How to Attract a Girl With No Stress and No Sweat

If you are interested in getting more dates and wondering about how to attract a girl, then the good news is that numerous ways can be attempted to attract a girl. However, it may interest you to know that only some of these ways are effective, while others are duds and could result in failure and even embarrassment.

Girls tend not to openly or obviously express their interest in men. Although there may be subtle signs which can be seen from their body language and sometimes in the things they say, their behavior could be paradoxical. While men may be straightforward in their approach, women tend to be cautious and indirect in responding. Their tendency to give mixed signals sends men packing their bags, sometimes all too early thereby missing out on good dates. Some of these men might think that none of their strategies are working.

If you are in the same league as such men, then do not despair but read on. There are proven tips on how to attract a girl. If you read these tips carefully, you'll have some real tried and tested methods that can make you an expert practitioner on the art of wooing girls.

Talking confidently when approaching and trying to attract a girl

The real trick here is, just take a deep breath before you walk up to the nice girl and start talking naturally. Don't stutter when you speak to a girl. Talk with a brisk but friendly tone that is full of confidence. Your demeanor should be that no matter how hot she may be, you're not getting affected one bit by her beauty. In fact, with your confidence, you are making her feel shy and self-conscious. By talking confidently, you establish the situation whereby you are not intimated by her beauty nor will you be showing any signs of being insecure. This proves that you are sure about yourself and comfortable in your own skin.

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Smile authentically, but not like a girl

Smiling in an authentic and friendly manner like a man is how you can attract a girl. Obviously, avoid a harmless but feminine smile and certainly do not hold your hand over your mouth when you smile. Also, don't giggle like a girl would. Smile heartily and even do a ''hahahaha'' sonorously. Don't be very sweet in your smile and don't smile often. If you grin often, your male-quotient comes down. Girls will equate you as a friend, and you will have to settle just for that.

Don't be conscious about yourself

When you are conscious about yourself, you tend to be unauthentic and act rather unnaturally. Women are extremely conscious about themselves. They don't want their boyfriends to be like that. When you enter a party, don't say "Ah! I don't want to go there because there are a lot of people there". This is not the way to attract a girl. Any potential love interest will start to lose the attraction for and even sexual interest in you. You would seem less likely to be a prospective partner to her.

Overwhelm her

When you are looking at a girl and she gazes at you, smile warmly at her. Looking away is seen as a sign of insecurity or disinterest. When you smile at her, and she smiles back, you have to go talk to her. Women fall head over heels over such men. If you have done something like that, you'd already be having not one, but many girlfriends.

Don't look desperate

Don't keep eyeing every other woman in the room and show desperation. This is not how you would attract a girl. Show some aloofness. Look at girls but don't stare at them. The information on your staring at girls in a creepy way can get passed around very fast. And your love interest may get this news and be wary of you. If the occasion turns out where not one girl looks like she is interested in you, why not pick a friendly looking lady and just have a casual conversation with her. Pick a harmless topic such as the variety of drinks in the bar or even a recent news event. Who knows, she may have other girl friends that will be of interest to you and vice versa. If anything, use the opportunity to simply talk and connect with a person of the opposite sex.

Don't make fast moves

Rushing into a relationship is not the proper approach toward attracting a girl. Most probably, you'll have to rush out of it faster as well. Slow and steady is the way to go. If you propose to your girl on your second date, your girl thinks "He's not prepared to know me and let me know him. If he proposed to me in two days, he would've done it to other girls too". What you want to do is to connect with the girl and get comfortable being with each other. When this happens, there will be more signs of attraction and interest and you can then move on to the next level of intimacy or even in your relationship.


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