How to Approach a Girl With Confidence and Success

I get asked a good deal about how to approach a girl successfully and my response is almost always the same... go right up to her directly! You shouldn't waste a second when it comes to approaching women.

Nearly all fellas who are unskilled at picking up females would like to assume that they can approach a girl without her actually comprehending what their legitimate objectives are. This is rather idiotic. Almost any woman you walk up to is definitely going to realize immediately that you are trying to pick her up. The very best thing to do is just leave it alone and let it go at that. Better not attempt to assume that it really is something other than what it really is.

There exists a key element you should know when approaching a girl you like. Ladies that are beautiful are approached everyday, for hours on end! A beautiful female is probably approached about 10 times each day. That's a huge amount! And the tactic that almost all men use is the exact same to what every other guy uses. They will ask her if she has a boyfriend (in a tone of voice that says "you are so great looking that you would not date a failure like me") or they may simply reveal to her just how breathtaking she actually is (even though she already knows this).

Believe me, she has witnessed everything. So think about this: If an alluring woman is approached 5-10 times daily, that is in excess of 250 times in a single four week period! For an entire year that can be over 3,500 times! You think that your any different from all of those other men that approached her over the last year? You may be good looking, charming, physically fit, or smart but so was a percentage of the other men who approached her. And those other blokes were more than likely unsuccessful also. So what can you do to increase your chances of success?

When learning how to approach a girl in public you must have a "system" for performing it accurately. Here's a practically fool-proof way of directly approaching a woman: Walk up to any girl you see directly (and I truly do mean directly-don't hang out close to her anticipating an opportunity-you have got to head out right away) and say, "Whats up, I don't have time to speak right at this moment, I'm sort of in a hurry, but write down for me your number (or email address contact information) because I would like to talk to you."

Now in order for this to work you have to say it with significant confidence. If you're sheepish or weird the moment you do it she might not react favorably. To make the strategy much more effective take out a piece of paper and a pen and hand it to her as if you had ZERO doubt that she would give you her number.

In case you are lacking confidence this might be much more difficult than it sounds to truly pull off. Simply being scared of the approach is a single dude's worst nightmare. You can find band-aid type methods that you can use to help reduce the shyness. However, these never work in the long run. The only thing that can help you once and for all to get rid of any shyness is to rehearse approaching females again and again till your self esteem accumulates (the true secret here is to disregard rejection-there are way too many women across the globe to get hung up on one in particular).

The key here when learning about approaching women anywhere is to act out self-confidence. The most excellent way to do this is usually to pretend you're an actor on a motion picture set. Or pretend to be somebody else (you should not behave like somebody else-just visualize that you're a more confident person). Pretend to be a self-confident character from one of your most beloved TV shows or films.

Merely put yourself in what you think to be that character's mind-set and act out a "scene" with the woman you intend to approach. You possibly can rehearse this inside your house in the mirror which might sound strange though the more you rehearse the more normal it will eventually seem and the more confident you will become!


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