The First Step in Getting the Girl - A Fantastic Approach

I don't want to sound corny; I honestly don't. But I'm afraid I can't help it. To put my point across, I'll have to resort to the corniest line there is. So pardon the cheesy stuff but listen up nevertheless- 'Well begun is half done'. I hope you're getting the point I'm trying to make, which is that a good start i.e. approach, will get you the girl you want to take to bed.

Phew, now that it's over and done with, let's get one thing straight. A fantastic approach is the number one armor you can use in your quest to get the girl. Togged out in fashionable clothes and well groomed from top to toe, you've succeeded on the first count of giving the impression of being the Tribal Leader, the high Status male. Now, let's tackle how you have to approach a beautiful girl like a high status male to reinforce the impression and cement it in her subconscious.

First and foremost, let's choose the location where you'll start. Nightclubs, the most common setting where a guy tries to hit on a beautiful girl, are the last place where you should try to chat up a beautiful woman. Other than the sheer obviousness of the place, nightclubs are too noisy and too full of drunks to allow you to make an impact on the girl. Of course, if you can find a quieter area to truly engage your girls in conversation, that's another story...

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get a girlfriend as an introvert

Instead, consider the daytime, and a place where there is less noise and alcohol, to make your move. Beautiful women can be found by the dozen at places such as malls, coffee shops and book stores, and what's good about these places is that girls won't expect a guy to hit on them in such a scenario. Getting girls in such situations can, once you hone your skills, be like shooting fish in a barrel, or taking cookies off the table. Easy. The hardest part is the emotional barriers that prevent you from taking the first step towards her.

Banish any nervousness that you feel at the thought of approaching the stunning woman, to the far recesses of your mind. Reach into your soul and bring out the confidence that is the hallmark of the high status male, to replace the nervousness. All you're doing is approaching a harmless girl for friendship- not going down to Afghanistan to fight the Taliban, for God's sake. So, chill. YOU ARE DOING NOTHING WRONG.

Approach your chosen girl with the body language of the tribal leader, already discussed in New Tribal Dynamics. That's sure to get her antenna up and register on her genetically programmed/evolutionarily outdated brain that standing before her is the tribal leader, the guy that can best ensure her genes' survival.

Never approach a woman with any kind of sexual intent. Remember, you're the tribal leader, the high status male that is the privileged 5% of the entire male population. A tribal leader has lots of sex with loads of beautiful women and has girls throwing themselves at him for his affections. If you approach a woman with too much sexual intent, it'll convey to her that you're needy for sex and therefore low status. If you don't have sex at the moment, FAKE IT. This is the only way to get girls. It's always hardest to get the ball rolling, but when it's rolling... (Trust me!)

Girls have a well-developed social intuition by which they judge a guy for congruence. In other words they evaluate whether your high status appearance and body language are in congruence with your approach. One false move on your part such as hurried and hasty actions or if you behave like a fumbling fool while approaching a hot girl, she'll immediately call your bluff and tell you to scoot.

Girls have no mercy for low status males; they are programmed that way. It's selfish, it's ruthless, but hey, so is a lion going after the weakest, limping zebra, or certain species of female spiders which eat their mate after sex. Ouch! It's nature. For better or worse.

These are just some of the important points to remember while approaching a great girl. If you can follow them to the T then you're sure to get success in becoming the dating stud that you want to become.

Getting girls is not so easy, but here you can learn how to get girls through some simple steps. To get a girlfriend we should know what women want.


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