How To Attract a Girl - 6 Ways to Start Charming Your Way to Her Heart!

There are still a lot of guys who are afraid chasing the girl that they feel attracted to. Most of the cases, it is not because they are unattractive to women. It is because they haven't got a strategy for pursuing the women they want.

At First, you have to know how to attract a girl before you can really expect her to return your interest. Not only will you save time, energy, and money in the long run, but you will win half the game if a woman is attracted to you!

I've learned a few sure ways to attract women that I'm going to share with you in this article. Just Applying these 6 sure ways how to attract a girl to start charming your way to her heart.

1. Pay Attention to details of your life

Learning to pay attention to detail especially attending to your appearance is very important. The primary reason for this is that women translate what they see of your actions and your appearance into their belief about your sexual ability. In other words, if you are a sloppy person, messy car (no matter how expensive), messy house, you will be thought of as unable to pay attention to the details of your life, and your ability to satisfy her needs will be cast into doubt.

When a man appears in control of his own life, and is able to project his attention to detail in the way he organizes it, a woman is reassured that she will get the kind of satisfaction she wants. So, don't underestimate the value of this knowledge!

2. Chivalry still wins!

Even in this enlightened age of female equality, you must be a chivalrous gentleman. The more confidently you do this, the better your presentation will be. Here are some examples of chivalry:

Open doors for her (this includes car doors, front doors, etc.)

Let the woman go first (getting on buses, going in doors, sitting down, etc.)

Pull out her chair for her

If you can find out what she's decided on, you can place the order for her at a restaurant.

Take her coat or help her put on her coat

When walking down the street, walk between her and the street

3. Always be Flirting

The best kind of flirtation with a woman is to tease her, to bust her balls, to let her know that she is not on a pedestal. Make fun of her. Be indifferent to her interest. All these elements of teasing pull together the self confidence, self discipline, sense of humor and present you as a challenge to her. Here are some examples of flirting:

"You want me to buy you a drink? No, sorry, I think that's a bit forward. How about you buy me a drink, and show me a progressive woman." (Delivered with a smirk)

"Excuse me, but I hope you don't drive your car like you drive that shopping cart. You must have expensive insurance."

4. Make her Laugh.

A good sense of humor is one of the best tactics a man can have in attracting a girl. Humor can bring instant connection in a conversation. So, use it at the right time and make her laughing. It will impress them and she may think that you are an interesting guy. Recall any previous experience when another person made you laugh and feel good, then apply that experience to the girl you're attracted to.

5. Notices Significant Details.

Women don't just notice details, they use them to try to be attractive and attentive. If she is wearing a sexy outfit, she didn't put it on by accident. If her hair is done nicely, it wasn't a fluke. Women are very impressed and attracted to men who notice these details.

6. Be disinterested and be Indifferent.

Most beautiful women are used to being pursued by men in one way or another. If you are indifferent to a woman, make her think that you're only calling because you're bored and act almost disinterested sexually, they'll often do their very best to get your attention. Different is good in this case. Again, this drives most women crazy, and even though they'd hate to admit it, it's ultra interesting to them.

So as you can see, learning how to attract a girl is not a talent but a critical skill that must be learned. If you want to instantly build attraction with any woman, you should take the time to apply these great tips. Remember when you go out, make sure you apply these 7 great tips and you'll find meeting women enjoyable rather than nerve-wracking. Have a nice try!


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