How Do I Attract A Girl - 3 Easy Simple Tips!

So How Can We Attract Girls You Ask?

How I attract a girl that I want is far opposite of what any average or macho guy thinks of when it comes to attraction. You see the problem with the male mentality is that we have been programmed since early youth to assume that we must have a Famous Hollywood appeal or a Pro athlete physique to even be qualified to catch the eyes of a Hot Woman.

And unfortunately tons of males miss the perfect opportunity to take hold of their fantasies because they actually believe that they cannot attract any alluring chick into their arms - Nonsense! How I attract a girl of my wildest dreams is quite simple, and any man can follow suit with these simple tips. Not only will you grab her full attention, she will be obsessed at the way you stand out from all the other uninformed dudes, so let's begin!

1. Confidence, Confidence, Confidence!

Women can smell a guy who isn't sure of himself a mile away. And it doesn't take a genius to figure it out as well. Having Confidence (not arrogance) will give you a solid foundation into your inner masculinity. You must first believe in yourself and know who you are and what good attributes you got going on in the present. Take some time and write down some high quality points of yourself and keep them close by so you can reassure your mind. When a Man walks like a champion, the hottest chick cannot resist.

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The reality of the matter is confident guys are so hard to find now days that you will automatically become a female magnet once they pick up on your strong signals.How I attract a girl with confidence is not by focusing so much on her, but rather focusing on my positive personality traits. Your subconscious mindset should be a 360 as to "she should want to get to know ME because I got this and that going on for myself" rather vice versa.

2. Don't Become Desperate

Now that you have obtained your foundation of confidence, conversation is the next step to master. For it is the words and phrases that you say and most importantly "how you say" to a hot girl, that will make or break your newly connection. When having a conversation with a female that has your heart beating non-stop, the trick is to act like you always talk to beautiful women and even more beautiful women that are 10 times hotter than her. You must come off as being comfortable around her. Your verbiage should be a relax notion as to how her day is going and what brings her to the type of facility you have met her at.

Never call her back to back like a creditor or make her feel like you are about to pop the BIG question any minute. These little mistakes that guys make by letting out all their emotions spells desperation and possessiveness that Hot Women hate with a passion. Before you know it she will be on to the next task. How I attract a girl with this tip is by not giving her too much attention. I would take one step forward then two steps back. Keep her guessing and you will have her chasing you in no time.

3. Don't be a Coward Take Action!

Let's face it guys, if you build up all these tips and tactics and got her where you want her but fail to make the first move when it's time to perform, than this e-zine is worthless. So many men fold under pressure when they have their sexy kitten purring for a first kiss. Men fear rejection and it's been a downfall for us since the beginning of time.

But what we fail to realize is that a woman will simply register with herself under five minutes if she would sleep with you or not. And this is the exact moment she comes across you in public. So you have already won half of the battle by obtaining her 7 valuable digits that all the guys have been chasing her around the city and Facebook for! With that in mind it is important to seize the moment and make her feel that she made the right choice in choosing you to be the next contestant.

How I attract a girl into setting up the grounds for a first kiss, is a simple trick. This easy method is conquered by gazing at her lips then back to her eyes as she speaks. By doing this, it will send secret seduction signals to her brain that will explode and bring her into submission for you to take charge as the man you should and please her any way she wants it!


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