How to Approach a Girl in a Mixed Group

There she is, stood at the bar. Her long blonde hair flowing... tight black dress hugging her sexy figure. Her smile lights up the room as she giggles at a joke made by one of her friends.

Unfortunately that's the problem - gorgeous girls like her don't tend to be stood by the bar alone, holding up a sign saying 'I'm available guys, please come and approach me.'

Just getting to be able to talk to a girl like that can feel like you have to go through 10 layers of protective female friends and jock-type meathead male bouncer types, ready to smash your head against the wall at the first sign of you hitting on their friend (especially since they've never had the courage to make a move on her).

Here's what you do.

I'm not normally a fan of standard seduction community practices, because I find them quite unethical and underhand a lot of the time. You are told to pretend to be someone you are not, in order to impress a girl. This in itself leads to deep rooted insecurities in yourself - in particular the feeling that you are not good enough as you are - that you need a bunch of clever lines and magic tricks in order to make women like you.

But there is one trick we can borrow from the community that is ideal in a scenario like this - the opinion opener.

What you do is approach the group and ask them their opinion on something. It needs to be something that will engage both the guys and girls - and when you approach, you ask the guys directly, but make sure the girls are within earshot.

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get a girl to like you

What will happen is that the guys will answer, but the girls will find it hard to resist jumping in and giving their 2 cents worth.


'Hey guys, just talking to my buddy over there about a friend of his. His girlfriend is going away on holiday with the girls for a couple of weeks, and he's worried how excited she is about it. He doesn't want to say anything, because he doesn't want to look like he's insecure or bothered, but he's worried what's she's gonna get up to. Would you be worried in that situation?'

And you ask the guys directly. When they answer, you see what happens - see if the girls jump in and join in, or if they just listen. If they just listen, you can engage the guys some more, then you can say to the girls 'what do you girls think from a female point of view? Should he be worried? Come on, be honest now!'

Then you get the girls talking.

You don't want to stay talking about this all night - no more than 5 minutes on this topic, then you say:

'So how do you guys all know each other?'

This line is crucial to figure out the relationships in the group. Is the girl you want single, or with one of the guys? Are they simple old school friends? Have they just met that evening?

Then you just carry on talking with a new subject - ask them where they are headed tonight if you're struggling to think of anything. And just let the conversation unfold naturally.

As a general rule - befriend her friends first before you go for her. Only give your attention to her when she has earned it - like if she says something particularly funny or interesting, so you respond. It's like she attracted your attention with whatever she said - doing it this way makes her feel like she has to work to win you over.

Compare this to what most guys would do - go steaming in like a bull in a china shop straight up to the girl and ignore everyone around her. What happens is that her guy friends get jealous and either get aggressive, or start tooling you as a result. Her girl friends get jealous because she gets all the attention rather than them, so they pull her away to go for a dance, or go to the bathroom.

This way allows you to come in under the radar. Then when you actually get with the girl, you do it with the group's blessing.


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