How To Get The Girls

If you want to know how to get a girl to like you then there are many areas that you can look at reading up on to improve your success rates. A lot of its common sense but it's amazing how many men approach women without even a second thought about what they are doing. This article covers some basic principles, may be even a few areas that you may not have thought about and might be able to put to good use when you approach the next woman you have your eye on.

You Know Women Are Only Human Beings?

It's obvious that some girls will like specific things in men that other women may find a serious turn off. As the expression goes "beauty is in the eye of the beholder'. Therefore, simply because one girl doesn't like you doesn't necessarily imply that you'll get the same reaction from the next one. The secret right here is never to take knock backs too severely. There is undoubtedly a young lady out there just for you. Accept it as true; nearly all women are simply just as interested in discovering the right guy as much as you are looking at finding the right lady. Also, one more thing, girls love sex as much as men do. At the end of the day they are only human beings and if you follow some fundamental guidelines you'll be pulling them in no time.

What's Really Good In Your Life?

So let's say you get through the initial pickup lines and introductions what next. You're keen to chat the girl up and so you need to start off by breaking the ice and try to get both of you at ease as quickly as possible, so what exactly do you chat about next? If you've got absolutely nothing to chat about then you're likely to appear quite dull and will probably fail at getting a genuine conversation going. The secret here is to sort your own life out first and fill it with all the good stuff that you have a keen interest in. Do this and when you start talking you'll find that confidence will come naturally as you'll own the topic of conversation. You have to have a really good sense of who you are before you can confidently appear as somebody who's perfectly grounded and is not some kind of nut bar. Don't forget that almost all girls find men that possess a relaxed self-confidence seriously appealing.

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Do You Need To Make A Huge Impression?

So you have been able to get a lovely girl to focus on you for a couple of minutes, what impact are you going to leave of yourself in this limited period of time? Will she remember what a wonderful man you are or will she question why she actually bothered to speak to you in the first place? Try not to get too hung up on the idea making a huge impression. If you can just concentrate on coming across as being sincere you will most likely begin to obtain her trust that can make a much bigger impact than if you tried showing off. If she can't believe in you then she certainly won't want to get any nearer to you. So honesty and integrity really are the best tactics here and when you earn a girls trust you will be able to feel comfortable knowing that you will have naturally made a lasting impression.

Could You Be Her Sole Mate?

As soon as you leave a great impression she'll begin to think more about the kind of guy you actually are. Girls are delicate beings who typically work on a somewhat deeper level than us uncomplicated gentlemen. In some instances they will be trying to find a sole mate. I understand this is all seriously deep stuff but you do need to be aware of this aspect of dating. After all I'm sure you don't want to give out the wrong impression if she starts to come on too strong onto you or do you? Who knows, you might even be searching for the very same thing and if that's the case you'll want to know the signals. In a nutshell, the additional time you spend on gaining more knowledge of female psychology the more you'll enjoy the rewards in dating.

What Can Help Me Get A Girl?

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Are You Far Too Confident Or Shy?

Should you appear too confident it could be as much of a turn off as being too shy. You have to find the right amount of confidence without resembling some sort of arrogant fool who believes he's some kind of gift to girls. Exactly the same can be said if you are too timid as it will only make her feel uncomfortable. There are some women who actually like shy guys and you may even want to try playing to this trait. However, on the whole most of you will probably want to try the more dominant route as it does tend to produce more results. For anyone who is truly struggling in either case then you could improve your chances further by reading up on tips on how to communicate successfully with women. If you truly desire results then it's going to be well worth the effort of studying more on this subject matter. It will also help you in numerous other areas, including your job, so not just in the love game.

Are You Able To Comfortably Talk To Her?

When you can truly talk with a girl then the probability is that she is not only just interested in you, she probably also trusts you. This can be particularly true if she participates in conversation at the same level with you. This is an excellent indication that you're each on the same page and perhaps you might even want to gently test the water and try to move the connection on a step or two Don't be scared to do this as you are most likely to be pleasantly surprised with the results and too be truthful absolutely nothing ventured is nothing gained. However, you might still have to be really mindful that you don't get too carried away. If you can, look out for the relevant body language signals. Try to be careful how you judge this one as sometimes you may find that you have relationships with girls who trust you and can communicate with you on the same level but for reasons other than love. If this is a work colleague this approach may be completely inappropriate and could make you look like a fool. There is a time and place for everything so make sure you are safe before making any moves as you don't want to damage your reputation.

How Does She React To Compliments?

We all enjoy kind compliments and they cost nothing to give away. If a woman demonstrates that she likes your comments then it reveals that she cares about your opinion of her. So try to be generous with your kind words but try to make them well timed, genuine and never too excessive. If you appreciate certain points about a girl then you certainly shouldn't be scared off expressing them without making it seem weird. If she's had her hair done or has a new nail polish on, just mention that you noticed this along with a polite comment that you like it. One area to be careful of is making too many compliments about how she looks. There is a small risk if you do this too much that she may get the idea this is all you are interested in and may think that you are a bit shallow. If she's hot then she will undoubtedly have heard many compliments about how she looks before. It's certainly worth the effort of focusing on complimenting her in different ways for instance by figuring out what her opinions and accomplishments are. This simple strategy will help you get to know her really well and keep the conversation flowing.

Could You Be Her Best Friend?

Most successful couples will confirm that their partner is their best friend as well as their lover. Being a girl's best friend is another essential part of winning her heart. To support this you ought to really work on becoming much more than just as random stranger before starting any flirting. If you're able to get nearer to her by becoming friendly to begin with, she will begin to trust you. Then you could consider moving forwards to your next step. Remember she might also be really shy so it's a good idea to watch out for the signals that let you know this. Body gestures can begin to play a significant aspect in working out how she feels about you. If you can suss this all out you are likely to improve your chances significantly.

Does She Like It When You Flirt With Her?

An important part of how to get a girl to like you is being able to master the art of flirting. Flirting or gentle teasing can be a real turn on for both parties and it often signals intentions beyond just wanting to talk. However you do need to be watchful for the reason that should you get this bit wrong by going too far, you'll not simply be just wasting your time, you may even make a fool of yourself. There are lots of do's and don'ts with flirting and you should make certain that you've got a good grasp of these. It's also a good idea to find out how to understand and be able to recognise the relevant body language signals. If you can really master the skill of flirting with girls then you'll undoubtedly have the ability to be more effective at getting the girls you like.

Are You Touching Each Other Yet?

Have you been able to get past the touch barrier yet? If you haven't then this is as area that you should try to pay special attention to. Touch is really an essential part of any authentic relationship with a woman. It may be quite challenging to recognize when you should make the initial move on this as should you get it wrong it could be seriously awkward. Even so, you should be able to find some clear indicators. For example, is she making eye-to-eye contact with you or does she look completely at ease in your company. There quite a few approaches that you can try out here which are worth searching out. If you find that you get so far with a relationship but just can't get past the touch barrier then you will have to ask if the right chemistry was there in the first place and if you should just move on.

Would She Be Seen With You?

This might seem like an obvious question but who which self respecting girl likes to be seen with a man you can't look after his appearance. Try to imagine the two of you walking down the street together, does the image work in your mind? Secondly, do you think that if you want to get the girls that they will appreciate a smelly body odor or untidy clothes? This is certainly where a little focus on being well groomed is going to help you out, first impressions count for a lot.

Women notice this type of thing first and so you don't want to give the wrong impression before you even get the opportunity to display your many wonderful qualities to her. By staying in shape, healthy and well dressed you will naturally exhibit self-confidence. As stated before all girls love a man who exudes a quiet manly confidence. If you currently don't exercise at all you may be surprised to see how good you can feel even after only a small amount of regular exercise each week. This will come across even if you don't notice it. Healthy, active people are far more attractive than couch potatoes. Try buying a new outfit and then head on out to try some of the other items mentioned in this article.

Do You Make Her Laugh?

Most people feel far more at ease in the company of someone who they can have a laugh and a joke with. Humor can truly allow you to get in the ideal place with a girl much faster than many other methods. Try to practice a small amount of humor as much as you can each day, if you can make it a habit even better. This is good advice for every day let alone for dating. It's a good idea at the right moment to also show that you are able to take a joke. This shows that you've got enough self-confidence to handle criticism and you are perfectly well balanced. Let's face it who really wants to date someone who reacts badly to criticism? Put simply people who have fun are great to be with and much easier to get on with. People in most cases will only laugh together if you're on a similar wave length plus it has the added benefit of being able to quickly knock down boundaries.

When Will You Ask Her Out?

Hanging out with a girl is of course the best way to get to know her and then may be even get a little closer. If she's special then she'll be well worth taking your time on. Don't forget women are simply as keen on guys as we are on them. Of course all this means nothing if you haven't summoned up the courage to ask her out yet. If you feel that it's too soon then try getting to know her better inside the security of a group of friends or perhaps a social club. While you spend time with her you should try to get the opportunity to make her feel special which is great for starting any relationship. Sometime slowly does it is the best way to go.

All Girls Love Romance?

Romance could simply mean a peaceful evening walk with each other, flowers or perhaps a picnic. It certainly doesn't need to cost the earth and it shows that you operate on a somewhat deeper level than all of those other boring men out there and that you truly care and wish to make her feel special. We all know it's a bit wet but nevertheless it's a well known fact that almost all girls just love a little romance. Being a bit of romantic can really make all the difference and too be honest it's a real pleasure to watch a girl's reaction. This will make a real big difference when attempting to earn a girls heart so don't take the romantic side of things too lightly.


So there you have it fourteen questions in different areas for you to consider and apply to your own dating technique. Some of these areas have a lot of different facets that you should with a little bit of searching be able to find much more information on how to get a girl to like you.

Please do try to remember that dating is not an exact science and using these methods may not guarantee results. All girls as mentioned in the article are only human. As long as you are honest, respectful and just try some of the ideas here you are bound to have lots of fun.

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