The Real Story on How to Attract Women With Love And Passion

Many guys on internet spend countless hours in the forums looking for the holy grail of pickup to cross into their hands so that they can succeed because they've "finally found the method that works." Still, others commit to one that they believe have a logical explanation and makes sense. "Of course A=B=C! That makes perfect sense." But you remember that these men are just that- men. And they have found something that they believe is the way and in their own mind has rationalized the reasons, kind of like religions! Can it be possible to attain effortless and enjoyable successful with women?

Yes, it can. If you don't believe it can, that's your limiting belief. Practice seeing yourself really as you want to be. Write out exactly what you want to become. I know one of the best things I did during my transition (which took about 2-3 months btw) was write out a realistic description of physical /mental /personality attributes of the type of girls I wanted to meet. Then I wrote out a list of what she would realistically be looking for as well. It was a period in my life of social solitude, but determined self-improvement.

As far as the routines go, forget your silly routines. Ask a woman what's sexy about routine. NOTHING. Do you find that your sexual desire and hard-ons are lessened after a night of playing chess with routines, negs, and LMR instead of following your desire? Does that teach you how to go about meeting and treating her friends you meet down the line? What about how to behave appropriately and confident in your own skin in social situations?

No, it is not the real you and even if you do happen to trick a girl into bed, she will not allow the relationship to flourish because you are not the man you portrayed when you met her and she can feel that. Or you could just get good at it like I did and then feel what it's like when girl after girl of your dreams spends a night with you only to never talk to you again. Then you should be able to empathize with women a little better.

And yes, women CAN tell in your eyes. I feel that the majority of situations where I've met a girl and it has just been on has come from a few seconds of catching each other's eyes. After a "hi" and a smile that comes out on its own, you know that this girl could very easily go home with you tonight of her own free desire and devoid of manipulation. "But Jay, I never feel that, that's just some crap that happens to some guys, but not everyone!" Please stop your own limiting beliefs!

How often are you looking at a woman, scared that she would be able to read your intentions by looking in your eyes (or just an uneasy feeling) and how many times did you hold that visual gaze and enjoy the ecstasy of that connection coupled with your mind imagining your two bodies intertwined and satisfying both of your carnal desires?

Probably never. Try it. There's nothing creepy about it. What IS creepy is looking for a girl and pretending you don't like her and finding a way to trick her into bed. Create a story that she will get wet re-telling and make all of her friends jealous. Re-read those two examples and then see which one you can realistically imagine fitting her story.


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Just because you were Mr. Nice Guy and she didn't dig it, why does that make you think that women can't read anything in your eyes? That's proof! Does she want a man who will cook her soup and tuck her in and suck her toes? HELL NO! She wants a man who can calmly lead her and have a strong enough identity that he is not riled up by her petty mood swings or anything else that doesn't matter.

If a girl throws a fit, it does not change your attitude. If your dreams dictate that you go somewhere where she refuses to go, then you must continue without her. Do not have the scarcity mindset, this is the reason for your life not being anything tangible.

More than anything, women want a man who is driven by love and passion. We hear about guys who approach women very boldly (or sometimes even very nervously), make their intentions known, and pull it off with great success. Even though some people like to chalk it up to luck, it's because she can immediately tell that he is a proactive man, not reactive. A man who acts out of his desires, love, and passionate drive (proactive) is INFINITELY more attractive than a man who act out of fear (reactive). This fear takes many forms: fear of bruised ego, fear of what people think, fear of failure.

Why is it hard to make friends with true naturals or to find the opinion of many true naturals on these boards? Because true naturals are driven by their own passion and confidence, the opposite of which repels. From a true naturals eyes, a man who is two coward to live life by what he wants instead of what he fears is repulsive, much in the same way it is to women.

Why is it your goal to have sex with many different girls? Is it your "biological drive"? And if so, shouldn't you be trying your best to get them all pregnant? Or is it actually a need to fill an empty place in your life where you feel dissatisfied with yourself and your trophy rack can serve as an ego boost whenever you need?

I only talk about this because it took a long time for me to realize that it was the reason I was doing it, no matter what excuses I came up with to rationalize it. Ask yourself a quick question, and give yourself the honest response. If you had the option to not have sex with the most attractive women in the world but she would agree to tell anyone and everyone that you two had sex. Or that you could have sex with her, but you you could NEVER tell a living soul, which would you choose?

If it's tough you may want to re-evaluate if you're having sex out of lust or if it's about impressing others and what they think. Give up on the idea that every woman is for you. Not only is it not true, but you MUST be pickier than that. Meeting many women is great, then give them room to appreciate you and show you THEIR good qualities. Women do not want a man who is not picky. They like to feel appreciated.

It's not about your "flow" or even your "vibe" of the moment, it's about your identity and how you just are normally. Meeting women shouldn't make you feel any differently than normal, except more excited (a good feeling that is noticeably different from anxiety). I agree, you have to be confident.

You don't "fake it 'til you make it" as some would suggest. Confidence only comes through accomplishment and bleeds into other parts of your life. You have to know, not think, that you deserve it. If you don't have confidence with women in your life, I promise that there are other areas of your life where you lack confidence- confidence with women is only a culmination of everything else!

If the engine light comes on in your car, you don't replace the light and you don't have to replace the engine, but you do have to find your car's weaker links. When I first became a natural I had INCREDIBLE success with women. I went with sleeping with five or so women the year before to thirteen the next year, and eight of those within four months. After the four months I decided that a little was great, think what it would be like if I learned more!

I learned routines and everything flew out the window. Not so much women, as I still slept with seven women over the next year, but over all happiness. It completely undermined my confidence. After I learned routines, I now had the belief that I had to pretend to be something I wasn't to get women! I had unconsciously adopted the belief that I was not good enough, which was simply not true but greatly impacted my entire life.

You also have to know how to escalate, and how to approach women but note: this is by no means a checklist. If you are in your head instead of in the moment, not only should you start meditating but you are missing out on the best moment of your life- right now. How about imagining what you want, and letting the words just come out of your mouth.

Linguistics is not the way to do things, feeling is. If you are imagining a scene, you can't help but to express that emotion associated with it. The words may not even describe it, but if you let the emotion even *slightly* come through, women are incredible at picking it up. Furthermore, women feel what you feel first. If you feel love, they feel love. If you feel anxiety, so will they. If you feel the fear of them leaving, then they will fear as well. Act from a point of passion.

Why do many guys not escalate well? Is it that they were not taught to? It seems to be much more common in America and Middle-Eastern countries. Look at countries of the romantic languages, they seem to do great. If you don't feel creepy doing it, then it's not. Things only manifest them in the way that you perceive them.

The people of these countries hug, touch, hold hands and kiss each other so often that it seems extremely odd to us as to why they do this. It's because it is natural as a person. Even with other men we are afraid of being seen as gay, if we kissed other men on the cheeks and held their hands! When this is just who you are, there is nothing weird about it with women, only a natural progression.

Let the ego go. Be open to all outcomes but attached to none. Adopt a sense of love and gratitude for everything and everyone around you.

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