Attract Women - 5 Powerful Tips to Help Propel Your Game

There are certain qualities and behavior traits, that when displayed by a man, will automatically trigger attraction in women. If you are looking for more success with women, then implement these tips into your life and see the astounding results.

1. Self Improvement. Your whole life should be all about Self Improvement. When you are constantly looking to make yourself better, you are displaying ambition. Women associate ambition with potential, and they find ambitious men extremely attractive. A man who has ambition is always striving for perfection, and it's this drive to become a better person that women are attracted to.

When you exercise and become stronger, you change. When you study and acquire new knowledge, you change. When you focus on improving physically, mentally, spiritually and socially, you change - and all for the better. So constantly focus on improving your own life and fulfilling your own dreams, and women will take notice of you.

2. Get a Life. Women are attracted to men who have things going on in their lives. They are attracted to men who have interests and passions of their own. When you are busy enjoying your self and passionate about what you are doing, you emit signals of happiness and fun, and also display your dedication to something.

On a deeper level, having a life of your own, shows women that you are involved in life, not just cruising through it. They will perceive you as being a man who is interesting, fun-loving and dedicated. But more importantly, you will be perceived as being scarce, busy and un-available. This will create an intense attraction for you because you are not readily available for her.

Remember, most women always want what they can't have!


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3. Smile and Eye Contact. We've all heard it before. Smiling makes you more attractive. But be honest, how many times have you actually had the balls to just smile at a beautiful woman? Hell, when was the last time you just smiled at any stranger? You absolutely must have the courage and confidence to smile. At everyone!

Smiling has a disarming effect and makes people feel comfortable and at ease with you. That's exactly how you want women to be feeling around you, so smile at them. Not just any smile either. Make it a warm, beaming smile with strong eye contact. Not a wide-eyed, crazy, freaky smile but a warm, friendly 'I'm happy to see you' type smile.

You also need to have the courage to look women straight in the eyes. This sub-consciously portrays to a woman that you are not afraid of her. She will perceive you as being her equal, something that women will always use to help make a decision about whether you stack up or not. You have a much greater chance of success when you are viewed as an equal. Women do not have sex with men who are not their equals!

4. Relaxed Confidence. Confidence has to be one of the most important qualities for a man to possess when attracting women. Not just any confidence though, because there are different types of confidence. Relaxed Confidence is the key. Relaxed confidence makes a man appear to be in total control, ready for anything and absolutely fearless. Nothing seems to faze a man with relaxed confidence and in a social situation, he is the king.

Women are incredibly attracted to a man who displays this type of confidence. It's this quality that makes a man an Alpha Male, the leader of the pack. The ability to display relaxed confidence gives a man the appearance of being a leader of men, a man with high social status, and it's this quality that women find highly attractive.

5. Create Sexual Tension. Most men view tension as something bad, something to be avoided at all costs. But to women, tension - especially sexual tension - is something they crave. Tension is the reason many women get hooked on soap opera's. The shows' writer's know how to create tension, build it to a climax, release it, then create it all over again so the audience becomes addicted. This is what's called tension loops.

So what is sexual tension? Sexual tension is the effect of sexual attraction between two people, building that attraction to a climactic stage, releasing that energy, then building it up again ... and again ... and again. By using sexual tension loops, you can effectively impel a woman to become extremely sexually attracted to you. She will more than likely become so addicted to you that she does some crazy things to get you in bed and make sure you are the one she spends all her time with.

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