Conversational Topics That Chemically Attract Women - 9 Topics

In this guide, I will reveal 9 topics that almost "magically" make all conversations with women attractive, fun, and long lasting. These topics sexually attract women by default; plus you will never again run out of things to say.

I will provide ways to naturally introduce each topic. Follow this guide whenever you meet a woman at a bar, Starbucks, or on a date. These topics are attraction triggers, thus they make it easier to seduce women. They activate parts of the female brain that handles attraction & sexual desire (septal area, amygdale, hypothalamus, and many neurotransmitters). The hallmark of what I teach guys is attraction is not a choice, it can not be helped.

I will introduce the topics, elaborate, explain how to introduce them naturally, and then provide you with an exercise to speed up your learning curve.

Use these conversational topics to separate you from other guys. These topics subconsciously inveigle women to want you. Most all men ask the same boring questions: where are you from, what do you do, do you have any siblings. I teach my students that it is OK to ask boring questions, but only after you introduce 2-3 attraction triggers (conversational topics). Not only must you avoid asking those boring questions too early, but avoid answering them as well. Women will ask boring questions as a defense mechanism. If you let her suck you into a boring conversation, she will loose attraction and blame you for it.

Let's get started...

1) Early struggles to get ahead. Rags to riches or stories of redemption are loved by everyone. Telling a story like this will elevate your level of masculinity and strength in her eyes. Any story in which you inured pain while facing a daunting obstacle, only to arrive a better man will do the trick. It can be about the time you were broke and lived on streets, only to later start your own business; the first time you stood up on a surf board, or when you were a child and your parents did not have money for the electric bills. Stories like this will show her you are prepared to fight any challenge. She will feel protected by you.

2.) Your interests & passions in life. All people desire passion. Women especially seek out passion. If you do not have anything in your life you are passionate about, then you must figure out your ultimate goal in life and start pursuing it. Have you ever met a person that was passionate about something in their life? Were you drawn to them? Passion triggers massive attraction in women. Merely using the word will make her feel attraction for you. Rather your passion is traveling, arts, or pursuing your degree in Molecular Biology (like me), open up and show her.


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3.) Lessons you have learned in life. Recounting an anecdote paints you as a leader of men. It shows you are a teacher, therefore others are students. This is sexy to women. I like to tell the story of the time I sold insurance. My mentor was always hard on me - borderline invective. After 7 days of no sales, I started coming in later and going home earlier; where as he would work a solid 12 hours everyday. I was heading home on the 8th day, feeling very defeated. Angrily he called me back. He told me I was being a p*ssy and I needed to find my source of motivation in life.

He told me 1 of 2 things motivate every person. It is love, or fear. Instantly I knew my motivation - fear. I was horrified of living a life like my childhood: stressed out, unable to provide food every night, missing house payments, huge debt. The next day I worked from 7am to 11:30pm. Only made one lousy sale. The following day I enthusiastically did the same and my last lead led to a $3500 sale.

4.) Travel. Everyone loves to talk about traveling, even if they lack the means to travel. Do not list places you've been, rather talk about interesting or exotic places you traveled to. Recount how you mingled with the locals and slept at a local's house one night. Let her talk the most. Listen intently - she will reveal a lot about herself.

5.) Glorified gossip. Tell the stories of your friends. The crazier the better. It doesn't have to be a recent event, although tell her it is to add excitement. Never talk down about anyone, even the villain of the story - this frames you as a non-loyal friend. Do you have a friend who caught his brother sleeping with his girlfriend? Maybe a friend slept with his high school teacher after graduation? You get the point.

6.) Unusual experiences. Have you ever met a famous person? Anything bazaar or un-ordinary ever happened to you or a friend? As you recount this story, mix in facts with emotional strings. Do not just recount where, when, and why. Reminisce about feelings you had. Go into vivid detail about thoughts and emotions you felt.

7.) Current pop culture. This is one of my lesser favorites to talk about, but women love to discuss it so by default I "love" to discuss it. Use this sparingly. Do not sound like the guy that watches TMZ daily. When you discuss this story, act as if you are only somewhat familiar. Pretend you only know the major details - after all, you are a busy man with a lot going on. You have no time to watch TV all day. It is better to let her explain this stuff to you. You should merely bring it up and get her opinion on it. Pay attention - she will reveal her interest.

8.) Childhood years. Our childhoods have had a huge impact on who we are today. Revealing SMALL parts of your childhood lets her feel a connection to you. You will not just be the attractive, slick guy; but a real person who is capable of giving her the things she desires. Recounting your childhood encourages her to do the same. It will lead to a rush of emotions.

Talk about the time you found a pack of baby kittens under your house and discovered you are severely allergic to them, or the time you got busted with your dad's playboy. Ask open questions thus encouraging her to recount her childhood - she will immediately feel a connection.

9.) Future ambitions. I should have listed this as number one. Nothing and I mean NOTHING will get a female's panties wet like you passionately telling her what your future ambition is. Make sure you talk about this with every woman of interest - your success with women will increase 10 fold. Reveal your ambitions, and then ask an open question to get her to reveal her ambitions. Once you both do this, it is as if you share a bond. You are no longer just "a guy," but rather a high ranking potential lover.

You have the knowledge to make any conversation sexy & long lasting. You need to be capable of naturally implement these topics. You will introduce these topics by "seeding." Say something (or plant a seed) about what you plan to talk about.

Let's "seed" the topic early childhood memories. Try this:

"There is something about you that reminds me about this girl I had a major crush on when I was 6. I remember one time..."

Introduce the topic of future ambitions like this:

"This has been the longest week, but I've still enjoyed it. I've been working on this project tirelessly." She will ask "what project?" Mention the word "ambitious" as it is an effective attraction-trigger.

Pick out 3 topics and write a short story. Pick the topics that hit home. You may already know which story you will tell. Make sure it honestly happened to YOU! None-the-less, if you need to manipulate a couple of SMALL facts to make yourself sound better or to make it more interesting, do so. Never make up a story or lie, she will know!! Write then save the stories on your computer. Repeat each 4 times in the mirror for limpid stories.

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