Attract Women - How to Overcome Your Fear of Rejection And Get The Girl

Did you spend the holidays alone again when you promised yourself the previous year that you would attempt to find someone meaningful in your life so that you would not have to spend the holidays alone again? One of the main hindrances in the quest to attract women and get the girl that you want is the fear of rejection. In order to attract women, especially the women that you desire, this article discusses how to overcome your fear of rejection and get the girl.

This fear of rejection usually arises from many circumstances. If this is something that you deal with on a daily basis, you are not alone. This fear of rejection may be the result of you being rejected more times than you can count in the past leading to low self esteem to the point that you do not want to try anymore. You may begin to feel that you do not deserve the kind of girl that you would be proud to show off and have other men envy you. When this happens, you will not even attempt to approach beautiful women and you will harbor constant self defeating thoughts when faced with the opportunity.

Let's face it, rejection of any kind is bruising on the ego. If you experience this one too many times, you will start to develop problems with your self confidence to the point that you would rather take yourself out of the game than face one more rejection.

You may have been living with this fear for so long that you do not think you can overcome it. You may be thinking that this is your lot in life which is to be lonely forever while envying other men's ability to not only attract women but to attract beautiful women. Unfortunately, if you harbor this fear, it will become a self fulfilling prophecy and you will not be able to attract women and you will be alone.

The important thing to remember is that it is possible to eradicate or manage this fear of rejection. Plenty of men deal with this fear as it relates to approaching women and some are better at handling this handicap in a more proactive way than others.

There isn't a magic pill to deal with this fear of rejection when considering approaching the woman of your dreams. It would be so much easier if there was a magic pill that could cure you of this fear and the pharmaceutical company that could make it would rake in billions.

Since there isn't a magic pill, the only cure for this fear of rejection is to just do it. You need to get to the point of throwing caution to the wind and just going for it. Do you really want to spend the next holiday season especially New Year's eve alone again? Of course not. By going for it, you will go from having zero chance of being able to get the girl because you have taken yourself out of the game to improving your chance of success and being able to attract women and get the girl that you want.

This technique of throwing caution to the wind may be something like this. When you put yourself in a social situation, the first thing to do is to scout the room and see whether there is any woman that you desire. When you find one, approach her immediately. Do this immediately without thinking and allowing negative thoughts to consume you by reminding you of all the times that you have been rejected. Do not give negative thoughts room to confuse you otherwise they will guarantee another lonely night for you. That is what negative thoughts are there for. To make your life miserable so act before they consume you.

Walk up to the girl and introduce yourself. Ask to buy her a drink and if she says yes, good for you. If she turns you down, move on to the next hot girl until you achieve success.

This technique for overcoming the fear of rejection and being able to attract women works because your immediate action while blocking out negative thoughts does not give you the chance to think and worry about the consequences and what you will do if she rejects you. When you keep your mind on what you want, negative thoughts have no shot of beating your confidence to a pulp and leaving you in fear.

Fear of rejection is a useless emotion that wastes countless time and energy for those that decide not to go for it. It wastes weeks, months and sometimes years of your precious life. Men that are able to attract women and get the girl that they want understand this. They live in the moment and learn to enjoy the chase. It is in men's DNA to seek out and enjoy the chase. That is one of the things that make a man. If you are waiting for a woman to have pity on you, she will always wear the pants in the relationship. You know those kinds of men and you should have no desire to become one of them.

If you take this leap, you automatically improve your chances of success and being able to attract women since you will have no fear of approaching women even at the chance of being rejected. If you think you will be successful 100% of the time, sorry to burst your bubble. You WILL be rejected some but not all the time if you continue with the chase and not give up.

Do not take the rejections that you suffer to heart. Use this as just another opportunity to perfect your technique especially your seduction technique. Practice makes perfect and before you know it, the fear of rejection will no longer be a part of your life. Being able to approach hot women and strike up conversations will start to become second nature and you will start getting more phone numbers than you have ever had in your life.

Fight this fear and the anxiety of approaching beautiful and hot women and you just may get lucky simply because you will be putting yourself out there more often than not.


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