How to Get a Hot Girlfriend - Top 6 Secrets

Most men want a hot girlfriend but are intimidated by all the hot girls out there. Why? Well, because they are hot. It does not matter if you are as hot as they are, or consider yourself an average Joe, a hot girl can make you quiver in your knickers. There is not much to be afraid of, though. Hot girls are just like everyone else underneath their tans, breasts and cellulite-free legs.

It is all a matter of understanding this and knowing how to get to them without letting all their perfect external qualities get to you.

1. Prepare Yourself

What you need first and foremost is a boost of confidence. If you have a few pounds to lose then lose them. If you want to build some muscle then build it. Any girl, hot or "ordinary," absolutely loves a man with a great physique. If you feel better about yourself, then you will feel better about your chances of getting a hot girlfriend. You also need to realize that with the intimidation factor going on; your chances of getting the girl of your dreams are pretty good. Most men talk big about going after a higher-than-average attractive woman, but few have what it takes to do it.

2. Build Yourself a Track Record

Okay, so these women probably go on their fair share of dates. Let's just say they have been kissed a lot. What you need to realize is that successful men have one major thing in common with really good-looking women: a busy dating life. If you want to get her attention and make yourself irresistible to your chosen one, then build yourself a track record. Begin dating as much and as often as possible. Believe me, she will notice and take this into consideration when deciding whether or not to date you. Get to work!

3. Treat Her like Everyone Else

Yes, you are overcome by her blinding beauty and her big... yeah, we will leave it at that. Anyway, you have to let her know you are not going to worship her the way everyone else does. So how do you develop this mindset when she is just so good-looking? Look at her the way her brother would. Remember, a brother would have seen her at her worst. The times she was sick and vomited in the family car, the time she was hit in the face with a football and suffered a broken nose. Do you think he is blinded by her beauty? This is how you change your mindset and treat her like the human being she is. She will appreciate it. Chances are she doesn't get treated like this very often.

4. Bring Her Down to an Ordinary Level

Yes, if you want to make this girl yours, you need to make her realize that she is not all that. This is what she has been taught to believe by the multitude of men who have been chasing her since she came out of her mother's womb. So how do you accomplish this? You knock her down to size softly. You compliment her with an insult. For instance, you can say to her, "Your nails are beautiful. Are they fake?" Think of it as a fire in your kitchen. The fire is small enough to put out with a few drops of water or some baking soda. There is no reason to go to extremes and make a mess with a fire extinguisher. Look at her and her perception of herself as that fire. You do not want to be extreme and make her unhappy; you simply want to bring her back to reality.

5. Make a Plan

Now that she is on the same normalcy level as you, ask her on a date. Be sure to have a plan in place first, though. You see, all women, even hot women, love it when a man takes charge and has the plans made. Do not let her down. Leave no decision to her. Tell her where you are going, what time you are picking her up and what she needs to wear. This will blow her away and her interest in you will grow tenfold.

6. Stand Out From the Rest

Super hot girls like the one you are with typically go on the same types of dates: dinner at a fine dining establishment followed by an appearance at the club. So stand out and get her attention. Take her to a playground, go play Frisbee or ride some jet skis. Make the date fun and creative. She will not only remember the date and you, but chances are she will want a repeat performance.

A hot girl is not out of your league. If anything you are out of hers. Keep this in mind. Underneath all the glitz and glamour, she is still a person with one heart, one liver and two kidneys. It is simply a matter of knowing how to reach that regular person inside of her if you want to get a hot girlfriend.


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