How to Get a Woman to Like You - 6 Hot Tips

You might think that women are confusing, but believe it or not, they think the same thing about men. I guess that good old book was right... men are from Mars and women are from Venus. The gap between the two does not have to be this large, though.

It really is not that complicated to take the time necessary to understand a woman and what it takes to get her to like you. If you have someone in mind, then all you need to do is follow these 6 simple tips. Stop trying to take matters into your own hands. This information will do the trick.

1. Take the Time to Approach Her

Even if this woman is attracted to you too, she is waiting for you to make the first move. This is just how it goes. Women like men who take the initiative. She might give you hints, like moving a little bit closer to you, or trying to make eye contact, but she still wants you to come to her. Women like men who have enough courage to go after what they want. If she does have her eye on you, she can tell if you are trying to work up the nerve to go over to her. This isn't going to score you any points. Swallow your fear and move your feet. This is the first step in impressing her and getting her attention.

2. Tell Her Something Interesting

The biggest mistake men make when trying to get someone to like them is overwhelming them with questions. This is a huge turn off for women. They will think they are under interrogation. Before you try to find something you have in common with her, you need to give her a reason to want to have something in common. So tell her something interesting about yourself. If you are a lawyer, let her know you just tried the scandal involving the Mayor. If you just attempted parasailing for the first time, give her details about it and what a spectacular view you had above the water. Grab her attention and let her know you are a fun guy who is worth spending some time with.

3. Make Yourself a Challenge

Believe it or not women do not want a man they can just have at the snap of their fingers. Well, not all women anyway. Once you have made it clear that you like her, pull away a little bit. You can give her some compliments, ask for her number, or maybe even give her yours. Then politely say goodbye even if you have to pull yourself away. You do not want to appear too easy. This will only make you look like a desperate chump. Walking away serves another purpose. It gives her the opportunity to think about you, leaving her wondering if she will ever hear from you again. The more she wonders and thinks, the greater her interest in you.

4. Wait a Day or Two

After a day or two, give her a call. Wait until the evening to do this. Play it cool, though, and do not sound as if you are anxiously waiting to hear her voice. When she picks up, be smooth as a cucumber. You will probably hear her smile or sense of relief over the phone, as she has been waiting for you to call her. Make some casual conversation with her, make her feel comfortable. Halfway through, ask her out to dinner. When she says yes, as she will, you tell her where and when. You tell her what time you will pick her up. Women love a slight dominance in men. This will turn her on and make her interest grow like rag weed in the fall.

5. Send Her Flowers

The next day send her a gorgeous bouquet of roses with a card that reads, "Can't wait to see you tonight." This is short and simple, yet says enough to make her toes curl. It shows you are thinking of her and is romantic without going over the edge.

6. Fun and Playful

At dinner that evening let the playful side of you shine. Ask a question, return with a statement. Make a joke, especially at your own expense. Women love humor. Keep eye contact with her and send shivers down her spine by playfully touching her hand and fingers. As the night goes on, take her hand in yours. If the moment is right, ask her if you can steal a kiss. When you combine all the right qualities at all the right moments, you have a recipe for success.


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