How to Get Girls - 5 Tips That Will Get You Her Phone Number

Every girl you meet on the street or in other places for that matter-are not the same girls. Some of them can be mean, some of them can be kind, while some of them can be plainly apathetic it would be difficult for you to tell if they're even aware you exist.

This situation proves true when you're out in the bar looking for a date or even in the park, trying to score a conversation with a girl you have suddenly become attracted to. If it's difficult enough to start a conversation with them, think about how challenging it would be to ask for their phone number.

If you want to master the art on how to get girls' phone number, all you need are these five tips:

1. Get enough courage to start the conversation. How hard is it to say 'hi' or 'hello'? All you need is the courage and the confidence to walk up to that girl and introduce yourself. Once you are acquainted with each other, it will be easier for you to ask her questions-one of which could be her phone number. The keyword here is confidence. Believe in yourself and condition your mind that nothing is impossible-all you need is a little courage and a little drop of confidence and you can have all the information you could possibly want.

2. Be polite and don't look desperate. The problem with most men, even those who are desperate to get a date deep down, is that they forget to act polite sometimes. Say hello, smile widely, introduce yourself, drop a few compliments, make eye contact, and that's it! Politeness, as well as gentlemanliness can take you a long way. When you approach a woman, give your best smile and walk with proper poise. Look her in the eyes as you speak and never on her chest or anywhere else that she may notice and feel uncomfortable of. It would only make you seem desperate and yes, it can be a huge turn-off.

3. Think of the BEST things to say. Sometimes, you have to make a very striking first impression and one of which, other than the way you look and dress, is how you talk and what you say. Girls might want to talk about themselves, so ask them politely what their hobbies are as well as interests. This can be a very good topic as you get to know each other. Sometimes, you have to be the listener so give her the chance to speak her mind. Listen to what rolls out of her mouth since they could contain bits and pieces of information you might need later on. Pay attention to her and even if the conversation gets boring, never yawn or look bored in front of her face. It would only offend her and this will definitely not win you her phone number!

4. Be a listener. An important part on how to get girls' phone number is by being a listener. What is the use of a good conversation if the people involved in it are not listening at all? Just as in dating, sometimes, you have to be the listener and you have to do a whole lot of nodding as the girl speaks. If you happen to be a good listener, you could win her trust easily, and most of all, her phone number.

5. Be straightforward. If she seems settled and comfy around you, (you can tell if she is responding positively in your conversations and doesn't seem to be shooing you off) it would be the best time to ask her for her number. Say things like, "Hey, maybe we should talk again some other time. Can I ring you up?" Or you can go as such, "Just give me your number and I'll call you so you can have mine." Just be straightforward and a lot of things could get done. If you have mannerisms like stuttering, you have to get rid of it for the mean time since those mannerisms can be distracting.

If you want to know how to get girls' phone number without making a total fool of yourself, sometimes, you just have to stick with the "old school" rules since they work as well as new tips do. Remember, it all starts with believing in yourself. Next time you're interested to have someone's number, don't hesitate nor wait long enough-walk up to her and get her number!


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