How Do I Get a Girl to Like Me? Simple Ways to Make Her Like You

All right, so you met the girl of your dreams. She is just what you would want to be with and unlike the other girls that you have so easily managed to impress, this one seems to be a tough cookie. You want to know how do I get a girl to like me?

She does not seem to respond the way the others did, and what's more, you can not even understand what her responses mean. You are absolutely confused but you are sure about one thing. You want this girl and you want her to like you as much as you do and you do not want to make a fool of yourself. Read on to find out simple ways to make her like you.

It is said that men have only one thing going on in their minds - and in your case it seems to be true. If you think about your crush the whole day, despite the fact that your colleague at work is a gorgeous single, you must know that you have fallen for her hook, line and sinker. Now you need help to deduce how do I get a girl to like me. Just like us guys, if a girl really likes someone, she will want him to know about it.

After all, if that special someone does not notice it, then who else will? The dilemma of getting to know what goes on in a girls brain is the fact that, just like guys, girls too, are scared of making a fool of themselves. She would love to have you know that she likes you, but she is more scared of reading you wrong and making a fool of herself. When you 'just feel that there is magic', then you probably are right and the girl likes you. Here is what you can do to get her to like you.

The first step in the game of love for any man is to make a right impression. You do not have to sound and seem like Tom, Dick or Harry, instead be unique. Dress, talk and think different to get her undivided attention. You need to be a man who has his own signature style. Dress in style and leave all your ramp model outfits in your wardrobe. You need to come across as a dignified man who is mature and has a strong personality. That is often the first step towards making a girl like you.

Let her start liking you gradually. That is the secret answer to your problem to how do I get a girl to like me. Make sure that you come across as romantic since women love men who are so. Make her feel special by giving her small and meaningful gifts. Let her be floored by the sweet messages you send and the letters you write. Yes, you got it right. If you are good at writing, then put your literary skills to good use and write her a beautiful letter or a poem. Do not forget to call her regularly. This will make her feel special and make her feel that you care for her.

One of the most important things that you need to do is to make friendship with her and to understand her. Talk to her and understand what she feels about any issue that may crop up. Be a good listener and try and understand what sort of a person she is. If you are to become her lover, you need to known that you have to be her friend first. Most good relationships are built on good understanding that is full of trust. For this, open communication is a must. Try and 'dream' with her and let her know about your dreams of togetherness.

We do not hint a marriage since it may be too soon to be thinking on those lines, but we are talking about the short term dreams. Dream of taking a vacation together or watching the next romantic comedy together. And last but not the least, be patient and let her respond slowly. Your patience will surely reap the fruits and you will get answer to the important question how do I get a girl to like me.

Finally, if you want to be the kind of guy that actually has so many girls interested in you then you're going to need a complete overhall in your thinking, behavior, and perspective.


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