How to Get Girls by Spending More Time Around First

Here's a sweet dating tip on "how to get girls" for guys you've probably never come across before.

Ready? Here it is: Hang out or spend more time with hot girls.

Don't worry about creating or sustaining any attraction. Find a way to build and roll with a hot group of female friends, just don't fall for the water boy effect (where you end up being bossed around by them).

The bottom line is to get used it to being around hot women.

Now, you're probably thinking, how can you make more hot female friends?

Hit the cologne, cosmetic or clothing sections in the malls. The mall also ranks amongst the most preferred places to meet women.

Select a shop, and I'm sure you'll spot a good-looking female sales assistant on duty. Well, most mall management groups hire eye candies nowadays - if they don't, their budget must be low.

What next? Talk to them.

The beauty of this method is that women of such occupation will be very open and receptive to your approach. There is no evident bitch-shield or up-tightness you have to dissolve. These girls are locked into a service-minded, customer-first mindset. If they reject you, report them.

There's no need to be shy or even guilty with this practice. You're in it to brush up your game, and they'll never know your intentions. In fact, most are bored witless at their jobs, and by talking to them, you're doing them (and their employers) a great favor by making them do something.

If you're in a clothing store like Zara or H&M, pretend like you're shopping for a birthday gift for a female model friend of yours (good for social proof). Ask for their recommendations or "what's in" lately.

You may even ask her to dress you up for fun. Get her opinion on what she thinks would look good on you. This invites great grounds for kino and conversational intimacy. As long as you're talking, you're good. In such context, you are also safe to subtly flirt or touch her (for e.g, tap her on the back if her back is facing you and you need her assistance).

When you've successfully opened the conversation, you may even want to lead her into a topic out of context. Perhaps get more personal or ask to hang out in the near future, if you're feeling her character and vibe.

The goal is: Seek to interact with hot women. The geographic, time, or age doesn't matter. Trash the thoughts picking up women or attracting them for the moment. Have fun, get social, relax, and interact.

Once hanging around hot women becomes sewn into the fabric of your reality, you will no longer feel that weird sense of disconnect when talking to other hot girls.

You will belong to the same social world, and will soon learn how to create synergy with them. I cannot emphasize how incredibly important this concept of "belonging to the same social world of hot girls" is to your progress in getting more girls.

So here's the deal. Commit to hitting the malls up 3 or more times a week. For each day, talk to at least 5 sales assistant from varying product departments.

It could be the health shop, jewelry counter, kitchen appliances, electronics, or even footwear section. Use your eyes. Once you detect a hot girl, don't even hesitate. Make the move.

Also, next time you're at a social event, gravitate towards the hot girls with no intention in hooking up with them. Just spend more time around them. Read their body language and find out what they enjoy talking about.

Make it a mission to enlarge your social network of hot women - let it be online or offline even.

The more frequent you talk to hot women, the more impassive to their appearances you will also be. This transformational outlook of not being affected by a woman's physical splendor will serve as massive leverage to your confidence, and also help derail your nervousness.

Follow this simple piece of do-able advice, and I'm sure you'll soon be more comfortable around hot women, where simultaneously, you've now discovered an easy path on how to get girls upon demand.


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