How to Attract a Girl and Keep Her

How to attract a girl can sometimes seem like your fate is at the mercy of the gods. Well fortunately for you this is not true as today I will be teaching you that the principles of how to attract a girl are both learn-able and achievable.

Most men have got their ideas of how to attract a girl from movies or friends- the friends who too got those ideas from movies. The trouble with this is that movies are often an exaggeration of life and usually what is promoted in them as truth is usually not going to correlate with reality. Movies are made to make sales not to help you learn how to attract women.

I know this first hand due to many years of being snubbed by women and them treating like the 'nice guy' who was 'harmless' yet pitiable. Well after suffering years of failed attempts I realized that what was being taught by society for how to attract girls was total crap. I started searching for what really works. I scoured the internet and found many many more theories most of them just as crap as the 'Hollywood' method yet some rare nuggets of gold really did work and it is these which I kept and continue to use. Of course this is a lifelong skill and I continue to learn and improve day by day.

Learning how to attract girls is a process and also a skill like any other. I have heard it likened to learning an instrument in terms of difficulty and duration and I would agree with this. It is generally written hat it takes between 5 and 10 years to reach mastery in any skill and this is no different. If you were looking for a quick fix then that's too bad because there isn't one for this or anything that is worth the reward for that matter.

That isn't to say that you won't get anything out of your practice till you become an absolute master; of course not. As you get better and better at learning how to attract girls you will find your results improve incrementally. So if you batted 0/100 for instance, after 6 months you would bat 6/100. After 2 years maybe 20/100 and so on.

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get a girlfriend as an introvert

Think of learning how to attract women like lifting weights. When you first enter the gym you will see all the built guys then look at your puny body in the mirror and weep with envy. You hit the weights then your body aches with fire for a week after. Slowly but surely you make incremental improvements in your technique, diet etc. A few months go by and you look yourself in the mirror again and now you see some added definition. This continues as you hone your craft to attain the physique you want. The same goes for learning how to attract girls; the gradual process of improvement from gimp to pimp.

Now 5 and 10 years is the average; 10 being the upper figure. Some may make it in a shorter time. It all depends on where you are starting from. For most though it is going to take at least around 5 years, that is, to really begin to master the art of how to attract women.

Having said that you must also think of your goals. Some guys don't want to be absolute Olympic champs in this area and that's fine so long as they are happy with that. In such cases, a guy may just want to settle down with a nice girlfriend. Even so though, it is generally accepted that even such a man must learn how to attract women in general to a reasonable level before settling down with one girl. Many of you may be wondering why and I will tell you...

The reason you have to learn how to attract women in general is that if you just 'rested on your laurels' and tried to settle down with the first girl that would have you then this would likely not last long if you hadn't properly developed yourself. This is because, even though you got this particular girl, in this moment, there would still be many latent unattractive qualities laying dormant in your personality.

The effect this would have is that you'd get to go out with the girl a few times, have sex with her and maybe start a relationship but the 'cracks' would soon begin to show themselves. Before long the girl would lose attraction and you may end up blaming her and going through the same process again. That isn't to say you should always blame yourself (I dislike this mentality) but you should take responsibility that you must do what it takes to both get the girl and keep the girl.

Although this is true, you don't have to become a complete lothario and shun any opportunities of starting a relationship; instead jumping headlong into your next conquest. It does however mean you should look at learning how to attract women as a whole and think of all the areas which you could improve as a man. So perhaps after you are consistent at landing the girl you would want to look into building a strong social network and having other things in your life which, not just the girl, but anyone would find it a pleasure to enjoy.

A note though...rather than do these things 'cos I want to impress others and be cool' you should do these things for yourself. That means working out what things you are really passionate about and following those passions; the rest then usually falls into place on its own.


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