How to Get a Girlfriend - Simple Answers For the Desperate Man!

How to get a girlfriend or how to date women, are the phrases that all desperate men are pondering daily for the ultimate answer. You will be blown out of your mind when you know the truth about the dating game! Be prepared...

Let me recount an event where a shy man will never complete the process to date beautiful women. Whereas, for me, it is another story altogether...

I was at this pub one gorgeous night, and the live band was playing and everybody were either dancing or having a great time. As the night flew by, I chanced to notice this pretty beautiful woman who was dancing by herself and then, I noticed she had a girlfriend with her who was sitting and having some red wine.

As my eyes gazed at her again and again, this beautiful young dream girl suddenly became aware of my presence.

I did not shy away from her pretty sparkling eyes, but continue to look at her without actually giving her the stare (that tells someone that all you want is the love-making, that sort of thing if you know what I mean).

After that, I purposely broke away from the eye to eye contact and continued my enjoyment with the live band. After several times of eye to eye contact with this beautiful dream girl, I decided to make my next step. As she with her girlfriend, I went to her girlfriend instead and asked if I could request her friend for a dance with me.

The girlfriend was taken aback at first but as a friend, she obliged and then, I turned my focus to my target. My dream girl hesitated at first, (it is only normal that she did that as they always want to show that they are not sluts) and later after asking that her friend will not mind and I was leaving the place soon, she went off with me to the dance floor.

After a little dance routine, I took her to another quiet place where we progressed to serious sexual attraction. And then to another place where history in love-making was created yet once again!

Now, let me change the actual event and analyse how, if you were a desperate man be it young or old, would not succeed to woo this beautiful dream babe, whom she called herself as "Ray" (not the real name of course, for privacy sake), off her feet just because you were too shy to do anything.

At the same pub with the same good live band and beautiful people dancing and enjoying the loud music, your first problem in entering the pub would be that no one noticed you at all!

Let us assumed that "Ray" did notice you. But the next thing you did is to shy away from her glance! And worse still, after several shy glances at her, you got so choked up about her beauty that you decided, to just "stare" at her and dream about having sex orgy with her!

All these dreams that losers have in their minds, only made their physical looks become really sick to see and even more sick for a dream girl to watch! That was because you ended up with saliva dripping from your mouth and you had foam all over your teeth!

Let us assume that you decided to approach that beautiful woman of a dream. Your next flaw is that you "attacked" her directly and asked for her hand to dance. She would immediately said no, as her friend was with her. Even if you forced her, she would have decided that you were not sensitive towards her people. You had already made her lost her respect for you as a person.

Let us assumed that she went to dance with you. The possibility that she would go off with you to the next level is zero to none! Without understanding the art of seduction, you cannot get to that level so easily.

The rest is left for you to cry off.

Let me tell you then what you must do if you keep pondering how to get a girlfriend then.

The first thing is to overcome your shyness of meeting people. The keyword is "confidence". The difference between a master and a loser is how much confidence you have about yourself and to use this to your advantage. Just understand that beautiful women always end up with not so good looking men and you will understand why confidence is more important than just great looks.

Of course, to have confidence, you need a lot of practice to overcome the shyness or phobia of meeting gorgeous people. You can always do that with your immediate people that you know and ask them out for a drink or chat. It doe not matter if they reject you, just keep asking and practising and then you will be ready for the next level.

Another keyword to help you solve the mystery of how to date women is the art of seduction techniques.

When you arrived at a pub and want the beautiful women to get you noticed, you need to be a little different from the crowd. It can be that you were in jive with the music and you were danced beautifully or sang loudly, or some lady friend you brought into the pub and the two of you were dancing to a frenzy or something. Then, you could split up with your lady friend (she was brought in just for the showing) and then you could move in for your fancied girl.

Another thing to know is to be aware of her environment. Was she alone? Was she sad or happy? For my case, "Ray" was just being carefree with her close girlfriend and enjoying the moment. Always handle the situation as if you are the one in it and you will understand why she leaves with you or not.

It is only respectful to acknowledge her friend first, as that is her close friend! After you have opened this barrier, you can then get her attention. And of course to get her to move to another place for the next level of intimacy, you could smooth talk to her about how lousy the music has gotten or you decided some quiet place to know her more or some place to relax and have a drink and then come back for her friend.

And after closing in on her lips, both of you would be carried off in sexual attraction with one another!

Ultimately, you could give an excuse to go some place with total privacy and told her that you would come back to pick off her friend as quickly as possible later on.

This is where your closure to the final art of seduction takes place!

If you looked at what I had just commented, you will suddenly become aware of everything that you had done wrong and things will seem a little easier from now. The art of seduction to answer your "how to get a girlfriend" is all about knowing how to develop yourself as a person and also knowing when and where to make the right moves.

The art of seduction in all these scenarios to successfully date beautiful women, has to be learned and there are many methods to accomplish them. You can always see more articles and websites for these and learn them to become a master at seducing pretty women!


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