How to Get a Girl to Like You in 5 Simple Steps

Some people say that you can't get a girl to like you - that she either does or she doesn't. That's pure nonsense. If you really want to know how to get a girl to like you, read on and we'll cover 5 steps to how to get a girl to like you starting right now.

Step #1: Exude Super Confidence:

Guys tend to over think just about everything. So don't complicate the situation by thinking that you need all kinds of pick up techniques or seduction strategies to get a girl to like you - you don't need that stuff.

At the core, girls need and want to feel secure around you.

If you're nervous around her she can sense it and it scares her away. Exuding super confidence with women is really the fastest and easiest way to get a girl to like you.

Confidence with women is your #1 most important step, and you might not even need the other steps if you do this one right.

Forget about "fake it till you make it"; all you need to do is emulate guys who are confident and that will cause new neural networks to form in your brain - yes that means neurons will send out dendrites and form myelin sheaths to solidify your new-found confidence.

But the brain science is not important. The important thing is to consistently emulate confident guys or the neural networks will never form. You can't take one tennis or golf lesson and know how to swing a tennis racket or golf club properly.

Same with becoming confident: practice being confident in safe situations and later you can transfer that confidence to situations like meeting and dating women.

Step #2. Have a Good Sense of Humor:

Girls like a funny guy, period. So how can you get a girl to like you if you're not a naturally funny guy?

Learn how to be funny. Watch a lot of funny movies, videos, and hang around funny people. It will rub off on you!

Warning: guys often try to get a girl by using immature, dumb humor - in most cases that's not going to work so give it up. She's not impressed by stupidity, okay?

Step #3. Be Mysterious:

Guys often blow it with a girl by opening up and telling them everything and spilling their whole life story.

If you do that, cut it out!

Everyone loves a good mystery, especially women. If she feels she knows everything about you, there's no challenge, no fun, nothing for her to discover.

Be mysterious - you want to have her lying in bed alone at home at night wondering about you and talking to her friends about this guy "she can't figure out".

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get a girl to like you

Step #4. Be a "Don't Wanter":

You can completely ruin your chances of getting a girl to like you by being overeager and dripping with desperation.

The cold hard reality is that people want what they can't have. And, girls are people too!

If you're always available to her physically and emotionally, it's over for you and you'll probably get stuck in the "friend zone". Yuck!

If you're super-hot for her and aching to make her your girlfriend, this step is going to be tough for you, but you've got to exude an aura that is 100% devoid of desperation and you simply must not appear overly interested in her. So, play it cool Romeo!

Step #5. Have a Little Style:

Inject some style into your attitude, your demeanor, and even a little style in how you dress.

Girls tend to notice and appreciate good manners, good grooming, and a sense of panache.

This doesn't mean you need to dress to kill (that doesn't hurt!) but take some pride in your appearance, your grooming and your demeanor.

But be careful here: don't go overboard in the good-manners department - review steps 3 and 4 above very closely! Being a gentleman does NOT mean being a doormat!

Summary and super-important bonus tip:

You can get a girl to like you, but not by reading these steps - you have to take action!

And if you're lazy - if you do nothing else to get a girl to like you, then you simply MUST exude super confidence with women. That's the ultimate aphrodisiac. Warning: confidence is not arrogance, cockiness, or acting conceited so be sure to only emulate pure confidence!

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