How To Attract a Girl Fast! 4 Unbelievable Tips You Should NOT Miss

Reading this entire article will enlighten you and give you that all important boost to give you confidence to achieve the success with women you want and deserve.

I want you for a moment to put out of your mind the feelings of being unable or incapable of seducing gorgeous women, guys, let me tell you that no one is better than anyone else. We are all equals and don't ever forget that.

In fact its our individuality that gives us our uniqueness and therefore is a fantastic base to start from. How boring would it be for people to meet others who are just the same time and time again? It would simply be uninteresting and no fun.

Before we start however, just remember these 2 vital pieces of information. These highlight certain traits in a man which women will hate to see ok, they are unattractive and so please avoid these, in turn you will raise yourself head and shoulders above other guys out there from the start.

These two behaviors are:

1. Bragging. If you start to brag about yourself did you know that you are actually saying that you're a needy guy who craves the approval of others. Not pretty! Let the woman find out about your qualities on her own, this way you appear more confident, which is great but you'll also give off an air of mystery which only serves to make her want you more.

2. Putting Yourself Down. Men who put themselves down usually fear offending others and want to be seen as polite. Just because you shouldn't brag about yourself don't think you should do the opposite and start putting yourself down! Women find males with good self esteem very attractive.

With that in mind, follow these 4 EASY steps to untap your ability to get a girl fast!

- Be Yourself and Talk To Her! OK, I realize you may think this is pretty boring but wait! You will be surprised at how many guys like to put on "a fake show". I'm sure you know what I mean, picture this, they deepen their voice and even change the way they walk! I think this is comical but I never advise you do it, unless you're telling a joke or something. You see, girls like to get to know the real you. Beware though, don't make yourself out to be undeserving of her attention or she will just focus on seeing you in that way and leave you high and dry.

- Connect To Your Alpha Male. If you haven't heard of this term, please don't worry! What this basically means is to develop a confidence within yourself. If you portray an air of yourself to be a great catch then she will feel like a fool to let you go! Becoming an Alpha Male also involves being in control of your emotions, don't whatever you do lose your temper, this will only make you look out of control, what women love is to see a man in control of himself and his emotions, it is not brain surgery! Start practicing this mindset and believe in yourself!

- Look good and smell good. I don't mean that you have to be model like handsome or good looking, I simply recommend that you should have good hygiene and this includes wearing nice clothes, keeping your breath smelling good and keeping clean cut. You would be surprised how many girls look at you just because of the type of clothes you wear. Remember how you feel when a girl passes you by that smells lovely, you instantly are aware and interested, so give the girl the same feeling!

- Compliments. What a women love more than anything are compliments, if she looks good, smells good and her hair is nice, tell her! After all she made the effort for you, so she will appreciate it when you notice all that hard work she put in!

And believe me when women dress and take time to look good it is a massive thing for them!

Time it right when using compliments as too many comments will seem that you are not being genuine.


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