Attract Women Like James Bond Using His Secret Ingredient

If you know what women want in a man, then you are going to be a superstar when it comes to women. I mean it. Why? Simply because so few men do actually know what it is that women want, much less how to really attract women when in their presence.

I don't want you to be what Neil Strauss, author of The Game, so aptly termed an Average Frustrated Chump - by which I mean, someone who struggles to be popular with women WITHOUT EVER REALLY KNOWING HOW.

To genuinely and naturally attract women, you have to get inside their heads. Otherwise, you'll spend your life thrashing around in the morass of uncertainty, perhaps fluking a success every now and then, but without really ever figuring out what you're doing right. The time has come to end all that.

Today, I'm going to tell you the one thing that once you have it mastered - will have women eating out of your hand. It's not difficult, or even particularly demanding. It's just that most men don't bother to find out, choosing instead to rely on their good looks/quick wit/wide shoulders to ensure success with women.

The best part: once you've got this one thing mastered, you don't NEED good looks. You don't NEED any of the usual trappings of a "ladies' man" - the square jaw, the sharp clothes, the post as managing director.

You just need to be able to look at things from a female perspective. Once you've got that down pat, the rest will be easy.

We've already discussed what attracts females to men. That part's easy. But what will keep them sticking around? What do you need to have that will make a woman want to KEEP spending time with you, KEEP investing effort into your relationship, and KEEP enjoying your company?

What do women really want in a man?


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Some guys prefer to be complacent in their shortcomings. It's common to hear things like, "She should just accept me as I am... if we were meant to be together, she'd like me for my real personality... I don't feel like I should have to change for anyone..." and so on, when the subject of What Women Want comes up.

Well, guess what? That's an ignorant and arrogant attitude to take. I'm not saying you need to contort your personality into new and bizarre shapes to please a woman - because that really would be unhealthy.

Instead, I'm saying that you should be the best "you" that you can possibly be. That you should get your life in shape and in order, so that YOU are getting as much out of it as you possibly can. That you should take care of yourself, and make sure your needs are being met and your wants are being fulfilled.

That is the kind of man that women are attracted to. A man who's got his life sorted, who is happy and content in his own world, and who is open to the possibility of sharing that with somebody compatible.

That doesn't sound too scary, does it? In fact, it sounds downright healthy. Appealing, even.

So let's take a further look at the one quality that women find UNIVERSALLY appealing...

Self-Confidence is King.

There really is just no getting past this one. Self-confidence forms the building blocks of any successful relationship. In any situation -doesn't matter what it is - the man with the most self-confidence will ALWAYS win. It's infectious, and it's highly attractive. Females like men who are sure of themselves.

Need an example? Just think of ANY 'dreamboat' of a man that women drool openly over. In fact, most of these men are admired by OTHER MEN, too -not in a romantic sense, but as a role model. Someone they aspire to be.

James Bond, for example - cool. Confident. In control. Women everywhere love Bond (and men everywhere want to BE Bond.)

Just about any superhero - Batman. Or Superman. Even Spiderman, nerdy little Tobey Maguire, managed to win the heart of sexy Mary-Jane. It wasn't because he was sexy (ohhh, no!). It wasn't because he was good-looking. It wasn't even because he was a superhero, because he chose to keep that particular fact private. It was because, once he began to believe in himself, his whole aura changed - and he became irresistible to women.

Donald Trump is another fantastic example of how to attract beautiful women. Sure, he's pretty disgusting PHYSICAL specimen of masculinity - but that just proves my point. Does that greasy comb-over or middle-aged paunch matter when it comes to women? Not at all. Just look at some of the women he's dated (and even married!). And no, it's not the money that's formed the basis of his success with women - it's his CONFIDENCE and POWER, the things that LED to his money, that females find attractive.

You just can't get away from it. Self-confidence is the number-one attractive quality that a man can have. It supersedes ALL other characteristics. If you have faith in yourself, think highly of yourself, and expect -not HOPE, but EXPECT - others to feel the same way, they will.

So, what if you're not a naturally confident kind of guy? Don't despair - Believe me when I tell you that this is an area of your personality that you can absolutely transform - with a little practice and determination you can definitely be on your way to learning how to attract women consistently.

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