How to Flirt with Girls the Right Way

How to flirt with girls is no easy task. It if was, you would not be reading this right now, you'd already know how to do it... Let's take a deeper look into how to flirt with girls the "right way."

Look, I work with tons of guys and I know that most of them no absolutely nothing when it comes down to flirting with girls. Either they overdo it and come off like a horse's butt, or they don't do enough of it and fail to create that sexual tension. These guys are always referred to as the "nice guy" and have many girl "friends" and experience little to no romance.

If you're going to have any success in flirting with girls, you need to relax! Yes, I said you need to relax and not be so uptight. Girls sense when you're too uptight and they will lose interest faster than you can say your next word. You don't have to be a brain surgeon to get this!

When you feel uptight, just take a look into her eye and picture her falling asleep. It does sound weird to think that, I know but when you see her beautiful face falling asleep snoring like an old lady she tends to not look so important anymore. What I'm trying to do here is to get you to realize that she's not all that important to you. So why are you going to flip out in her presence?

Being a flirt means being playful. There's a lot of stuff out there about the importance of being "cocky." Honestly that idea is well played out. All the guys that I've talked to tell me the exact same thing:

"When I get cocky with my girl, she loses interest. I always look like a jerk!"

You see. That's I'm not telling you to act cocky. The way to be is playful. Just teasing her is great. Treat her with humor, like she's some nerd in high school or something. Bust on her when she does something dumb. Just be sure to smile when you do this or you'll really be seen as a jerk.

Here's one obvious tip... never under any circumstance make fun of the way she looks. Compliment her on her look, but never joke about it. Just joke with her on her behavior - that's when the fun starts, but stay away from any negative comments on her appearance.

The killer combination, as I like to call it, is to be playful right along with being a gentleman. Open the door for her, pull out her chair, help her carry things, giver her help with her jacked, all of those little things... do them!

Be as nice and courteous as possible to her. Just mix it in with the teasing and playful combo. Having both of these qualities in the mix will allow you to be the gentleman most girls want. Without that you're just her friend, the nice guy. No thanks!

You come out the big winner by showing her that you're fun and a gentleman. It's what's known as push and pull. I go into more details in my book as to how to get her attention and how to flirt with girls properly. For now, just remember that when you tease her you push her away (mentally), then when you are a gentleman you pull her towards you. This creates the sexual tension you're looking for.

As I mentioned, sexual tension is created when you push and pull your girl. To have success flirting with girls means that you know how to create tension. You know when to kick it up, and to bring it down, when to drop the whole thing all together. It takes time to master it and just focus on these principles to speed up the process:

o You must relax - one of the biggest turnoffs for women is a guy who's uptight. Just relax and you'll be fine.

o You must be playful - poke fun at her, tease her but do so with a smile so she knows it's just you being playful.

o You must be a gentleman - open her doors, give her a hand where you see fit.

o You must have confidence - relax, be playful and a gentleman... do so with confidence and you'll help her feel comfortable.

Take my advice above and become the man that women want! You'll have the killer combination that girls want. You want to know how to flirt with girls? Now you know! Go get 'em.


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