How To Attract A Girl - Your Source Means Everything

After all the rejections I got from girls in high school and college, I decided that enough was surely enough! There has got to be a secret, a missing link, something that some guys have and some don't and I was out to find out what that was. We all hear how being tall, dark, and handsome has a lot to do with attracting a girl, and it does, but it is by no means a finality.

After all, we often see horribly ugly guys that are sexually involved with some of the most beautiful girls in school. Doesn't that right there say enough about the weight that a man's looks hold? This is the most important part of the puzzle because it explicitly states that ANY GUY CAN ATTRACT ANY GIRL. I have never been the most handsome man out there. I have never had the sharpest wit, or that casually suave flare that attracts every girl walked past.

Nevertheless, after much research, many failures, and almost all of my savings spent, I finally decrypted the code that made the difference between guys that can attract any girl and all the rest.

Unlike just about everybody else out there, I will not charge you one cent for the key that will change the rest of your life. Guys, the biggest part of the puzzle is your self confidence. There are many variables surrounding this principle, but this is key. You may be thinking that this is awfully simple to fix but trust me it becomes a whole lot more complicated. Basically, the first thing a girl notices is your body language, and while you can turn your words into anything without thinking twice, your body language is a whole lot harder to reshape.

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Basically, you have to believe every word and every gesture that you exude, or your attempt at self-confidence will be shattered in an instant. Consider this - have you ever watched a school Casanova walk into a room and compared it to the walk of some random checkers all-star team member? There is usually a big difference between the two, and it can all be related back to the way that individual expresses his self-confidence or lack thereof.

At the end of this very short lesson, the key is your ability to love yourself and most of all respect yourself. Have you ever been on a high after you did something extraordinary? Well, it would not hurt to carry this feeling over to your everyday routine. As soon as you start believing in yourself and begin loving yourself for who you are and the way you do everything in life, your question of how to attract a girl will solve itself in a very healthy manner.

Obviously, I cannot divulge everything it takes to release the Casanova that is buried deep within you in one article. I can however lead you to path that has finally helped me after all my researching, all the money spent, and all the mistakes made on previous Ebooks and other informative literature.

The main discovery that led me to success is seriously evaluating the source of my information. I spent more money than I'd like to admit buying information on attracting girls from other guys, when it hit me - wouldn't the best type of source available to me for seeking out information on a girl be from another girl? While some men out there have learned from their experiences, their information is more closely linked to a third source or even hearsay most of the time.

Trust me, find a reputable woman who is knowledgeable and accredited in her information, and you will discover the secret that's been lacking from your sex life. Just don't forget that most every girl is more than happy to give you her advice on any subject, make sure you know who to listen to and who's advice to avoid like fire (be wise). The woman that taught me how to attract a girl has helped thousands of guys just like me and you, and this was one of the primary reasons I invested my money in her program. This is also the reason why my decision to take notice of her advice was the wisest decision I ever made.


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