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How do you attract women? I'm glad you asked! This article is about how to attract women using the law of attraction, which is a method you may or may not have heard of before.

Many people that teach the law of attraction are focused on the idea that it's a way to conspire with the universe to get your goals. Though I'm not going to stop you from it, I don't really think of it that way. Rather, I think of it as the imaginary pre-game which will allow you to develop yourself into the kind of person who gets and has what you want on an unconscious level.

So, when I speak of "the universe" I don't mean that the world is working with you, but rather that you're working in harmony with the way that things already are (i.e. my reading of the law of attraction is a materialist reading). Timid, shy guys don't usually attract women because they don't try or the women put them in "the friend zone"--and this isn't because the universe is conspiring against you, it's because being timid and shy is not sexy. Why should someone expect sexy results from a unsexy action?

Because to me, attraction works because of the "spells" people do--and this is to say that people do a set of activities with an anticipated set of results from which they then judge their future experiences. (By this I mean something relatively similar to "performativity" in post-structuralist thought.) For instance, an electrician works for an electrical company in order to work as an electrician. And if he were to go to work one day, and his boss told him that he was now to report to work next door at the bakery, he'd expect to fix their wiring, not to make wedding cakes.


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But more in line with attracting women, think about this, the way that you go about meeting and attracting women determines the results that you're currently getting. If you're lonely and hate it, but never go out to try and attract women, then you probably never will. If you're waiting on an online dating site, rude awakening: they're not going to hit you up there either unless... unless no one is interested in them or they're so sick of being emailed they only email people. If you're sick of being put in "the friend zone", then you need to figure out how to stop that.

In other words, if you're sick of the results you've been getting, you must change your approach. Luckily, you now realize that you need to do this.

Well, then how do you change your approach? Try the law of attraction. (If you're on the fence, just give in a month or two--if you don't see any results, stop it.)

To use the law of attraction to attract women is very simple. You need to imagine the kind of woman that you really want. Clarify it to a tee. This is important so that you know what you're looking for. Because honestly, if you're looking for something then there's an object you're chasing after. So, clarify it as much as possible. I wouldn't go as narrow as imagining specific people (who's to say they're the one for you--there might be something even better around the corner), but rather focus on traits they will have.

Next, imagine yourself being with them. No, actually living a life with them. Make sure that you're in first person, which is to say that you are living it like a reality.

You'll notice when you do this that things try to block you. And these are all the same crap that pops up when you're trying to meet real women: girls never go for guys like me, I'm too poor for her, she only like brawny dudes, I suck... All the ways that you turn yourself into a frog in public, you'll do to yourself in your mind because there's a mechanism that underlies both.

This is a major step and one of the most helpful aspects of the law of attraction: overcoming these blocks; however, it's not a very easy job either. But the rewards are more than worthwhile.

Once you are able to imagine attracting women congruently, then you're able to realize this in the real world. So, you must give up imagining and take "inspired action" toward your goal--however that manifests itself: an "intuition", a nudge to do something, a friend's invitation to a party, or even emailing every woman on every dating site you can afford.

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