How To Get Women To Like You - Actions To Take Immediately!

The Truth About "Being Yourself"

For most men, the most commonly given advice about attracting women is to be yourself.

I can't say I entirely disagree with this statement. The truth is, you do have to be yourself. But first you have to actually be someone that attracts women. Get it? This is actually a big key to attracting women.

It is your self, your very being, that attracts women. Certain lines, words, techniques are important but the main thing is that you have to BE someone that is attractive to women.

So What Do You Have To BE?

There are a number of qualities that women find very attractive. Here are some action steps you can take immediately.

Attractive Body Language

Displaying attractive body language is something you can do immediately, not to mention it's completely in your control.

Here's what you need to do. First start noticing the body language confident, dominant and successful men. Movie stars are good people to mimic. Notice how they take up more space with their body.

The changes you should make are:

1. Instead of sitting with your feet together and legs closed, sit with your feet planted firmly and widely apart. Have you legs opened.

2. Lean back slightly when you're sitting and talking to women or just in general. This gives off the message that you are at ease and in control.

3. Get rid of any nervous fidgeting that you may be doing and not realizing. When talking to girls keep your hands by your side and touch your index and your thumb together in the beginning so you can be SURE you are not fidgeting.

4. Chest out slightly and chin straight or even slightly tilted up.

Why You Don't Have To Be Good Looking

Here's the truth about looks. You don't have to be really good looking to get really good looking girls. The reason we think looks matter so much is because we (men) always judge a woman's attractiveness based on her looks. Sorry girls, that's just the way the cookie crumbles.

This is NOT how women judge a man's attractiveness though. There are countless examples of not so good looking men with beautiful women. What's really important is being well groomed. This is the most important part of looks. Right off the top of my head I can think of Jay-Z and Swizz Beats.

They both aren't conventionally "good looking" but they are well groomed and have confident, alpha personalities.

Oh and in case you didn't know, Jay-Z's wife is Beyonce (beautiful) and Swizz Beat's wife is Alicia Keys (damn, damn beautiful).

So get it through your head and keep reminding yourself about the truth about good looks.

The most important thing about your looks is being WELL GROOMED.

This includes having good style.

So what you need to do asap is to get a well groomed haircut - go somewhere high end first and ask for advice. Then take a picture of your finished haircut and have your local barber re-create it in the future.

Then subscribe to GQ and other style magazines. Study fashion. Enough said!

Remember being well groomed, stylish, and displaying attractive body language are all directly in your control. These are three things you can have down PAT before you utter a word to a woman.

The Art Of Being Playful

This is one really powerful interaction technique that really gets a girl to like you. It works well by itself, but if you actually do what I said earlier (body language, style, grooming), it will work 100x better.

Being playful involves being a little more touchy. Complimenting a girl and then teasing her right after.

Don't be afraid to throw playful jabs her way. Pull her in for a hug after she does something nice for you. Give her high fives.

Or better yet, go to give her a high five and then pull away before she hits your hand. Then put your hand out again. Then pull away again. At this point she'll be laughing and she won't want to give you a high five anymore. This is when you pull her in for a hug. (She probably won't hug you back, but that's okay. Just pull her in.)

As for complimenting and teasing. Compliment her on details. Most girls spend frickin' hours in front of the mirror before they go out. If they have more eyeliner on, comment or compliment her on it.

If her hair is normally straight but today it's a bit wavy, say something about it.

Just don't kiss her ass and give a generic compliment like "you're beautiful". In fact, I almost never say you're beautiful to a beautiful girl. She knows it.

Teasing includes looking out for little quirks she does.

Ex. She says, "let me drive". You say "uh, I'm scared."

The important thing about teasing is not to wait for a response. Just throw a tease and continue with the conversation.

How To Get Women To Like You - Ending Comments

So to recap. The truth about how to get women to like you, doesn't have to be rocket science, but it IS a science and you DO have control. Take the actions I gave you in this article and do them!


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