if you can make her laugh, that will make her comfortable and she will be more inclined to accept your request. Crack a joke to make her laugh. If you can not think of one when you text her, find one on the Internet.

3. Make her interested in you. Tell her something that happened at the night where you met each other for the first time. If it's a mutual experience, it's even better!

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There are things you should avoid though when you text her. Don't be texting her and call her sweetie, honey or some other pet name too early. You will come across as needy and she will run the other way.

Using explicit language is not okay either. Some guys think it is a way of showing her that they are not interested to just be friends. This will make her run the other way too unless you have been intimate already.

Another tip: No pictures of your private parts either or you can end up on a different kind of "date", the one that includes a lawyer and a judge.

Ambiguous language is fine after a while. I recommend that you wait for a while, at least until you have made it clear that you are not interested in her as a friend and also so you do not seem to eager or a complete jerk.

Mixing some more serious questions and adding some humor too works wonders. You should strive for being perceived as trustworthy and serious yet with a great sense of humor in order to get her out on a date.

Another thing as you might have noticed when you read through this article: I do not use any abbreviations at all and I am very keen on using proper English grammar. The same applies to texting. Do make use of your knowledge of English grammar and avoid contractions too.

Patience is key but if you don't take action, she will get tired of you and you will become reduced to her "text buddy". Acting to "cool" can also be devastating.

I have saved the best advice to the end and it consists of two words only: Be yourself. You have to be genuine and you have to find your texting style and do not be afraid of revealing a bit about yourself in the texting conversations.

Text Message Flirting Ideas

Being flirty is one of the keys to getting her to text you back and here I have listed 5 flirting ideas that you can use for text flirting:

1. I had a dream of you last night.

2. You are so hot, I get a tan every time I look at you.

3. I just saw the neighborhood play and thought of you.

4. I love how soft your lips are, I can not wait to kiss them again.

5. I'm so bored! Wanna go on an adventure?

What to Text a Girl You Like

I will finish this article with three examples that you can use to text a girl you like:

1. I hope you are smiling. If not just think of me!

2. You looked so cute the last time I saw you that I forgot my pickup line.

3. Something about you seems to make me smile.

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