How to Attract Women With the Right Attitude

Dating for men is generally a complex issue in the field of dating; it is a complex mater that needs a definite approach. We guys need to perfectly understand how to attract women, we need to be able to read their body language, If you want to have super success with women, you need to learn the right attitude to attracting women, Almost all women are attracted to the same kind of attitude, there is a way for a guy to behave to get hot girls trailing his footsteps.

Yes, one guy could have many while another is stuck with one or even none. A beautiful girl wants to get attracted to the right man, she wants to be seen with the best man in the crowd and somehow, she wants her man to be able to stand tall. Dating for men requires a complete personality makeover for success to be achieved.

About how to attract women; there are things you do that get hot girls looking your way and there are things you also do that get them looking the other way. How do you chase women? OK, first, how do you get women? You probably walked into a club, saw a pretty girl at the extreme and for minutes you were wondering how to approach her. Then over several minutes you walked up to her and started a lame conversation and she responded poorly.

And you complained and wondered why women don't seem to laugh with you. Some guys get lost on sighting a pretty girl, they get confused and scared, I talk about confidence in approaching women and I maintained that it take a super kind of confidence to attract super kind of hot girl. Several years back, I thought I needed to put on my best dress, wear bangles and costly Jewelries to attract women but now I know that that is not how to attract women.


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The gut-level kind of attraction follows the right attitude and communication. The process of building attraction starts from the first moment of encounter. Let's say you saw her in a bar, "I think I like her" you said to yourself, then within every passing minutes you thought of the perfect move, the kind that wouldn't ruin everything. This is where it all begins, just seeing her, everything counts from here.

You could decide to walk over and offer to pay for her dinner, or you just walk up to her and ask for her number or just tell her how pretty she looks and how you really wished to have her for keeps. The issue is that women are looking for a guy that is different from the rest, a guy with a unique character, when you tell her how beautiful she looks; you are just sounded like the other guys.

This is how to attract women - play hard to get, and communicate effectively. How? Women only see what you do and hear what you say, and they use those as algorithm in choosing the right guy. I was walking with a pretty girl across my street late in the night, around 8pm, we got to a point, the street became very dark, in fact there were two opposing cars that created a darker space.

I pulled her over, wanted to have a quick grab and kiss, but I wanted to build her attraction and if I have to do that effectively I need to play a bit of hard to get, so I gently dragged her between the cars, at this point she was thinking I would do what guys normally do, OK, she was a new girl and this was the first time I had a walk with her.

I wanted to have a little kiss and grab, but I never did, I talked to her, then held her hands and walked her home, like the man she wanted. To her I was different, unlike the everyday guy that is used to being in a hurry. Oh did I tell you that not being in a hurry is termed "maturity" and guess what most girls are looking for matured guys. So to get what we want, we got to play a little more matured games and a little bit of hard to get.

One slogan about attracting girls is "If you desperately chase it, you loss it" So, to build it you must have patience and that is taking your time and not being in a hurry That is how to attract women, that is the right attitude.

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