The Best Way To Attract Women - 2 Super Effective Attraction Tips

Looking for the best way to attract women? You're not alone!

Many guys out there are scared to death of women, because they don't have the slightest idea about what the best way to approach women is. On top of this, they may think in their minds that they aren't attractive to women. The fact is that they might be a little bit hard on themselves. They might be lacking in a few key areas, and if they could turn these things around, they find that they had a lot of success attracting women. If they sat down with themselves, they might find that they'd have so many options they wouldn't have enough time to date all the women they'd be attracting.

Here's one secret; the more attractive a woman finds you, the more attractive that you become to other women. It's a fact of life that people want to own what other people have. This fact is really true with women. If one woman, or a group of women find a guy attractive, then you can bet that other women will start competing for his time and attention.

So let's look at what can make you attractive.

The Best Way To Attract Women Tip #1: Make Sure You Look Your Best

One of the best ways to attract women is by the way you look.

It kinda sucks but people do judge you by your looks. Women judge you by your looks. The thing with women is that they've been weaned on Prince Charming fantasies, and even if the definition of Prince Charming has changed, they still want a guy that can make them swoon. They are being forced fed news information and pictures on a daily basis about the George Clooneys, the Brad Pitts, the hot actor du jour.


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Even if you don't look like these guys, guess what? You can make the most out of what you've got! Get a good haircut, and make sure that hair is washed and groomed. Keep up with your skin and facial hair. Clip and clean your nails. Brush your teeth and buy mouthwash! Make sure that your clothes aren't older than 5 years as far as style goes, and make sure that they are clean. At least wear clean clothes for the date.

No grass, or dirt stains allowed. But if you want to attract women on a regular basis, you shouldn't just look sharp on the date. Sharpness should be your calling card. If you can "pretty up" your image you'll find that it's the best way to pick up women when you don't look like a movie star.

None of the things mentioned so far cost a lot of money at all. You can buy halfway decent shampoo, soap, and a razor on the cheap. As far as clothes, check out department store sales, or go to the famous "big box" stores. They'll have clearance items that will help build a wardrobe. A nail clipper cost about a dollar or two, and certainly you've already got laundry soap, right?

The Best Way To Attract Women Tip #2: Present Your Best Self

Next, make sure that you're working with your best personality. Don't be a complete jerk and don't be a quiet, insecure, dweeb. You need to find a good middle ground. Surely there's got to be a few good qualities about you. Do you have friends? Unless you and your friends are a bunch of deviant misfits, there's got to be great points about you that draws people to you as friends.

Ask some trusted friends, and maybe some family members about your good points. No good point is too insignificant to look at. When you've got a good list of good qualities in your mind, or hopefully on paper, capitalize on them. Take pride in them. Are you good at sports? Take pride in that. Are you some sort of artist or musician? Write a song, or start a work of art. This will boost your confidence, and give you lots of interesting things to talk about.

Also, learn the best way to talk to women. Communication is key in any relationship whether it's just starting or long-term. When you speak with a woman look her in the eyes, smile, and engage in light touching (occasionally lightly touch her on the forearm, elbow, or leg--don't overdo it however as too much touching is a breach of personal space). Try to engage the woman by asking about things she's wearing or what she enjoys doing. Don't make it like a job interview however and ask question after question. Follow up on things she mentions by asking her to explain more about it. If you seem genuinely interested in what she has to say it will allow her to open up more.

These are just a couple of examples that will help you greatly increase your game with women. Keep working on yourself, and you'll end up with a version of yourself that anyone would want to get next to. Improving yourself is the best way to meet women.

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