How To Attract Women Into Your Life

Do you have any doubt whether you can attract women by dint of your body language? Do you lack in confidence? You should not be. Be confident of the fact that you not only have the faculty of attracting women, but can also create a strong sexual tension that will turn the women on you very fast.

You must have watched martial arts experts performing their thrilling skills either on the venue or on television. None cannot but be impressed by the heroic deeds that they display. Almost all of the viewers cherish a deep desire in their hearts to possess that faculty of kicking and punching with a wheezing sound and smashing bricks or layers of tiles.

What most of the people do not imagine is the years of practice, hard work, and dedication that the performers have undergone. It is not that it happens only in case of martial arts. In fact, it happens in almost every case, even in case of attaining the tricks of attracting women. Here you are going to be provided with the basic guidelines for attracting women both sexually and platonically. Start trying the tips immediately so that you can get the women woo at you. Before that, let yourself be contented with the answers to some very frequently asked questions.

One of the most frequently asked questions is why a pick-up line work for one while it hardly works for you. Now, face it. If you have this question in your mind, let yourself be informed that it is not the pick-up line that works for him. It is the person himself that make wonders. It is very natural that the woman whom you choose to attract has been the target of the attention of at least ten to twenty other men, if not of a huge number of men. Therefore, you have to be unique in your lick-up line.

It will also not suffice if you think a tremendously brilliant pick-up line. Still, you make a poor presentation of it. If it really happens, be sure of the fact that you have no chance of attracting women. You have to be original, genuine, and spontaneous to impress women since they usually hear such words hundred times over.

Now, you must be wondering what it is, then, that attracts women. It is nothing but confidence in a man, that makes all the difference. The more confident you are, more the chances of attracting women you have. It has happened to numerous people that they have ended up in utter failure in attracting women just because of their lacking confidence.

Confidence is something that is reflected by the way you walk, talk, and that way you make an approach to a woman. What is more important, the lack of confidence is much more prominent and distinct than confidence. The amazing fact is that the women are more efficient than men in sensing confidence in a person.


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Delivery of your words plays a vital role for men in attracting women. It is true that what you say as your pick-up line is very important. What is even more important is how you deliver your words. It is for this reason that men who know the trick can woo so many women while those who are ignorant of the trick, can manage to woo none.

You have to keep in mind certain things before you venture out with the purpose of attracting women. The basic fact that you have to know and accept is that the women are extremely intuitive and sensitive. They judge almost every movement, looks, smile and word of men, either consciously or sub-consciously. They will judge the way you make an approach to her. The initial words of yours are very important since they will create an impression in the mind of the woman, which again, will have an impact on if the relationship will progress further or not.

If you want to gain a better and more upbeat attitude for attracting women, here are the ways.

Being a very 'good man' is a dire necessity for attracting women. Each and every movement of your should reflect that you are a man of good heart, vast thinking faulty, efficient decisiveness and a clear conception of what is just and unjust. Moral obligation should be upright and, yet, flexible. Men of stiff personality have proved to be big failures in attracting women.

Are you wondering as to how you would establish that you are really a good man? You cannot of course, tell it every time that you are a good man. Nor can you make others say it for you. It is your dealings with the woman that will reveal your goodness of heart, boldness of character, charm of personality and flexibility of nature. Do never commit the blunder of making a forced projection of your goodness. That is enough to demean all the impressions that you create by you true goodness.

Your dealings with the other people around should also reflect the same natures of yours. Be dynamic but not dubious. Dubiousness of nature or character can put an end to all your hopes of attracting women. Behave with people with respect that they deserve, whatever low status they may belong to. You may not agree with their way of thinking all the time. However, it should be clear that you have consideration and respect for their thoughts even though you do not agree with them.

Body language is also one of the key factors that play an important role in attracting women. Your body language is something that will provide the women with a lot of information about you. Your way of thinking, your basic natures and even what you will do in what situations are clearly revealed by your body languages if they are observed, which the women do instinctively. You body language will make it clear if you are cool-headed or short tempered, stiff or flexible, confident of nervous, and even good or bad.

Here are some tips following which you may improve your body language in your effort of attracting women.

Do not shake or move much before the woman whom you have targeted to woo or to make her woo at you. Do not present a callus smile on seeing a woman. It is quite funny as well as ridiculous to watch. Do not make any unnecessary movements for the extra energy that you feel. Do not even play cooler than you really are. Do not feel nervous. Even if you feel nervous, do not try to be over smart, as most men tend to be in these situations. Be exactly what you are, that will help you in attracting women.

Do not move your hands in order to make her understand anything. She will probably be irritated by the movements of your hands. It is not also preferable that you will keep your hands within your pockets. If it is chilling cold outside and if you do not have a pair of gloves, you may keep your hands in pocket. That is also you have to do in a manner that it does not seem quite unnatural and uneasy.

The third one among the tips advises you not to not to be too close to the woman. Whenever you sit or stand with the woman, make it sure that you are not too close to the woman. Keep a distance so that it never appears that you are not so too deeply absorbed in desire. In that case, she may feel uncomfortable and uneasy. It is up to your responsibility that she must not feel uneasy with you even for a single second.

The suggestion is never that you will not get close to the woman. Do get close to the woman. However, take enough care that the process of your getting close to the woman never seems to be premeditated. The more spontaneous it seems, the better it is for you. Be a bit slow in the process of getting closer to the woman. That closeness will exist forever.

It should never seem that you are being too tensed while speaking to the woman or while conversing with the woman. Stay as relaxed as you can. Lean against something if you find something to lean against. It should never seem that you feel awkward at any situation, however embarrassing it may be. Try to control situations to the best of your ability. It will help you to create confidence in the woman on you.

If it strikes to the woman that you are a man who can handle very tough situations with a cool head, there is nothing better for you. Be quite casual instead of being formal. That will help you to be very free with the woman. Nevertheless, make it sure that your casualness never appears to be your lack of sense or proper behavior. Above all this, keeping your head cool in all the situations, is a dire necessity for you if you are interested in attracting women.

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