Guide on How To Pick Up Girls

You can pick up women in all types of scenarios in bars, clubs, during the day, online, and in any social event. Even with all these ways there is still quite a few methods that hold true when trying to pick up girls in any situation. This report will go through the basics of these methods so you will know just how to pick up ladies!


You can either open a lady directly or indirectly, each have their own unique purposes. Direct is going up to a lady and directly telling her that you are interested. E.g, Hello I just had to come meet you because you're stunning. When being direct you are stating that you are interested in her and if she accepts this and starts talking to you, you are well in.

Indirect is when you ask a lady a question. For example, Who do you think lies more men or girls? Then let her know why you are asking her this null my friend thinks guys, but I'm 100% sure its girls'. This opening will start up more conversations due to the fact you are not hitting on her, thus your not a threat. Having said that null could end up in the friend zone

I prefer direct in most cases as it is a lot more efficient, as you find out the truth about where the interaction is going a lot faster.

Make yourself stand out from the crowd

Since she is now opened up, we need to prove we are not like the regular men who open her, with all the same boring questions e.g., what do you do? Null. Now I can't stress this enough, avoid these questions at all cost in the first 5 minutes as they are boring and we want to make the woman happy to meet you!

We need to prove we are not one of those regular guys who is just going to ask her the same questions, so will be actually excited to talk to us. We can do this by creating a 'you and her; bubble. Eg, For the next five minutes your my finance and we need to discuss our wedding plans. Now you can shoot the shit and say I'm thinking we should let doves fly after the ring exchange, pretty much make fun of any cliche. You can even make up your own 'you and her' scenarios, pretty much anything you can bond with her about are fantastic!

I also like to talk about on things around me. I say her I am an avid people watching and can guess things about these people around us. For example, when in a club, I see if I can point out the couples from the guys hitting on women, and then we can always go find out if I'm right.

These two for sure make you stand out, I bet you can think of lots of other ways.

Building more attraction

You already have attraction from showing your confidence by going up and talking to her, now we need to build on it. In order to do this, you should use eye contact and touching her because they are the best approaches to build on attraction.

When you are speaking to a girl, you want to hold eye contact for 75% of the time. This is enough to create attraction while also keeping her comfortable and not creeped out. This works the better if if it comes of naturally.

The best way to avoid the friend zone is to touch girls, it lets them know you do not want to just be friends, your looking for a more sexual relationship. You can use lots of ways to include touching into interactions with her.

An easy way to incorporate touching into the interaction is by doing playful touching, this means if she says something sweet pull her in and give her a little hug, and if she says jokingly makes fun of you, give her a little push away. When talking to her, you can also touch her arm in order to stress a point.

Building Comfort

You have now proven that you are different from the crowd and she feels attraction for you, its time to build some comfort. You are no longer a random guy and hence she actually wants to get to know you, therefore you are now allowed to use the questions I banned in the first five minutes in order to create rapport.

Now don't just go into interview mode, you want to sprinkle the questions in over your conversations, keep the talk lively and exciting. Now you need to also give her time to think of things she wishes to ask you. This will take the pressure off you to come up with everything to say, while also making a genuine conversation.

With all these generic questions you need to put in sexually charged questions, as women are a lot more likely to sleep with you, if they realize you are comfortable with sex and not going to make it such a big deal of it. Don't just jump in with questions like 'when did you lose your virginity' you want to start off small. E.g, tell me about your first love. Now keep these questions spaced out, so you don't come off creepy. Never ask her how many guys she has slept with, this is a big no no.


You can successfully close a woman in a few ways. These include number close, kiss close and lay close. In almost all situations the number close is the most suited form of close.

You don't want to just ask for her phone number you want to play it off and tell her to give it to you. 'Lets have a drink some time, give me your number' is a great way to ask for her number, as it sets up a future date and shows confidence.

Getting a kiss from a girl is considered a kiss close. For kiss closes, if it feels right then you need to man up and just go for it. There is no need to over complicate a simple action. The lay close is the main goal of picking up women, and there are many techniques tailored to getting this to happen, this however is beyond the scope of this article.

Concluding Thoughts

This is a general strategy for how to pick up girls, but keep in mind there is many situations that require the approach to be tweaked. For example, if your at a club you would try and go for a lay close that night, were that would be almost impossible if you meet her on the street. The concepts you have just learned are proven via thousands of approaches by many men and I highly recommend you put them into action.


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