How To Make A Girl Fall In Love With You - 5 Winning Tips

If you are wondering how to make a girl fall in love with you, then pay attention to these 5 winning tips that we discuss often on the dating women radio show that I co-host.


Would you roll into your local car dealership, set eyes on the brand new car you have seen on the TV commercials and announce to your salesman that you would pay anything for that car just to have it in your driveway?

Of course not. Because you know that the deal you get will not favor you.

Guys unwittingly do this with the object of their affection by showering her with too many gifts, compliments and attention in the initial stages of dating. Yes, it is completely acceptable to give your girlfriend, fiance or wife a respect, affection and romance (plus gifts!) but it will HURT YOUR CAUSE in the early stages of dating.

She wants to wonder if you are going to call. She wants to assume you have other girls after you so she can be the victor that emerges on top of the battle for your affection. She does not want an easy road.

Sure, she might say that she wants a nice, sensitive guy that showers her with attention, gifts and affection but what she does not say is that she wants that after she has to fight for it.

Do not make a date on a date, call her only every 5 to 9 days, be evasive with how many other women you are seeing (even if you really are only staring at the wall the other times you are not with her), and DO NOT give her gifts or excessive compliments. During that whole time you will make her laugh, keep on light subjects and make sure that she is ANTICIPATING the next time you are together.

TWO: Make sure she is WORTHY of YOUR love

I know that being a mystery and challenge is uncomfortable for a lot of guys because they think they will lose the girl. If you do lose the girl due to mystery and challenge then that is GOOD. Women that do not respond to mystery and challenge are either structured or have low self-esteem. If you want to be on a timetable and follow exact rules for the rest of your life, then marry a structured woman. If you want to hear "but I really am fat" or some kind of variation of that 10,000,000 times during your lifetime, then marry a woman with self-esteem issues.

You want a woman that has a flexible personality, is a giver and is self-reliant. That type of woman (and there are a lot out there) is the best kind to be in a long term relationship with.

Yes, you want her to fall in love but you want to make sure she is the type you want to fall in love with. By playing mystery and challenge, you will be taking it slow and you will be able to observe her actions and find out what kind of woman she is.

THREE: Slow wins the race

She is not a fast food joint. We can get a burger in one minute, send out an email in 10 seconds and tweet until our fingers bleed, but one thing that is unchanged is the mating dance.

We tell guys that you need 2 months to decide if she is going to be your girlfriend and 2 years to make her our wife (at the very least). Another twist? We make it so that she asks us to step up the relationship. She knows the right time for the relationship to step up. If we charge in like a bull in a china shop, then we short circuit mystery and challenge. Let her make it obvious to you that she wants to be your girlfriend, fiance or wife. Every other guy is charging in crowding her space, trying to lock up the relationship.

Again, this is assuming you have the right girl on your hands but if you do, let her make the move!

FOUR: She wants it light and funny

What is one of the top things for women in relationships? We found it is almost universal that she wants a guy that can make her laugh. Study the comedy greats and enhance your funny bone. You do not have to do a stand up routine every date but if she is physically attracted to you to begin with, then you will become the most handsome guy on the face of the planet if she knows that every date is going to include funny moments. Even the hottest Hollywood hunk would not be able to knock you out of the box if you get in that position with her.

She is NOT going out on dates with you so that you can discuss heavy subjects and bring her down. Keep it light. Keep it funny. If you do those 2 things, you have a much better shot at love.

FIVE: Be a gentleman

A lot of guys show up with ripped jeans, let the door hit her in the face as they enter the restaurant and do other things that are way down the class scale. You will be different! Remember earlier how I said that the type of girl you are looking for is a flexible giver that is self-reliant? Do you think that type of woman would respond better to a guy that opens her door, pulls her chair out and walks on the outside or would she be into a man that displays caveman behavior?

You are looking for a special type of lady so you want to bring your A game.

If you are wondering how to make a girl fall in love with you, those 5 tips will definitely put you on your way.

Remember guys, make sure she is worth your love before trying to get her to fall in love with you.


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