How to Approach a Girl - 3 Things You Can Do to Get Her Number

Most men don't know how to approach a girl and how to talk to girls the right way.

When they approach a girl they keep doing the same things they always do, the things that don't work over and over again excepting a different outcome. It doesn't work like that. Things to talk about with girls just don't come easily to these men.

It could be that you're one of those men who doesn't know how to approach a girl and how to talk to girls. Men have been taught to chase after girls and so you belief you have to move mountains to get the woman you like. You need to know a bunch to approach a girl and be good at it too. First of all, you have to find some interesting topics and things to talk about with girls, approach a girl, initiate a conversation, keep that conversation going and make it all work.

It is all up to you if you ever want to be with a woman.

These thoughts scare men off and it puts a lot of pressure on them. And as if that wasn't enough, there's always the treat of rejection which makes approaching a girl a frustrating process on itself.

Learning how to approach a girl shouldn't be that hard though. It can be pretty easy. I want to take a minute and change the way you perceive dating. Most men take it way too serious and act as if their lives depend on it.

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get a girlfriend as an introvert

Try to perceive it as a game. Don't get emotionally attached to it when a girl rejects you and try to perceive every rejection as a way to learn and become better.

You're probably wondering how to approach a girl and what to say to her? I must say that things to talk about with girls are not so hard to come up with either though I recommend to stay away from pick up lines that you can find all over the internet these days. If you ever want to learn how to approach a girl here are some tips on how to do it.

1. Body Language

When approaching a girl your body language is very important. It is the way you carry yourself and it's the very first thing she'll notice about you before you even start talking. You got to have confident body language when you approach a girl. Don't make fidgety movements, smile, keep eye contact, don't shift from side to side, be relaxed and laidback.

2. Opener

There are different ways you can go about approaching a girl. You can either let her know that your intention is to hit on her like "Hi, I saw you standing over here and I'm absolutely going to kick myself if I don't tell you this, but I think you're really cute."

That's called a direct approach. An indirect approach is when you approach a girl and you don't let her know that your intention it to hit on her. Beautiful girls get hit on the whole day. Some girls get fed up with guys who constantly hit on them. Breaking through a woman's defensive shield can be a though job if you don't know how to go about it. The best way to approach a girl would be asking her for a female opinion.

When you're just starting out and don't have steady confidence yet I would stay away from direct approaches. The downside to this approach is that it's harder to move into a normal conversation and find some things to talk about with girls. In that case the best way to move into a normal conversation would be an observation. You can observe your environment or notice something interesting about the girl and make a comment about it: "What's the story behind (something that she is wearing that's unusual)."

3. Close

Now you know how to approach a girl and start a conversation it's time to ask for her number. End the conversation with: "Listen, I need to see a friend/I've got to go back to work now but I would love to hang out some time. Give me your number and we'll figure something out." Be confident when you ask for her number.

Now that you've got her phone number don't make the mistake thinking that you've already got the girl. You're not there yet. Even if you know how to approach a girl there are still a lot of things that you need to do to make a woman want to sleep with you.


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