How to Get a Girlfriend - What It Takes to Make a Girl Want You

If you want to get a girlfriend this will be an interesting read. First I want to point out there is a difference between wanting to learn 'how to get a girlfriend' and learning 'how to attract girls'. Not only do you first need to ACTUALLY meet a woman, approach her, date her for awhile, before you even talk commitment, there is also another issue that arises.

When you think about getting a girlfriend, you're instantly thinking long-term. You've already set your mind to 'becoming serious with someone'. You're not thinking 'Oh well I'll just see how things work out between the two of us in the long run and just take it slow'. When you've set your mind on getting a girlfriend, you're already thinking with the end in mind. While it's okay for you to want to get a girlfriend and desire a long-term partner, it's really something you should be cautious about.

I personally hate it when guys pressure me into settling down with them and becoming their girlfriend. I'm usually not comfortable with a guy who sees me as his girlfriend and has set his mind on 'making it work long term' right off the bat, before I've even gotten the time to really get to know him and make up my mind about whether I even see him as future potential.

It makes me feel stuck and glued to that person from the beginning. I'd like to have options, but if I like a guy and later he proves to be someone who really intrigues and fascinates me, then this will be a possibility. I'm sure a lot of women share the same mindset. Never push a girl into becoming your girlfriend. Nevertheless this is the only way to set a great foundation for a good, healthy relationship, instead of forcing it to make it work with the first, best person who comes around the corner. You're pretty safe if you don't rush things. Take the time to really get to know a girl, before you even think of her as your girlfriend.

That said the best way to get a girlfriend is to date different women. Don't try to get into a relationship with the first woman that pays attention to you. You will probably end up feeling miserable and come across as needy. Though if you really want to get a girlfriend, there is good news.

I must point out, most women are usually hard-wired for long-term relationships. Most girls are actually looking for someone long-term, but they do like to keep their options open as well. If your goal is getting a girlfriend, you have an advantage here: Prove to her that you're a great guy, the best guy she ever had, and she will definitely be open to making it work long-term and becoming your girlfriend. In a second I'll get into how to do that.

Rule of thumb, if you're looking to get a girlfriend, you should usually keep quiet about your desire for a long-term relationship. Only if a girl is the first one who expresses that she wants to be your girlfriend and wants to get into a committed relationship, only then you're fine to answer her needs and tell her you want the same.

Usually it's best not to tell her first as it will probably come across as needy, especially early on in a relationship it's a no-no. Wanting to get a girlfriend is fine, but expressing this early on will only backfire. It may make things complicated between the two of you.

Now secretly women do harbor a fantasy of a guy who expresses his love towards them. But this both takes time (for both of you). If you've been dating for a few months and she hasn't brought up commitment yet, but you do have a feeling she badly wants it, or has been giving you hints, then she is probably just waiting for you to say it (as it's her secret fantasy) In this case you can make an exception and tell her you want to be exclusive to each other. She will be thrilled!

But I'm getting ahead of myself. You're here because you want to know HOW to get a girlfriend, and the actual steps to getting to this point with a girl. Usually for you to even think of a random girl as your girlfriend you need to go through a variety stages with a girl first.

There are certain steps to 'meeting and attracting women', if you will. To get a girlfriend you have to approach a girl first, initiate a conversation, then exchange phone numbers, go on a few dates and keep the chemistry and attraction alive, from start to finish.

You basically have to figure out a way to keep her interested and attracted to you all along the way and you should certainly make it past her/your bedroom before you even THINK of her as your girlfriend. There is a long way to go to get a random girl to that point, but it can be done.


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