How To Get Women To Like You - Do You Chase Women?

Some of the single and more serious guys often deal with the problem of how to get a girlfriend. While they may be doing alright in the attraction and dating department, they never seem to have what it takes to follow through and bring the a girl into an exclusive relationship with them.

What they are missing are the fundamental reasons and actions that will make a girl want to commit to them. Since it's pretty much up to the girl, you have to show her how she would be missing out on a great thing by not being your girlfriend.

Here are ten ways to show her how you feel and get her to come begging you to be her boyfriend.

1. Be Independent Just like men don't like clingy women, neither do women like clingy or needy men. Show her that you are an independent spirit, but remind her from time to time that you like her, that even while you're apart you do think of her and miss her, but that it doesn't stop you from doing what you need to do.

2. Make an Effort to Look Good Try to look your best when you're around her and when you're going to be out with her in public. Show her that you are someone she would be proud to be seen with, and that you do make an effort to dress for her.

3. Do Little Acts of Love Whether it be picking up a bottle of her favorite juice or trying to get along with her annoying best friend, little acts of love show her that you are always willing to try to please her and make her happy. She will appreciate your gestures, and pretty soon it will all add up.

4. Always Look Her in the Eye When speaking to her, always look her in the eye. This shows her that you are sincere and that you are serious and that you value the things you talk about and the time you spend together. Looking her in the eye is a psychological cue of showing commitment.

5. Never be Disrespectful Respect between both parties in a relationship is so important. Relationships in which one person does not truly respect the other become toxic and do not last long. Show her that you respect her and her opinions, and that though you may disagree you won't be forcing her over to your side.

6. Always Speak Gently Learn to control the volume and tone of your voice. Women are very sensitive with regard to how they are spoken to. Even when you hit a disagreement, control how you speak to show her that though you are upset, you will never resort to yelling at her just to be heard.

7. Be Patient Patience at all times is one of the best ways to get a girlfriend. Don't be upset if she takes forever to get ready or if she uses the phone for hours. These things about her will not change over time, so learn to be patient now or it will be the source of many fights later on.

8. Focus on Her Show her that she is always first place in your book. She will love knowing that she is what is most important to you, that she is the thing you cannot bear to lose. She will reciprocate this and focus on you.

9. Show Her Your Spontaneity Never be afraid to try new things with her. Be smart and witty and show her that you can have spunk. This assures a woman that she will not be bored being in a relationship with you, which is often the downfall of many relationships.

10. Treat Others Kindly You can tell a lot about a person from the way s/he treats others and animals. Treat others and animals kindly and it will show her that you're not just being nice to her because you want something, but that you are a truly decent guy.

If you can do all ten of these then you are definitely going to get a girlfriend. Don't sell yourself short, though. Any and every woman would like to find someone who can do and be for them what is written above. Just make sure that she is someone who will do EXACTLY the same thing for you too. If not, it isn't worth it, she's just taking advantage of you and the great catch that you are.


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