What Attracts Women to Men? Discovering What Works and What Lasts

Many guys have the misconception that what attracts women to men must always be something sexual. Some other men are convinced that it has to be their physical appearance that is the key characteristic that draws women to men.

Sex appeal and physical attractiveness both play a role in attracting women to men. However, a woman gets past the initial thrill or high, she may discover that these characteristics may not enable her to advance any further into the depth of a relationship.

It is best that men do not get caught up with using sex appeal just to attract women. If you are wondering about what attracts women to men, then read the following tips.

The first thing to do is to make the decision to gain control of your life by being confident about yourself. It is time to chuck that timid and wimpy nature and become a bold and assertive individual. Be fearless and take charge of your life. The only way you can do that is by going out into the world and making your presence felt. It is time to exude some of that charm that has always been hidden inside of you but you were just too shy to let it all out. Remember that there is nothing to fear but fear itself.

Here are some characteristics that men can develop to attract women:

· Confidence in a crowd - First off, do not be afraid of being in a crowd. You will find (or you can make) ample opportunities for yourself to be in the company of a group of men and attractive women. Feeling anxiety and showing fear in the presence of large crowds would be a big no-no. Do not let this fear stop you from being part of a large social group especially if there are women in the group.

Always remember that a crowd consists of people who are just like you and have their own share of problems. If they can go out there and have fun, so can you! Once you have freed yourself from these unnecessary fears, you'll start regaining control of your life. You will feel more in charge and hence feel more confident when talking in a group or participating in group activities. Such feelings will also have a positive effect in your life and make you more attractive to women.


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· Having a interesting personality - It is important that you make a commitment to yourself to cultivate an interesting personality. Your personality can be enhanced by the knowledge you have, the experiences that you can share, or simply the ideas that you can create. Naturally, your personality can best be manifested when talking with and interacting with other people.

When interacting with a group of people that you have just met, don't be quiet and a silent observer. Speak your mind. There are many things that occur in our lives that are bizarre, interesting and even exciting. Share these stories when in a crowd of people; this will not only gain you the deserved attention and if others in the group have had a similar experience, this helps people that you have just met to know you better.

People will be able to relate to you and women will start to find you more attractive and interesting. Start engaging in different activities like watching interesting movies, reading popular books. All these will provide you with conversational topics to talk with like-minded people. More importantly, by talking with confidence with people that you have just met, this will help you connect with a large number of people, some of whom may be attractive women.

Besides just doing lots of talking, you may also be surprised to find how many women might enjoy participating in the same activities as you would. In order to discover what other women enjoy, you can start engaging yourself in various clubs, participating in a wide range of activities and then making your presence an even more enjoyable experience for your fellow lady participants.

Your ability in narrating personal stories, jokes and interesting incidents, can help you become more attractive to women. If you can share a commentary about a book or a movie; especially those with a storyline that appeals to women, then this allows you to get connected with women by means of a common theme. You can also enhance your skills and even your personality by reading books such as Comedy Writing Secrets, which will teach you the secrets of telling a good joke. Humor is very important and acts as an instant crowd pleaser.

Humor is also a great way to flirt and have fun with new people that you meet. Humor that is delivered in a tasteful manner is harmless, fun and more importantly, helps you stand out in a crowd and make you more attractive to women.

· Align yourself with a popular person or the topic that this person is sharing - First of all, you will need to identify the 'popular' person when in a crowd. When in a crowd, always be alert and spot the most popular individual in the crowd. Observe what he or she does or talks about. After this, take the initiative, join in and share your stories or opinion about the topic.

Now, what if no one seems to be the 'popular' person? You can then take over and be the popular person. If you feel that you do not have an interesting topic to share, start asking questions or soliciting opinions about a general topic, an idea, or a recent news event. Ask the people in the group what they think. You will be surprised how this can significantly attract women to you.

· Maintain a positive attitude always and help yourself achieve this - To begin, it helps to surround yourself with Success stories and models. The success of others will rub off on you and you start aligning your thoughts and even actions in a positive manner. Thinking positively and having positive thoughts can provide you with a sudden surge in confidence.

Having a few successful people as your role model can provide you with a source of inspiration. With a more positive and inspired outlook in life, your behavior in the presence of attractive women will change. You feel that you are ready to achieve anything, including charming that attractive woman who is right in front of you.

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