How to Get Girls to Talk to You

The first step to getting a date is to get a girl to actually talk to you. Unfortunately many men crash and burn when it comes time to think of an opening line to use. So, if you have no idea how to get girl to talk to you and you are wondering why, you should think about the approach you are taking.

How to Get Girls to Talk to You: Don't Take the Traditional Route

If you have been trying to find girls to talk to you using traditional pick-up lines, then it's no wonder you can't find a date. First of all, most books of pick-up lines written by dating gurus are written by men. If the line worked for them once, then they'll put it in their book.

However, the likelihood of the same line working on every woman you meet is extremely remote. Secondly, if it's a really popular book, then she's probably heard the same line fifty times before. So, burn that book of pick-up lines because women can smell a rehearsed line a mile away. You'll have much better luck being yourself and being open with her.

How to Get Girls: Getting the Delivery Right

The types of books that feature the latest and greatest pick-up lines forget to tell you that the words you use actually mean very little. The key is in your body language and delivery. If a woman finds you attractive, then something as simple as "Can I buy you a drink?" will be more effective than any pick-up line you've rehearsed three million times over the past two days.

Remember that women aren't the same as men. For them looks rank low on the scale of importance. In other words, you don't have to despair if you don't look like Sam Worthington, because most men don't.

You see, women are attracted to men who exude confidence, which is more important than their looks. The more confident you are, the greater the chance you will have of getting girls to talk to you.

How to Get Girls: Check Your Desperation at the Door

One reason a lot of men crash and burn with women is because they let their desperation come through, usually by being too nice and ingratiating. There's nothing women hate more than "yes men." You know them, those guys who seem never to have an opinion and always agree with their date. At first, a woman may like the fact that he's relying on her to make the decisions, but it gets real old, real quick and she ends up leaving for greener pastures.

You need to check your desperation at the door. In fact, you need to get rid of it completely. The easiest way to do that is to internalize the fact that rejection doesn't make you an abject failure.

So, you might have had a few women say no to you in the past. Has the world ended? Are you going to swear off women for life? Or did you think that maybe she said no because she had her eye on someone else already? That doesn't make you a failure: it means she was already off the market.

It's just like when you fell off your bike as a kid. Did you sit there moaning that you were never going to be able to ride your bike again or did you just get up and start riding again? It's probably the latter and the same holds true for women. You are bound to get a few rejections because that's life. It might not have anything to do with you. She might be involved with someone and is out with the girls for the evening, or maybe she's having a bad day and doesn't want to talk to anyone.

So, if you can conquer your fear of rejection, you will be able to build the confidence you need to get a girl to talk to you, no matter who she is. Remember, the secret in terms of how to get girls to talk to you is to be the man all women want, and that man is one who exudes confidence and makes them think he can conquer the world after breakfast and be back in time to take her out to dinner.

It's easy to meet new girls and find the perfect girlfriend for you. You simply need to understand what women are looking for. When you learn this, you'll have women lined up, so you can take your pick.


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